King of the Fluffs: Introductions (RubySpear01)

Many years passed since the creation of the fluffies. We people of the secret society know of the story. It began with a show.
My Little Pony, a show that was originally aimed for the children demographic, specifically girls. After it’s run the show died only to come back renewed years later. Children and adults alike went nuts for the remake series…
Then, with modern science and breakthrough, a new creation, one that will change the world.

Originally created as Biotoys, there was no telling what could happen as soon as they were announced.
All hell broke loose. Environmental hazard, overpopulation, casualties, evolution, and a fuck ton of Abuse. Fluffies were and are still a nightmare. With their personalities and colors, they ended up being out the true colors of us humans. A fluffies colors in this world with bright coats and shaded manes and tails.

Countless years of human evolution, and still a few things remain in all of us. One of them, the big one, is aggression. Some of us can tame it, some cannot, for some, it defines them. Who are we to judge? We are human, and worse, we’re a bigger threat than the fluffies. Because fluffies aren’t the only things made in those labs…

The Cryptos were a better breakthrough than any, one of humans proud triumphs. And they were built to help and got into the environment. The Enfield, inspired by Irish mythology, this creature, half Fox and half hawk. And the Griffin, also inspired my mythology, the Griffin is half barn-owl and half bobcat, both were designed to hunt and kill the feral fluffies and keeping their population at a non-environmental- threatening number. And it worked. And as an added bonus they provide help to the natural environment.
But with great rise, comes a fall. For these animal- inspired beasts aren’t alone.

Manatees are humanoid-well that’s it. Humanoid. Inspired by demons and created in a different lab. The Mansters are humans in every single form, with the exception of shark-like pointed teeth, black or brown lips, dark eye shadows and claws on their fingers like steak knives. Mansters were created for war. To help combat eagainst man, thanks to a new human rights movement they live alongside us. But their instincts are still there. One adult Mansters can take down a horse.ansters are a 90% male species able to breed with human women. Female Mansters are 10x more rare than an alicorn fluffy.

Similar to how humans are compared to Mansters, Fluffs were also designed for war purposes. Twice the size of fluffies with lanky legs, Fluffs are as smart as a 12 year old. Even though they are bigger, smarter, and stronger than the average fluffy, they are still little to no match for humans. And like fluffies, they too suffer from mostly fluffy-speak, but are more easy to teach to speak normal. Believe it or not, some of them possess a collar device that helps them speak in a normal human voice, which was inspired by ‘Disney’s Up’.

And, very soon, all these aforementioned creatures will come together. A fight for the throne.


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