Kirin Fluffy. "WildeFaun'

I was being picky on a fluffy AI bot and after about the 20th fluffy it offered it mentioned a fluffy kirin which got me thinking. Has anyone ever thought a fluffy kirins?


Well now that you mentioned it ;

it’s all I can think about. Omg.



That my friend is a giraffe, but I understand were you are coming from

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Zheng He’s fleet brought back two giraffes to Nanjing and they mistaken(1) by the emperor for the mythical creature, with geri meaning giraffe in Somali. The identification of qilin with giraffes has had a lasting influence: even today, the same word is used for the mythical animal and the giraffe in both Korean and Japanese.

(1) Not sure the word “mistaken” is to the purpose, there.

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I made a comic with a fluffy Kirin,her owner wouldn’t play with her (because she was playing Monster Hunter) so she made a costume out of cardboard to get attention. I believe it was lost with the Booru,though.

Your fluffy Kirin is cuter than mine,haha.

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Aww sad it’s lost, and thank you!

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