KNOCK KNOCK PART 6 by WOlfmanRaven (WolfmanShane on Reddit)

KNOCK KNOCK part 6 by WolfmanRaven (WolfmanShane on Reddit)

Saturday morning. Alan rolled over in his bed. 8:30 AM read his phone on the nightstand. He groaned, cracked his neck then shuffled out of bed. He walked to the kitchen and started making his morning coffee. His mind was a bit groggy. His muscles ached a little here and there. Mostly from delivering retribution on the Emerald. Alan never enjoyed full on abuse. He wasn’t above fucking with the minds of fluffies that were being assholes, but Emerald…Emerald brought out a side of him he didn’t know was there.

He didn’t regret making Emerald a litter pal. Not one bit. After what that little shitfuck did, he was lucky Alan didn’t just go full on psychopath. After, starting cup number two of coffee, Alan walked toward the safe room to check on the boys and Lemonade. And Angela, of course. She was still pregnant, but less demanding for the time being.

Alan opened the door the younglings hugging and crying in the middle of the floor. Lemonade was sitting behind them, just watching. Angela, being as big of a bitch as always, was releasing a torrent of insults at the boys.

“Dummeh bwue babbeh no pwotect Emewawd fwom munstah daddeh! Poopie babbeh nu desewb wub an toysies fwom munstah daddeh! Dummeh babbeh nu bestest babbeh nu mowe! Gib fowebah sweepies wen nyu babbehs bown,” she barked at them. Alan, without spilling a drop of his coffee, stepped over the children fluffies and smacked Angela across the face.

“SCREEEEE!! Face huwties,” she squealed.

Alan said nothing. He walked back out of the safe room with the colts and Lemonade in tow. They got to the kitchen and Alan sat down on the floor. Hugging on all of them.

“Hey, don’t listen to bad momma and her lies. You guys are the best fluffies anyone could ask for. I love you all and nothing she says or anything she does will change that,” Alan said to his fluffies.

Ash, with tear in his eyes said, “Nu weaw mummah. Neber no weaw mummah.”

“What,” Alan asked surprised.

“Is twue. Angewa no weaw mummah. Jus fowwow hew and babbeh awound cause poopie babbeh nu wan be awone,” Ash said sniffling.

“Angela’s not your real mom? Where did she find you,” Alan asked, stroking Ash’s mane.

Cobalt spoke up next, through his own sniffles, “It twu, daddeh. Ash an Cobaw nu bewong to meanie munstah mummah. Ash was wid her wen Angewa find Cobalt. Gib miwkies at fiwst. Nebah to Ash, dho. He awways nummed dhe poopies. Dhen nyu mummah gib Cobaw wess an wess miwkies. Awways miwkies fow bestest babbeh.”

Alan sat there wide eyed. He was awake now, “So, it doesn’t bother you when I discipline her? And why did you guys call each other brothers and sister when you weren’t really related?”

“Nu kno anee odda famiwy, daddeh. Onwy meanie mummah and bwue bwudda and bestest babbeh,” Ash said.

“Nu teww daddeh, su daddeh keep babbehs an nu send away,” Cobalt said, wide eyed and looking afraid of what he just said.

“Oh, Cobalt. No, buddy. I would never get rid of you and Ash and Lemonade. So, Lemonade is her real baby, then,” Alan said.

“Yesh, daddeh,” Ash responded.

“Alright, well thank youj guys for telling me all this. It changes nothing, though. You both are growing up to be great fluffies and I’m so proud how you both treat Lemonade with such tenderness and care. How about some breakfast,” Alan said as he started to stand up.

“YAAYY! Fwutie nummies,” they both exclaimed. Even Lemonade seemed delighted at the prospect of fruit for breakfast, offering, “Fffuuuuuu mmmmss ggbrgrg skillpect.”

Alan made sliced up some tropical fruit as a treat. They hadn’t had pineapple or kiwi before. He added some sliced mango in juices with the grain cereal. The boys ate like champs and cooed over how the new ‘fwuties” tasted so good. When they were done, he picked up their bowls, rinsed them quickly and made a bowl of nutrient kibble for the pregger’s cunt in the safe room. He was tempted to put Parsley in it, but that trope played itself out for him once.

He stepped into the safe room and looked at Angela. She was quiet, not singing or humming, but looked downward with a sullen look on her face. Alan set the kibble down in front of her. She looked up at him with tear-stained eyes.

“Angela. I want to know what that was all about this morning. Why were you being mean to them,” Alan asked with stern look.

“No wub dhem babbehs nu mowe. Gib Angewa heawt huwties,” she said puffing her cheeks a little.

“Well, they’re not your babies. I know that. Except Lemonade, but you derped her by shitting on her. I’m getting a little tired of how you treat me and them. I’ve kept you warm and safe. I feed you. I haven’t had to use the sorry stick or the sorry box on you, but this morning, that was really unacceptable,” Alan said to her.

“Angewa nu cawe. Muntah daddeh nebah gib sketties. Nebah teww Angewa she pwetties. Munstah daddeh make Emewawd poopie fwuffy. No wub ou munstah daddeh,” Angela quipped.

“Well, that’s because you act like a complete bitch all the time. Fuckwad got turned into a litter pal because he raped your Lemonade. I’m pretty sure you knew that happened. Or watched and did nothing. If that’s the case, that makes you a reall, really bad fluffy and mother,” Alan retorted.

“Nu! Nu am bad mummah! Ou bad daddeh! Nu cawe wha happin tu dummeh owd bestest babbeh. Hab nyu babbehs commin soon. Wiww wub dhem mowe,” Angela snarked.

Alan sighed and rolled his eyes. There was getting through to her. She was a lost cause and he wasn’t going to argue ethics with her. “Fine,” Alan said in exasperation. He turned to look at the Emerald. He was glaring at Alan from his cardboard house in the litter box, “Fuck you too, shiteater.”

Alan went back out the main house and got the guys and Lemonade into the living room. They were playing ball when Alan noticed Lemonade stop and make a face. She needed to shit and Alan needed some entertainment. He scooped her up quickly and went to the safe room. He removed the diaper, which was surprisingly clean and placed Lemonade in front of Emerald. He just glared at Alan. He didn’t open his mouth for Lemonade to make poopies in.

“PPPPPppppp! Skibbo poooooo bgrrggg,” Lemoande exclaimed as her ass released a huge torrent of shit all over Emerald’s face. He gasped and choked as he couldn’t defend against Lemonade’s shit assault. Lemonade sighed, as if she had been holding that load in for a while. She giggled excitedly as she finished. I think somewhere deep down she did that to him on purpose, Alan thought. He kind of smirked in and shook his head. He picked up Lemonade as he looked down at Emerald, “Breakfast, fuckwad. Better eat up.”

Alan took Lemonade to the bathroom. Cleaned her up, put her in a new diaper then walked her out to the living room. The boys were staring at the TV. He had it on an Anime streaming app and it was calmer, adventure show. They both hugged on Lemonade when Alan set her next to them.

He was just about to sit down when:

Knock Knock

“Sweet Jesus fucking Christ,” he exhaled. Alan opened the front door, looking down as the knocks were not hard like a person would do. Nothing. Alan looked around on the front stoop. No foot prints or hoof prints. Then he heard it again.

Knock Knock

It was coming from the patio door. Alan huffed and walked over to the sliding glass door. He didn’t open it but peered through the side of the thick curtain. A lone pink fluffy was standing outside peering at the glass. Fuck me, not today, he thought. He put on his coat and boots. The colts were engrossed in the TV, so they didn’t notice him. Alan slid the door open and slipped out.

He looked down at the pink fluffy. It looked up at him.

“Pwease nice mistah. Wet fwuffy in tu wawm houses n gib sketties n wub n toysies tu fwuffy,” it said. Alan cocked an eyebrow. Another demanding shitrat. He was kind of over it. He picked the fluffy and cradled it in his arms. He noticed it was a stallion. Nope.

He stepped off his deck as the fluffy cooed and asked, “Tank you nice mistah. Nyu daddeh? Gib hugs n toysies n nummies tu fwuffy?”

Alan looked down at the fluffy in his arms as he shifted its weight, “Nope.”

Alan had it by the scruff, “Nuuu! Bad upsies!”

Alan spun around once to get some good momentum then released the fluffy in an arced throw.

It screee’d as scaredy poopies trailed out of its ass. It made a ‘whump’ sound as it landed in a snow drift. The pink nightmare-to-be was swallowed by the white of the snow. Alan released a breath and stepped back inside. That was a dodged bullet, to say the least. Alan took off his coat and boots, then went to the couch to sit down. He started reading a book, when he heard a strange giggling sound from the safe room. Alan looked up, “Seriously? Do you hate me or something?”

He walked to the safe room to see what was going. Angela was standing in front of Emerald. She had obviously fed him a course of pregnant poopies as his face was covered in more shit. But she was rubbing herself on his face screeching, “Wickies! Wickies!”

Alan cocked his head to the side. Her tone suggested sexual excitement, but she was pregnant. Was she? Is she? Alan was confused. Staring in horror, yet oddly intrigued and couldn’t look away. Angela started rubbing harder on Emerald’s face. He was starting to gag and make muffled sounds.

“Yesh! Yesh! OH YESH! GUD FEEWS,” She screamed, then she started, “SCREEEEEEEEEE!!! BIGGES POOPIES!!!”

Alan’s mouth fell open. He watched her twitch and lean down on her front legs as she struggled with whatever was happening. Her special place leaked amniotic fluid and blood. Thankfully in the litter box, but sort of right on Emerald’s face. She was positioned a few inches away, thus Emerald was able to] breathe, but was forced to watch in horror as Angela’s special place twitched.


Alan watched in bemused disgust as Angela squeezed out her first foal. It crowned at her labia then shot out into Emerald’s nose. ”NGGAHHHH,” Emerald tried to scream with a mouth still full of shit and snout covered in fluffy pre-birth.

Alan in wide eyed bewitchment from the scene playing out, slowly and quietly shut the safe room door. He was entranced. His face didn’t know if it needed to cry, laugh or some mix between the two. Angela was panting, catching her breath, just as another contraction raked through her body.

“NUUU. WHEWE NYU BABBEH?! SCRRREEEEEE! BIGGES POOPIES!!! BABBEHS PWEASE!! NU HUWT MUMMAH NO MOWE!! SCREEEEEEE,” Angela screamed. Another foal crowned out of her convulsing special place. It seemed stuck for a second or two, then blasted out of her, followed by another foal right into Emerald’s face again.

“NUUUUUGWWAAHHHH! NUUUU. PEEEESE NUUU,” Emerald screamed as two more foals lay before him. They weren’t chirping nor moving. They appeared under-developed from Alan’s vantage point, but they were also mixing with the shit on Emerald’s and the sand of the litter box. Alan stepped closer. He’d seen some crazy shit at his job, but nothing like this. The vet tech side of him wanted to see how this all played out.

Angela was again panting, “Whew babbehs? Angewa wan babbehs. Wai nu chirpees? Whew babbehs?!”

From Alan’s view, yes they were under-developed, apparently dead, but the look on Emerald’s face. Priceless. He just stared at Angela’s rumbling vag in wide eyed horror, gasping, almost hyperventilating. Alan chuckled quietly to himself. This was better than any other punishments he could dream up.

It seemed over. Angela started to catch her breath. She was huu huuing a little. She started to get up out of her stance when another contraction hit her; fast and hard.


A last foal slid out of her into the edge of the litter box. It was also quiet and motionless. Angela fell on her side, gasping for air. Face fluff soaked with the tears of birthing another litter of under-formed still-born foals. Emerald stared in silence. He was just breathing and looking forward. Angela eventually was able to move around to look at her babies.

“NUuuuuuuu! Huuu huu huuu huuuu….babbehs….babbehs… huuu huuu huuu,” she weakly was able to say as she realized the reality of what just happened.

Alan, with the sorry stick held behind his back, said, “Oh my god, Angela. What’s wrong with you? Another litter of dead babies. Well, that’s what you get for making litter fuck here give you good feels while pregnant. You killed another set of babies. Such a bad mother,”

“Nuuuuuu,” Angela offered weakly, “Nu bad mummah. Witter paw make special place tingwies when make poopies and cweanies. Angewa gud mummah….huuu huuuu huuuu.”

“Is that so,” Alan said, giving Emerald the side eye, “Litter bitch, did you start giving Angela good feels when you were cleaning her after making poopies? Did you?”

Emerald didn’t respond. He shot a glared look up at Alan, then seemed to remember the dead babies in front of him. He looked back down at them, then just stared at Angela.

“Well, I’m going to clean up this mess. But, litter bitch, you need to make sure Angela is cleaned up,” Alan demanded as he stepped into the bathroom. He came back with gloves on and a trash bag. He picked up the dead foals and put them in the garbage bag. He put them aside for the moment. He picked up Angela and put her back side in front of Emerald again. Angela was still crying, but too weak to wail. She simply huuued and sobbed softly. Emerald shot a look up at Alan.

“Litter bitch, clean her. That’s your job,” Alan said blankly.


“What was that?”

“NU. Nu wiggeee weeniesh.”

Alan pushed Angela’s rump into Emerald’s face, “I said clean her up, it’s your fucking job.”

“NUuuuummmmmppphphhp,” Emerald had started saying then was muffled by Angela’s ass and special place.

Alan flipped the lid off of Emerald’s box. Alan made sure he would still be able to get to the little fucker.



“Clean her!”



“Fucking clean her up, you worthless fuckwit!”


Emerald complied. He cried while he licked her clean. Gagging and throwing up once, which made Alan strike him again, so he cleaned Angela and his vomit up. Angela still cried softly as she walked back to her blankets after being cleaned. Alan put the lid back on Emerald’s box. Emerald had started crying too.

Alan grabbed the bag of dead foals and went to the front door. He had to come back in as his coat and boots were by the back door. He walked the bag out to the garbage bin and dropped them in. He turned around when he felt a tug at his left leg. Alan looked down.

A purple fluffy looked up at him, “Nice mistah. Is cowd times…hurrrkkk!”

Alan had oicked the fluffy up by the neck, opened the lid to his garbage bin and promptly dropped the fluffy in. “Got enough drama right now,” he said as he shit the lid forcefully.

Alan walked back in his house. He exhaled and rubbed his temples. He wanted to sit down and laugh hysterically to what he just witnessed with Angela and Emerald. Maybe later when they were all asleep. His Saturday had been far more eventful than he anticipated.

“Daddeh,” called Ash, “Nee make poopies.”

“Me too,” said Cobalt.

Alan picked the fluffies up, carefully, and set them down to walk to the safe room. They were much older and far better at bowel control than when they were younger. He followed them, carrying Lemonade, who by the smell needed a diaper change. Alan walked in behind the boys as Ash ran up to Emerald and pressed his ass to Emerald’s mouth. Ash grunted a little and really strained then exhaled in relief as he pushed a big log of tropical poopies into Emerald’s mouth.

Emerald gagged a little, but after what happened earlier and his beating, he had no strength to put up a fight. He coughed and gagged a little more after he cleaned Ash’s ass. Cobalt was already doing dancies as he ran up for his turn. He dropped big one too. Emerald looked beyond miserable. Then, Cobalt looked around puzzled.

“What’s up, Cobalt?”

“Nee amek pee-pees. No woom to swat wite.”

“The litter bi….litter pal drinks pee-pees.”

Cobalt turned and mounted Emerald’s face, shoving his pee-pee stick into Emerald’s open mouth as he was wide-eyed with the realization of what Alan just said.

“Dwink up, wittaw paw!”

Alan suppressed a laugh and had to bite a lip. He changed Lemonade and cleaner her himself as the litter pal was busy drinking the colt’s piss. Ash followed Cobalt’s example. Alan could hear Emerald gasping as he knew both colts had been holding their pee for a while. Plus he gave them extra water today. He was sure the bitter, taste of tropical fruit piss was stinging in Emerald’s throat.

The colts finished their business and went over to their blankets. They started to fluff their blankets and laid down in a fluff pile with each other, getting ready for a nap. Alan set lemonade down and she walked over, cuddling up against her adopted brothers, leaning into their warmth. Alan looked at them and thought, a nap sounded good. He walked into his bedroom and lay down to sleep.

Lemonade stared at the bald, teary eyed fluffy in the cardboard box. He just stared down at the floor. Lemonade got up from her brothers. She walked over and sat down in front of Emerald. He barely looked at her.

“Emmmm gooooo bbbiibbllll,” she released with a giggle. Her googily eyes bounced around. Then, they straightened. Lemonade looked normal. Her eyes dead stared Emerald in his.

Her cheeks puffed, “Bad dummeh poopie paw fwuffy. Ou gib Wemonade wowstest huwties in speshaw pwace. Nu gud bawd poopie eatie fwuffy. Hatechu. Hatechu. Fwuff ou bad, bad fwuffy.”

Emeralds eyes were wide with shock. Lemonade continued to stare at him, then she turned her head toward Angela, who was sound asleep. Her ordeal had taken a lot out of her and she was sleeping off the effects of another still born litter.

“Hatechu mummah. Ou poopies on bestest babbeh. Make hew hed gu funny. Funny thinkie pwace gu away sum times. Hatechu. Bad mummah. Git sowwy foweba sweepies….”

Lemonade’s eyes went back to swirling around and pointing in different directions. “Mmmmmaaaahhh guuuuppp wwwoooooo,” her speech turned back to derpy talk. Lemonade walked back over to the colts and she curled up next to them. She closed her eyes and appeared to go to sleep.

The safe room was quiet, save for the light snores of Angela, Ash, Cobalt, and Lemonade. Emerald just stared forward. His bald brow furrowed in deep thought. Well, as deep as it could get for a fluffy. He exhaled and looked back down.

“Wan gdiiee. Wan gdiee.”


*So, I planned to go lighter this time around after last episodes shenanigans, but I think the pandemic has broken something in my brain. Let me know what you all think. Also, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has liked, upvoted and given me awards for the last couple. I appreciate that. I’m planning on sending messages to those that have started following me, recently. Work and house cleaning has been keeping me busy, but I will not let those compliments go un-responded to. Please be patient. Peace ya’ll.


oooh that ending was quite a twisty twist


A bit gratuitous but the bit at the end was amazing.


So lemonad is smart for a fluffy? Because she is able to act and doesn’t screw up yet


So many different directions this could go. I am patiently awaiting Angela’s comupence. This is also the first I’ve heard of a litterpal refusing to do his job. Not complaining about that either btw it was a stroke of brilliance.


Really enjoying this series. Curious to see how long Angela isnkept around given she’s no longer pregnant. Poor guy doesn’t have a lot of luck with the quality of adult fluffies turning up at his door.


I wonder if Angela is completely past recovery. She’s sure to be a wreck rn, maybe this can be used to make her good. Probably not, but who knows.

Either way, great series so far, looking foward to the future


allow me to tell you of the most popular of those apps:


I have it. Just trying to avoid any trademark issues…lol. but yeah…crunchyroll is anime heaven


Maybe she wasnt fully derped? Or maybe the growing up process is developing the brain so that some moments of clarity are possible but full brain function is not?


Awesome as usual!


Upon rereading, I’m pretty confident there’s still hope for Angela. If it’s hammered home that the stillborn were her fault, maybe some love can make her good.

From her (dumbass) perspective, she doesn’t know why she lost the litters, and after losing them she wasn’t shown any love. If Alan shows her affection, maybe she’ll wise up.

That or she’s beyond hope and this will reinforce her shitty mentality of Alan being a bad owner, in which case Milkbagging without taking her sight would be a fitting punishment, forcing her to breed then watch as her kids are raised by Alan and the older foals.

Either way I’m looking foward to the next part.


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