Kittens PT. 3 (End of the first Chapet) (ChimmiChunker / U/DerpyGamer97)

You are stub. Or at least- that’s what the pig horses call you. You don’t quite remember you real mother, but you do remember how she taught you to clean yourself, and you watched as she bounded around, chasing a string held by one of the tall apes. Not long after you were born, your mother left and never came back. You were cold and scared, not only for yourself but for her, when the pig horse came along. You remember being lifted onto her back, next to a bunch of other small pig horses, along with your brother. Since then you’ve lived with the pig horses, learning their mannerisms and seeing first hand how hapless and unable to defend themselves they are. Now you’ve gotten larger, and no longer have to rely on the pig horses. But you stay near them, where else is there to go? Your brother cream has always been larger than you, stronger and more nimble too. Your lack of a tail has made you unbalanced, and slightly smaller than him. So you’ve adapted to survive with sheer intellect. You’ve played with your pig horse friends quite a bit, and have learned their sensitive places. Their eyes, their nose, their rear ends (Though you ALWAYS stay away from those), and their tendons.

You and your brother were hunting in the woods near your house, sniffing out a new mice nest when you heard it. “SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!” The unmistakable sound of trouble. You and your brother immediately sprinted back to the den to see maybe 40 other pig horses surrounding your home, beating on your helpless mother and siblings. You and your brother watch from under the bush you had crept under. You could sense your brother wanted to bolt out into the fray, but a quick look from you told him otherwise. You had to wait, all those pig horses were a huge threat, and you needed to have a clear path to the pig horse attacking your mother. Then you saw it, the herd making way for the smarty to limp out of the fray. That is when you pounced. You shot out from under the bush, your brother by your side. Adrenaline pumped through you, the thrill of the hunt rising within your chest!

In a split second you were on top of the pig horse about to kill your mother, tackling it to the ground and using your powerful hind legs to tear apart it’s soft underbelly. First you tore off it’s genitals with your hind leg, the fluffy "SCREEEEEEEE"ing as you did so. Then your sharpened claws tore across it’s underbelly, ripping open it’s paper thin flesh and spilling it’s guts onto the ground. You roll off the panting and sobbing fluffy ready to tear apart the next.
You see another fluffy running around to the back of your incapacitated sister, and mounting her. You instantly flare with rage, and rush towards the stallion preparing to rape your sister. He notices you too late, his eyes widening with terror before you tear them from his skull. He falls back onto the ground, crying in agony before you tear out his throat with one quick swipe, ending his measly life.

You turn to the fluffies that you saw enter the den earlier, and see your brother surrounded on all sides, two dead fluffies at his feet. There’s 2, one massive one and another smaller fluffy. There’s also your red sister sobbing behind your brother, covering her eyes with her hooves. You see the giant fluffy rear up to stomp your brother, but he dodges before tearing at the fluffies chest and falling back once more. You then see the other fluffy come at him from behind, stomping his tail and sticking your brother in place as he screeches and howls. You bound forwards, slamming into the fluffy sticking your brother to the ground just as the massive fluffy swipes at him. Your brother narrowly avoids the attack as you tear apart the smaller fluffies face, spraying blood over the grassy floor.

You turn and see your brother jump on top of the giant fluffy, tearing at his back with brutal might. The fluffy screams and babbles as cream tears through his back skin, through the muscle and down to the spine. Cream the grabs the spine with his jaws and rips, pulling and tugging until a CRACK rings out and the giant fluffy keels over.
“SCREEEEEEEE! Nu can feel leggies! HU hu hu! Dummeh Meow Munstah! Gib back weggies! hu hue hu…”
The fluffy sobs on the floor as it bleeds onto the ground. You look back outside to see that most of the herd has fled, leaving behind only a crippled brown, presumably trampled by the rest of the herd. You stalk towards it, intending to go for the kill, when your brown brother jumps in front of the fluffy, babbling at you hurriedly. You have no idea what he’s saying, but he obviously doesn’t want you to kill it. So you sit down and inspect the carnage. 6 fluffy carcasses, LOTS of foul smelling shit, and your brother, fluffy brother and sisters, and… where’s mom?

(CLIFFHANGER WOOOO! As a pseudo apology for making the last one late i decided to write this chapter early! Enjoy!)


“We will watch your career with great interest”-sheeve palpatine star wars episode 1 the phantom menace


I await the next installment with bated breath. I love how the kitten thinks about the fluffies.


This is not the end man we got a find out what happened to the mother

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