Krier Saga: The Old Man in the Castle (Alexander Krier)

The Krier Saga

Part 1: The Old Man in the Castle

The booming clang of the castle doors shutting behind them made the little fluffy jump in Krier’s palm. The dull light that had guided them in being extinguished. Before them an expansive foyer, lit only by the slight daylight streaming in from the above windows. Krier narrowed his eyes at the little ball of fluff as he set his Sharps against the table near the castle door. The fluff ball shrank in the darkness, still shaking from the sound.

“Biggest noises an’ dawkies scawy!!” it said, the ball of beige and white fur covering its eyes as it desperately tried to hide. Krier’s old and haggard fingers gently cupped it. As he curiously looked at it.

“Hush, little one” his deep voice whispered to the fluffy. To which the little fluffy barely responded. Bending down, Krier gently slid the fluffy off his hand onto the green marble floor, where it quietly shook as it made small little chirps and hu’s to itself. It’s eyes still completely covered by its hooves. Krier stood back up to his full height, and took off his heavy brown rifle coat and flat cap. Gently hanging them on the rack. Turning again to the fluffy on the floor. His weathered pale blue eyes contemptuously cut into it while it was huddled on the floor, oblivious. His eyes slid over to Meleager, his redbone hound who was obediently sitting next to the door. He gently tapped his boot off to the side, raising a brow. “How long will it take to realize it’s fine I wonder” he thought to himself. Yet, while Krier’s curiosity was deep, it was far longer than his patience. Quickly checking his vest pockets and trouser pockets. He nodded affirmatively before bending down and reaching to pick up the little fluff ball. Though he raised a brow again as he saw it had wet itself on the floor.

“Huu Huu… su scawy” Krier’s old face simply twitched in confusion.

“Here” he said softly, trying not to frighten it further. He gently picked it up by the scruff and turned it around to face him. “Look at me, it’s fine, the noise is gone”. As he lifted it and turned it around, he noticed it shiver considerably more before he set it on the ground looking at him. “This crouching is miserable on my knees” Krier thought to himself. As he waited on the fluffy to react.

The Fluffy merely sniffled for a moment as the words seemed to calm him slightly. “dawkies am gone?” It asked softly. Krier nodded, not an ounce of amusement on his pointed face.

“Yes, it’s still lit, we just went inside”. Krier again looked at his hound, who looked mighty bored himself. This reassurance got the Fluffy to slowly uncover his eyes as he looked around. His big green eyes focusing on Krier. The Fluffy’s expression changed as he quickly hopped up.

“Fank ‘ou fo’ sabin’ fwuffy nice mistah!” The little beige Fluffy exclaimed. The Fluffy quickly began to look around excitedly, before slowing down as it turned back to Krier. “Whewe am Fluffy?” It asked confused, twisting its head to the side a little, the tiny ears flopping up waiting for a reply.

“You are in my home, Ahren estate.” Before Krier could continue. He saw the Fluffy’s expression practically flash into excitement.

“Nice mistah bwought fwuffy to new home! am 'ou fwuffy’s new daddeh? Wub new home!” The Fluffy was hopping in place almost as it eagerly waited for a response. The excitement rippling through its entire body as he seemed to move all around. Meanwhile Krier struggled to understand the sentence, the Fluffy oblivious to his confusion.

“Why is it speaking in the third person?” he thought to himself, still incredibly confused by this little thing. “Yes, I’m your… dad for now” He replied, assuming it meant owner. Though he was quite lost. He pondered further before his knees creaked like broken glass under his weight, his train of thought breaking in the process. The pain reminding him of how long this was taking. “Come with me, let’s talk somewhere else” he said impatiently, lifting the Fluffy back onto his hand, which was thankfully still gloved. “I’ll make a note to come back and clean this up.” He thought to himself as he walked away from the tiny puddle on the marble. Meleager the hound jumped up and followed obediently.

“Yay! fwuffy hab new daddeh! hab new home too! Wub nyu daddeh!!” Krier had to make some effort not to drop the little thing as it eagerly jumped around in his palm while heading up the foyer stairs. All the while the Fluffy was celebrating his newfound luck. Krier even noticed he had started doing a little dance. If it could be called one, he was more just sitting in his palm waving his hooves back and forth. Again, Krier’s eyes narrowed like iron shutters.

“What in the world?” he thought, before letting out a little sigh. After just a moment, he had gone up a few stories. The foyer itself being a grand staircase of sorts, ascending high into the castle. Though it was cleverly disguised. Taking the Fluffy deep inside his estate. The inside of this place had been just as nice as the foyer. The halls complete with regal wallpaper, fine carpets and hardwood floors. Decorated with various pieces of furniture and paintings, or other fine items suited to hang on a wall, such as swords and shields, accompanied by armor. However, the halls were close in on each other, and could only fit Krier comfortably as he walked through them. Though the furniture could make them painfully tight at times. The Fluffy spent too much of its time simply dancing or trying to illicit responses from Krier to pay attention to its surroundings. Lost in a happy world of its own.

Krier eventually made his way to a great wooden door at the end of one of the many hallways, guarded on both sides by suits of armor, looking like two mighty knights guarding the door. While being far less large or magnificent as the entrance way door. The handle made a considerably loud KACHUNK as it was turned. The door opened to a massive room, that itself had an equally large window. The Fluffy stopped as it childishly looked in awe of the large room.

“Woooooow, weawwy big” It looked up and around as it inspected it with its eyes. From the roof hung a silver chandelier, seemingly lit with what looked to be candles. Though the light was far too strong to be simple candles. The room itself was mostly colored a deep rich blue. The wallpaper a rich mix of golden and red flowers stemming from green vines complimenting the base blue hue. The floor was a light hardwood, with a large earthy colored carpet. Like the rest of the estate so far, this room was adorned with paintings and other ornaments. Though the ones in here did not seem to prioritize a grand spectacle. Rather a far more personal atmosphere emanated from these collections. The great set piece of the room however, was the window that was practically a wall itself. As Krier’s boots echoed throughout the room, the Fluffy was nearly on the edge of his palm straining to see what was out the window. Not noticing the loud clack of the door shutting behind them. Krier walked towards the window. Towards a small red chair that faced it. With it a large nightstand beside it with a small stack of books on top, and a lamp. As he approached the Fluffy finally saw what was outside. The window overlooked a rich green forest, that peered out towards the mountaintops. From here the Fluffy could see that the estate itself was almost in a basin, standing upon its own hill somewhere inside. Surrounded on all sides by mountaintops, the basin itself was a pool for rich green trees. Though this window alone hardly surveyed the entire landscape, and only one side of it. The contents of what streamed through the window were themselves nearly a painting of the great landscape outside. What was clear however was that this estate was truly isolated from the rest of the world. Lost in the wilderness.

Krier again set the Fluffy down on the floor. Then quickly picked it up again before taking a small handkerchief and putting it below it as he set it down. The Fluffy had been silent this whole time. Mouth agape as it looked at the huge room.

“Pwetty…” The Fluffy muttered to itself quietly. It carefully moved forward, its little hooves carrying it towards the window. Krier on the other hand, quietly sat down in the red chair behind it. Taking off his dirty gloves and watching it as Meleager took his place in the dog bed not far, near a still smoldering hearth.

“Finally,” Krier thought to himself. Watching the little beige ball move slowly towards the window, which truly was a wall. Even at the short stubby height the Fluffy was at, it could look out it. Krier steepled his fingers as he watched it. Looking down and grimacing as he realized he had neglected to change his shoes at the door, not to mention he left his Sharps there as well. Letting out a little sigh. He thought back to the whole reason he had them with him to begin with. That whole process was of course… how he ended up with this thing. He leaned his head on his fist, looking at it as it gaped at the window. It was here Krier had to admit he knew nothing about Fluffy’s. He knew of them of course, everyone did. Yet his life had never brought him into crossing paths with any. So, it was interesting to actually see one… and to interact with it. The most important thing he knew was that these creatures craved human interaction. He assumed that must be why the little thing referred to him as… daddy?

“The thing is” he thought “I usually don’t let animals roam free on my property… I hunt them.” He tapped his finger on the chair. A ball of twisted thought tangling in his mind “What is it about this that’s so different” He rubbed his scalp with his other hand. “There is something that I can’t quite understand about these little…”

“Am daddeh otay’?” Krier was popped out of his thoughts, and looked down to see the beige ball tapping his boot with its hoof as he looked up at him worriedly. “Does daddeh hab owwies?” Krier looked down at the little thing. Seemingly his contemplation having been interpreted as pain. “Fwuffy make huwties go 'way daddeh!” Then, the Fluffy gently pushed himself up against his boot, and seemingly with all his might began to squeeze and hug it. Krier was silent for a moment before he let out a soft chuckle.

“I’m fine little one” he said, reaching down and gently lifting it onto his palm again. As he lifted the Fluffy up, the little thing seemingly celebrated.

“Yay! Huggies ficks aww huwties!” The Fluffy exclaimed in his cute little voice. Before he could go into another dance Krier gently tapped it on the head with his finger, trying to pet it. The Fluffy responded by giggling and leaning back, softly hugging his finger with its hooves as it seemed to playfully bring the finger in towards its matted fluff. He began to gently rub his cheek against the tip of Krier’s finger as well. The Fluffy seemed overjoyed at the attention, just rolling around in his palm as he held onto the old haggard finger. It even… chirped here and there, like a newborn chick. The cute display made Krier’s chest… feel… an odd sensation. He didn’t know how to describe it. He wasn’t such a bitter old man yet to not know how love, kindness or even joy felt. Yet… this was something rather new, a similar sensation he felt when he found the little thing. It wasn’t purely happiness…. Nor was it purely hatred. Krier found it odd, and so far, it was the only curious thing keeping Krier from just killing it like he usually did to pests on his property.

Now however, Krier was ready to actually talk to it. Perhaps he could get to the bottom of how he had gotten onto the property to begin with. Perhaps the conversation could illuminate his own feelings there as well. Krier turned and gently set the Fluffy on the nightstand near his chair as he turned to him. Making sure the little thing was in no way close to falling. Again, making sure the handkerchief was underneath him. As Krier was about to ask him his first question, he stopped.

“Do you have a name?” Krier asked first, to which the little Fluffy cocked his head. Was that also seemingly a hard question to ask?

“Fwuffy nu hab name, mummah caws fwuffy wittle babeh” It replied, to which Krier raised a brow. “Too many bwuddah and sistah’s” it said thinking about it. “Tink owdest bwuddah has name?” It trailed off, lost in its own little world as it thought it through. Krier had to wonder how anyone kept track of anyone where it had come from, but that was beside the point.

“Well how about I give you one then?” Krier offered, mostly to make his life easier. Though the Fluffy responded with a huge reaction… even defecating itself. Thank heavens for that handkerchief.

“Daddeh gibes fwuffy name? dis am bestes’ day ebew!” The Fluffy seemed ecstatic, practically vibrating there on the table. Attempts to jump and hop, though pitiful, were made as the little Fluffy trotted around on the handkerchief in pure joy. Before eventually sitting down to sing and dance again. “Fwuffie am bestest fwuffy, daddeh am bestest daddeh. Daddeh gibs name, am bestest daddeh. Wub daddeh, daddeh wubs fwuffie” Again that feeling in Krier’s chest, what was it? This time he dismissed it quickly, looking for a distraction. Instead, he was again critical of the dancing. It really was just moving its hoofs side to side while it sat. It could at least dance on its feet. He would have to give critique later though.

“Yes, I’ll give you a name… hmmm” Krier thought for a moment, while the Fluffy stopped what it was doing. Expectantly hanging on the edge of his figurative seat for what Krier would say. Krier was curious if he could give the little thing just any old name and see if it would work. He decided on a compromise. “How about Pelops? I think I’ll name you Pelops”. The newly christened Pelops practically exploded with joy.

“Pewops am nyu name? wub nyu name daddeh! fank 'ou!! Daddeh is bestest daddeh!” Krier grinned, as he thought. Pelops couldn’t even say his own name. Yet, Pelops continued on in ecstatic bliss. Just gleefully saying his name over and over again and dancing about. Krier however, was more interested in getting on with it. After gently calming down Pelops. Krier began to ask him his questions.

It took Krier a bit, but he managed to get some of the answers he wanted. Krier had found Pelops while out in the woods. Specifically, Krier heard the sound of the little beige ball falling into a small hole behind him while he examined a herd of Fluffy’s off in the distance. While Krier was already aware of the herd. Pelops confirmed it by telling him he was indeed from such a herd, the one he had been watching specifically. Though Krier could not ascertain the exact size of the herd. From how Pelops talked… it seemed large. Krier had no proof, but the fact that Pelops. Seemingly a one- or two-week-old weanling. Could so easily be separated from the herd was a sign there was a glut of them. Simply too many to be accounted for by even their own parents.

What had gotten Krier to start examining for this in the first place was a desiccated Fluffy carcass that had seemingly been dropped down in his terrace. He had originally hoped it was just the one, or that a herd had been passing by outside of his estate. However, what Pelops illuminated on slightly was how they got into his property to begin with. Krier had erected around his property huge stone and steel walls. The walls in almost all locations measured four meters tall, and one and half meters thick. His entire property was encircled by this wall. On top of that, all entrances were closed with thick steel gates and doors. Even maintenance doors giving access in unusual places were solid metal. However, Pelops made clear the issue. On Krier’s property were several rivers and lakes, all of which had points of entry and exit. Krier had his walls built over the rivers, and had large steel bars installed close together underneath to allow for the water to leave and enter. Yet also keep other things out, save for maybe fish. Yet the fact remained that water eroded what it passed by, and over time this is what seemingly happened. As best as Pelops could remember, as this apparently was a week ago when he was even younger… well Pelops thought it was a week. They had entered the property through a small eroded section of the wall near the river side. Aside from some very specific information about Pelops parents. That was all the little beige fuzzball could give Krier. The circumstances around the entry and why they came here specifically were lost concepts on the little weanling.

Krier leaned back in his chair as he looked out the window, where the sun was slowly sliding behind the mountain range, casting threads of light over the green forest. He had his information. How he used that information came next. He knew where the herd was at the moment, in a small glade on the southwestern part of his territory. Near one of the rivers. They had seemingly followed it in. So far this seemed practical, they wouldn’t stray too far from a fresh source of water, and a glade was a perfect spot to range. If it had been as long as he thought, a timespan of a week. He had plenty of time. They had certainly stopped moving. They weren’t going anywhere.

Krier rubbed his chin, he found it odd. How big was the opening that an entire herd could have fit through his wall however? This was not some passive act of wandering. They had deliberately stuffed themselves through that hole in the wall, unless his wall had been significantly damaged? Yet he had a feeling no amount of erosion could have done that. The hole would have to be small.

His thought was broken as he looked over at Pelops who was by now inspecting the books… he was seemingly pushing on them like they were large blocks.

“Bwockies nu move… hrrrn” he grunted, pushing against it with all his might. Krier looked at the small Fluffy with a mixed expression. Again, he had that feeling… it was the only feeling that had held him back. He couldn’t recognize it. It would bother him until he understood it better. Now though, he wanted to interact a bit with Pelops, after all. The best way to learn is to do.

“Come Pelops” Krier said, holding out his hand, and Pelops gently crawled onto it as he moved him towards himself. Pelops letting out a giggle as Krier stood up. Seemingly that was enough to excite him.

“Whewe we goin’ daddeh” Pelops asked after he got over his giggling. Krier walked over to one side of the room to pull something out of a drawer.

“Going to get some toys for us to play with” Krier replied, as he pulled out a ball of string. Pelops’ expression lit up, more so than already.

“YAY!! Pway time!” Pelops exclaimed! While Krier shuffled through this drawer looking for things to play with. After a moment Krier realized he didn’t have much at his disposal, it wasn’t like he had toys just laying around. Not that… he really knew what it was these kinds of creatures liked to play with. Meanwhile Pelops just watched from his hand as he dug around in the drawer. Peering over slightly with great anticipation.

“Hmm… this should do for now” The drawer had very little in it. The ball of string, some small cube like boxes of staples, and a pill bottle that had been left empty in the drawer. Gauging Pelops’ reaction, he looked to be in awe. Krier had to wonder how sparse toys were out there for him to be impressed by this. Or maybe he was just genuinely that good hearted? Though Krier realized that it was the wilds, perhaps they couldn’t craft anything and only had rocks at their disposal.

Krier walked over to set Pelops down on the carpet. Before quickly switching over to the hardwood, snagging the handkerchief again as he did. As he was about to put Pelops down on the floor, he saw how giddy he got. He lifted him back up a little faster this time. Pelops was giggling and, again, chirping here and there.

“Weeee fun upsies!!” Krier was surprised this was so easy. He wondered if he even needed the toys. He did this for a moment, just raising him up and bringing him down again and again. Pelops just squishing himself down on Krier’s palm as he giggled and chirped. Seemingly needing only this to even enjoy himself. Finally, Krier got tired of it, and gently let him off on the ground.

“Now wha-“ Before Krier could even finish, Pelops almost sprinted towards the ball of string he had laid on the floor.

“BIGGEST BAWW!!” Pelops yelled as he… tried to sprint towards it. Without thinking at all he practically headbutted it and sent it rolling all of a few inches. While he himself practically fell down. After his valiant charge face-first into it, Pelops gently got up and chased after it again. The ball of string being maybe an inch taller than he. Krier was quiet for a moment, just watching. He didn’t really know what to do. How do you play with this thing? It’s not really a baby or a child after all, or is it?

Meanwhile as Pelops tried to get his hoofs around the ball, he again sent it rolling away a few inches. Krier hesitantly reached forward and flicked the ball slightly back to Pelops, who giggled. Sitting down and letting the ball slowly roll towards him. Spreading his hoofs, Pelops welcomed the ball as it collided with him. Krier had even with his slight nudge of the thing given the ball of string enough force to basically knock Pelops over onto his back, who was giggling ecstatically. “Wub pway time wiff daddeh!” Pelops giggled out as he tried to roll over. Krier watched like a statue as Pelops wiggled and wobbled… seemingly unable to right himself. “Eh… eehhhn… heeeehnn…eerfff!” Krier stifled a laugh as Pelops practically waved and spun his hooves around in a desperate attempt to right himself. Puffing his cheeks out and wiggling his tiny tail. All of it hopelessly futile as Pelops managed only slight movements back and forth.

Krier reached forward and with his finger gently pushed the little weanling onto his side, where he was able to right himself. Taking a moment to catch his breath. Pelops made a determined face “biggest baww hab biggest roww” Pelops said wisely as he walked back up to it, and pushed it back. Resuming his sitting position. Krier gently pushed the ball back this time, being careful to not push it hard at all. This time it was at a speed Pelops could handle. He pushed back, and Krier and Pelops both did this for a while. After some minutes, Krier asked Pelops to push the pill bottle, which he did without any complaint. Krier then took the ball of string and unraveled it a bit, laying down the string on the floor. So far Pelops had been laughing and having plenty of fun. Though he seemed to struggle with pushing things, often running into the object rather than actively pushing it.

“Pelops, try and catch the string” Krier said, dragging it slowly along the floor. Pelops was quick to react.

“Come hewe stwingies!” Pelops said, puffing his cheeks slightly as he chased it. Krier was going to use this test to see just how fast the little thing was. The conclusion was pitiful, Krier had to go unusually slow to make sure Pelops was only just a breath away from catching it. Yet from Pelops perspective he was trucking it. After a point Krier went even slower to make sure Pelops didn’t exhaust himself, as he started to pant and struggle to run at such uncontrollable speeds. “s-swow down… get back hewe stwingy… gatta getchu” Krier was astonished, was this thing asthmatic? He slowed down further. Before eventually relenting, though he did still make it hard. As he slowed down, he made the string wiggle and dance snaking it along the ground. Pelops leaped at it at first with his hoofs. Then, struggled to keep track of the string, trying to trap it under his hoofs again and again. Though, surprisingly, Krier noticed how he started to look at it. His mouth drooling almost. Then in one leap, he snagged it with his teeth.

Pelops muffled something from his mouth, looking pleased, and then began to pull on the string. The string went taught as Pelops failed to move Krier’s hand even a little bit. His soft hooves sliding on the hardwood as he closed his eyes and yanked and pulled. Krier would give him the impression of success as Krier would move his hand forward so Pelops thought he was doing well. Again, Krier did this for a few minutes before letting go, and watching Pelops fall back onto himself. Clapping his hoofs together slightly at his apparent victory.

“Yay!! got dah stwingy, Pewops win Pewops win!” He got up and then… oddly chewed on the string and carried it away. Walking back to the pill bottle and nudging it with his head. The odd display gave Krier an idea, and as Pelops slowly unraveled the string. Krier groaned as he stood back up.

“Pelops, I am going to make some dinner for us. I’ll be back soon.” With that Krier’s old knees popped a song as he started moving again. His leg stiff from having been sitting on it. With Meleager in tow, he made his way to his personal kitchen. Though he trusted his hound, he hadn’t trained Meleager for something like a Fluffy. He didn’t want to risk anything, quite yet. “I wonder if this is actually true or not” Krier thought to himself as he pulled out the noodles and the pot. As he started preparing the food, he finally had some time to think on this predicament of the mind. Putting an apron on over his dress clothes, he started the water to boil. Then, stood there with a large stirring spoon, contemplating now in peace.

“What is it…. What is it…” he said aloud to himself “this feeling is so strange.” He salted the water. “On one hand, I know it’s harmless, and just wants to be cute and playful. Yet, I can’t help stifle this desire to kill it.” He said, still watching the water as it started to bubble slightly. “Hmm… perhaps the answer is both?” He thought back again to the herd he saw through his binoculars. He remembered the display of little creatures. All of them waddling around, some of them eating, some playing, some crying in pain, hugging each other. He couldn’t get his head around it, all at once he desired to see them frolic in peace and to also be annihilated in one eternally painful moment of utter agony. Something that would shatter their little minds beyond what was humanly imaginable.

The water came to a boil, and he threw in the noodles, as he set the timer and began preparing the sauce and meatballs. Though, he kicked himself for using premade materials this time, and not his homegrown ingredients. Even the beef was technically from his land. As his hands worked in the red sauce and meat. He thought about what he was going to do with his current little specimen. The scales in his mind weighed the possibilities. He could let it live, or naturally he could kill it. No matter the choice, how would he do it? Would he give it the life it always wanted? Or a life of suffering? On the other hand. A quick painless death, or a long painful torturous death? As he made the spaghetti sauce, these ideas balanced back and forth in his mind, with no obvious conclusion.

After a bit, Krier returned with a warm plate of spaghetti. Walking into the room, he saw that Pelops had indeed been busy. The string had been nearly been halfway unraveled. He had dragged it in a wide circle around the play area. Krier followed it, seeing he had gotten close to the hearth. Then ran back to the play area, pushed the staple cases towards it, and was currently trying to stack them to get up on the brick that would let him get closer to the hearth. Though, his efforts were halted as he noticed Krier standing above him.

“Daddeh! 'ou been gone fowebew! pewops am spwowin!” Pelops quickly ran towards Krier, well, “ran”. Then stopped at his house shoes which he had changed into, giving them a big hug. Krier looked out over the hardwood floor, and saw a little pile of poop that he had left him. Then nodded.

“I was gone a while making food for you Pelops. Don’t you remember? Speaking of, it’s time to eat. Enjoy.” With that, he took a smaller bowl he had in his pocket and with the fork on the bigger bowl, put a big helping of spaghetti with a meatball on top in the smaller bowl. Then set it down near the hearth for the little Fluffy to eat. Then pretending not to watch, he set his bowl on the nightstand near his chair as he prepared his eating spot. Pelops reaction was interesting to say the least. He looked at the bowl of spaghetti with intense awe, the smell seemingly shocking him.

“What am dis magic stuff?” Pelops asked in amazement.

“It’s Spaghetti Pelops” Krier replied, to which Pelops looked at the food drooling. Then without saying anything else he practically faceplanted into it and started vigorously eating. Krier went and cleaned up the mess Pelops had made on the floor. Though being as small as he was, Krier was surprised at the amount he made. Was this also a factor of their weird biology? If this was the case, he might regret feeding all that spaghetti to Pelops later.

After coming back with his hands clean, Pelops had nearly finished the entire bowl. It was slightly larger than him. Yet the gluttony of the little Fluffy was uncontrollable. What Krier had heard in rumors was true. Fluffy’s will do anything for spaghetti, seemingly entranced by it. How this weird biological fact came about was… not something he was prepared to answer. He sat down, and began his meal as well. Watching Pelops eat like he had been starved for years. It was odd as well, as the Fluffy’s little body distended quite a bit as he stuffed himself. Almost to the point where he couldn’t walk. Then finally he stopped, the meatball only three quarters finished. He simply sat and looked at it greedily. His mouth still drooling over the little bowl.

“Gotta num dah west of dah sketties… buh su fuww…” Krier grinned at this predicament. He wondered how he could use this to his advantage later on. Having finished his own meal, he pulled out a little remote, pressed a small button on it, and then got up from his seat. Leaving the bowl on the table. For now, he believed it was time to end the day, Walking over to Pelops, he grinned as he picked up the rest of the meal.

“We’ll save it for later Pelops, don’t worry” Pelops smiled wearily and nodded, seemingly conflicted about the idea.

“otay daddeh” He said, straining to get up and move. Then once again pooping on the floor. “Nao what do daddeh?” Pelops asked, looking a little tired.

“Now it is time for bed” Krier said, taking his handkerchief and gently wiping the back of Pelops body so that none of his poop got on him. Pelops just walked into his hand with a smile.

“Yay sweepies time!” Pelops said, happily snuggling against Krier’s shirt. Krier took him to his room, high up in one of the higher towers of the castle making a quick makeshift bed from some old laundry and spare bedsheets of his. Covering it all with an old thick blanket. Already covered in stains. He plopped Pelops into the pile and gave him some pets. Then krier went into his wardrobe and changed his clothes then to his bathroom and tended to his teeth. By the time he came out, the little beige ball had already gone off to dream land. Pelops was snuggled into the blankets, his little tail wiggling this way and that as he was almost covered by the blanket from head to waist. No doubt the huge meal had done a number on him. Krier let him be for now, and laid down in the bed. Prepared to enact his plans starting tomorrow.

The next few days Krier made sure to devote much of his time to Pelops. Teaching him how to behave properly and poop in the right places. He bought things like a litter box, baby bottles and special water and food bowls, teaching Pelops how to use them. Where to eat and so on. Overall, Pelops did well. Some stern words had to be used here and there, but often Pelops was receptive. Needing usually only to be explained how to behave well. Each day he performed well, Krier would give him new toys. New rubber balls that bounced, squeaky toys to push and snuggle with. Plushies to hug as much as he liked. Pelops also put on quite a bit more weight, enough so that Krier had to reduce his meals. Though it was also helping him grow. Pelops was a weanling, and he saw that in the few days it took him to train him, he had already gotten a little bigger. Krier was also impressed with how obedient and ready to take instruction Pelops was. He did not once disobey, and at most would ask questions as to why he had to follow certain orders.

Krier took this time to also learn more about Pelops time in his herd. In particular his mother was a green Fluffy, and his father was brown. Both were earth types. They had been doing particularly well in the herd, having had a littler of at least 13. Pelops being the youngest of them, though that distinction seemed to only be by a couple of minutes from how Pelops described the experience. The herd therefore was not only massive, but seemingly had enough resources to maintain such huge numbers.

Something Krier was starting to infer about this herd was also that it might in fact have leadership. With how they got in, and how Pelops talked about how the herd made “choices” that everyone followed. He was starting to think it very well could have a strong willed or at least vocal Fluff in charge of it. His curiosity deepened, he wanted to observe this herd more if he could. If for no other reason to know how to better kill it off. He had a few ideas, if he chose that route. Though, he was starting to consider other options. Indeed, he had already made up his mind for dear Pelops.

On the sixth day of his owning Pelops. Krier made sure that the little guy was to have one of the best days of his life. He took him around the castle, showed him various things. Played with him, fed him well and gave him a lot of attention.

Finally, Krier brought Pelops his dinner, another bowl of spaghetti, a much bigger one than before. One he could certainly not finish entirely. Still having the unfinished meatball on top from prior. Pelops reacted much the same, basically throwing his face into the pile of noodles and sauce as he ate. Krier didn’t eat this time, just watching him comfortably as he pet his hound Meleager.

By now, Pelops had been introduced to many of the dogs Krier owned, and learned not to be afraid of them. This included Meleager who was a young hound. Still in his prime, and when he sat next to his master Krier, he sat with a straight back and an alert snout. A Redbone Hound, he was, naturally, red. With excellent features, Meleager had been everywhere with Krier. Being currently one of Krier’s favorite and most reliable dogs.

However, this night, Krier had brought up to his den two other dogs. Zeus, and Demeter. Specifically, Zeus was not a dog. He was clearly a wolf. Demeter was a Šarplaninac, and she was large herself, though small compared to the pureblooded wolf Zeus. Both dwarfed the agile Meleager, who stood closest to his Master. Though Zeus laid at Krier’s feet, calm and confident. Demeter stood attentively on the other side of the table. Zeus and Demeter, compared to Meleager, looked older. Though they retained their noble bearing. Looking equally as alert and well trained. Zeus and Demeter had their own long and storied history with Krier. Having been dogs he personally trained. Yet tonight, they would not be working. So much as relaxing.

All four of them watched calmly. Watching Pelops as he childishly feasted in his Spaghetti. Krier could not help but grin to himself as he watched from behind his old haggard fingers. Pelops simply could not hold himself back. Again, swelling his tiny body beyond what was the usual when he ate. Finally, after some minutes, Pelops pulled his messy face out of the mass of spaghetti. He waddled back towards Krier. Seemingly struggling to do so.

“Nu can num nu mowe. Tummy has bestes’ feews.” Pelops said sweetly, looking up at Krier tiredly. Krier reached over Zeus to take him in his hand and pulled a handkerchief from his vest pocket and wiped his face. All the dogs watched as he moved the little ball of beige and white fur towards him.

“Have you eaten your fill Pelops?” Krier asked softly, his smile still creaking on his old weary face. Pelops nodded, his eyelids half closed. As Krier gently set him on the nightstand. “Can you dance for daddy Pelops? I love watching you dance.” Pelops giggled.

“Wub dancin’ fo’ daddeh” He replied, sitting his bloated body back onto his rear. Gently swinging his hoofs from side to side. He starts to sing a song, though tiredly. “Daddeh wubs Pewops, Pewops wubs daddeh. Daddeh makes wot’s of yummy sketties fo’ pewops. Gwows big an’ stwong. wub daddeh su mu…su mu…” He falls over on his side, completely passed out. Krier cracks his knuckles with a grin. Now was the time to begin.

The world slowly came back into light for Pelops as he opened his eyes again. “Was gud sweepies” Pelops muttered cutely to himself as he tried to move his legs. Though, his legs didn’t move. “wai weggies nu wowk?” He said, trying to move around. As he came too. Pelops looked around and saw he was strapped to a workbench of sorts. One that had a slight slant, like a lectern or drawing table. As Pelops looked around worriedly, he couldn’t see much. He was under a single bright spotlight that illuminated the table and nothing else. The rest of the room was dark as tar. His legs had been tied down with small leather straps, and they were tight like vices. Pelops once relaxed expression soured slightly, showing great discomfort.

“Daddeh? Hewp Pewops! Daddeh!? Nee hewp Daddeh! Nu can mobe! Dawkies scawwy…” Pelops cried out. Desperate for someone to help him. In the silence, he shivered, realizing it was terribly cold. Pelops laid there crying out for help for some time, not that he could keep track of how long. Worry turned to fear, and soon Pelops realized he was alone in this single light midst the darkness. It wasn’t long after this realization that he started to cry quietly to himself. “huu huu huu…Whewe daddeh?.. huu huu… nee huggies, tu dawk… su scawwy”. There was nothing. The only sounds Pelops had as responses were the slight creaks of the structure he was in, usually accustomed with gusts of wind. That inevitably made him shiver more as the cold assaulted him like a million tiny icicles. All Pelops could do was wait, and gently whimper and cry. No amount of tugging could free him from his tight binds. What made it more uncomfortable was the light beaming down on him. Though it helped slightly with the cold, it was clear the cold was far too great to really fight it. What was worse, is that the light made Pelops have to look away, craning his head to look sideways so he wasn’t being blinded.

Krier trudged towards the small wooden shack in his suit. Zeus, Demeter and Meleager in tow behind him. Krier’s suit made loud thumping noises as he moved through the dirt path. Branches brushing uselessly on it as he moved under and around trees. He was like a slick of oil, slowly slipping through the foliage to the old shack. In the silence of the night, his respirator echoed quietly. A strange mechanical breathing noise whistling and sighing as Krier breathed inside of it. It had been a long time since he wore it. For once, he would have good memories when wearing it.

Finally reaching the shack, he loomed over the door. Before turning the handle on the old board door, he looked up through his visor. The sky was pitch black and the moon was covered by clouds. With a nod he opened the door, which rattled. He could hear the instant sounds of Pelops, though muffled by his suit.

“Daddeh? hewp daddeh! pewops nee hewp, nee huggies!” he could sense the distress in Pelops’ voice. It had been, by now, at least five hours since he left him in here. Who knows how long that sedative had actually lasted? He may have been awake in here on his own for at least a few hours. Krier didn’t say a word however, and trudged loudly across the room, letting the three dogs in after him. “Scawy wights! daddeh hewp pewops, dawkies am tu scawy fo’ pewops. Nee huggies an’ wub” Krier looked back at his dogs.

“Lights?” he thought, then smirked. The eyes of the dogs were reflecting the light. Krier was quiet, he knew at the moment Pelops just “thought” he was Daddy right now. When he saw how he looked however. He doubted Pelops would think it’s him, unless of course he took off the top of the suit. Grabbing the small tackle box Krier had assorted from earlier, he turned and slowly walked into the light towards Pelops. Making a slight whistle for the dogs to sit and watch behind him, not coming further into the light.

“Daddeh hewp! pewops nu can mo-“ he went dead silent, and Krier’s smile oozed across his old face. Pelops saw A tall looming suit. A yellow one. Covered in clips and metal buckles. The head was just a single mass with a big black sheet of, what looked to Pelops, to be imperceivable glass. Next to him, he saw the black gloves setting a box near him, and opening it. Krier just watched in silence as Pelops’ mouth was wide open as he struggled to breath. The sight being horrifying to him. “M-M-Munstah… scawwy yewwow munstah” he whispered under his breath. Krier could tell the slightest movement would send Pelops over the edge. In his fear Pelops quietly started to piss himself. Wetting his beige fur. While Pelops green eyes were practically globes as they struggled to stay in their sockets.

Krier didn’t say a word for a few moments. Enjoying the fear his presence seemed to instill into the little Fluffy. He looked him over, seeing the wet fur around his eyes. He had been crying. Krier took his time, Pelops didn’t say anything. Just staring right at him, too scared to move. Krier looked right back. His suit not moving at all as he simply watched the little Fluffy. Finally, he opened the box, and Pelops began to breathe heavily. He pulled out a hammer, and gently gripped it in the gloves. They were nice, being thick enough to protect the hand, but not too thick to remove too much dexterity. He had worked in them for a long time. Now, he would be performing more delicate work, later at least.

Without any warning Krier started to whack the old table with the hammer, everywhere but where Pelops was. The loud sound of the hammer beating against the board, the sudden movements, and the tremendous vibration on the board broke Pelops little sheet of composure.

“SCREEEEEEEE- HEWP!! MUNSTAH!!DADDEH HEWP PEWOPS! SCAWWED!! DADDY HEWP!!” Pelops let out a burst of screams. Screaming for daddy, Krier just grinned like a viper underneath his suit. Continuing the onslaught, he wasn’t even hitting him. Yet it was enough to scare Pelops to pieces. He instantly defecated himself. Spraying it out onto the board below as he wiggled and strained on his restraints. “Huu huu huu!!! DADDEH HEWP PELOPS PWEASE!!” He begged, Krier kept going, letting the hammer land dangerously close to Pelops face and body. Yet not once landing the hit on him. It was such satisfaction, a release for a feeling he had since the second he saw the little beige rat. He watched as that little white fur tail swirled around beneath, now covered in shit spew as Pelops cried and screed in horror.

Finally, Krier stopped with that. Listening to Pelops quiet sobbing and begs. “huu huu huu…. Huu huu… pwease… am onwy wittle babbeh… nu wan huwties, huu huu, su scawy.” How did he enjoy this so much he wondered? For a moment Krier thought what he was doing was totally juvenile. Like some kid playing with ants and a magnifying lens. “Huu huu… pwease nice munstah, nu gib owwies tu pewops, onwy wan’ to gib huggies…. Huu huu… biggest noises scawwy…. Huu huu” It wept pitifully on the board. All while Krier simply watched. Even now it was desperate for love and attention. Krier however couldn’t hold back any longer.

Krier reached over to one of the shelves near the workbench. Grabbing some more tools he left behind in this shack. Krier pulled into the light a high-power drill, and set it down along with a small plastic case next to it that he opened and started digging through. “wha… wha munstah doin?” Pelops asked, his voice trembling. Krier opened the place for the bit as he put in a regular screw bit. Then tightened it back in as he dug around for a screw. As he did, he looked over Pelops who was now scared and confused at what he was doing. Krier dug around for a screw, and after finding it, he twirled it expertly in his gloves.

“Where to put it first?” He wondered quietly to himself. He decided on the left arm. Bringing the drill close to Pelops, he pulled the trigger as the thing whirred to life.

“SCREEE!! NU WAN BIGGEST NOISES NU MOWE!! DADDEH! HEWP PEWOPS!!”” Again, he started wiggling frantically against his restraints. Krier placed the screw gently against his left leggy. Pressing it against the fluff, he set it with his finger as he started to push the tip of the screw into the soft flesh. Pelops only realized as the pain started. “SCREE, NU WAN!! DADDEH NEE HUGGIES!! HAB OWWIES” Krier focused on the screw as Pelops wiggled. Then placing the drill on it. He pushed down and pulled the trigger.

It was something to behold. First Pelops screamed harder than Krier thought the little thing could as he pushed down against the screw. Feeling a slight snap, likely the bone breaking. Then as the drill turned on. The screw twisted the fur, and immediately started to rip the flesh off of Pelops upper left leg.

“SCRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Pelops green eyes were wide open as he screamed in agony. Yet it wasn’t finished. The screw turned and drilled deeper for a moment, before the tendons and muscle all twisted up in the screw as it was driven in. For a split second, the screw encountered some resistance as every muscle in the leg twisted around it, along with the skin and fur. What happened next was even worse. Having placed the screw further down on the leg. It was close to the hoof and past the leather strap. For the split second the tendons and muscles twisted around the screw. He could feel the fur slide under the strap, and he saw Pelops get tugged towards the screw. “SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!” The little Fluffy’s eyes bulged out of their sockets as they went bloodshot. Looking to his left just in time to see the skin start to rip as blood spilled out onto his fluff. The bones in the arm all shattered as they twisted unevenly to the screws force, breaking in the vice of the leather strap and the force of the screw pulling on it. All before the entire shoulder snapped and dislocated. The skin tore entirely and the entire shoulder with the skin was ripped off. Pelops shook under the extreme pain, shitting himself further as the pain crippled his feeble little mind. Pelops screed again, his eyes welling up in terror and pain as he looked at what had been his shoulder. Now a little stub of bone and viscera where it had been attached. The rest of the arm was pulled through the strap with ease, and began to spin wildly under the screws force. Though Krier stopped it there.

“HUU HUU… HAB BIGGEST OWWIES… huu huu” Pelops cried uncontrollably. “Nee Daddeh… nee huggies… hab biggest owwies…. Wan weggie… nu wan huwwties… huu huu” While Pelops sobbed, Krier was surprised he still had shit in him. Taking the dislocated leg. He untangled the screw as best he could. Then gently waved the appendage above Pelops without a word. Pelops face twisted into a contortion of agony and sadness. “huu huu… pwease give back weggie… su many huwties… huu huu… HAB WOWSTES’ HEAWT HUWTIES HUU HUU, WAN WEGGIE BACK!!” Krier flipped the worthless stump over his shoulder. Where Demeter, unbeknownst to him, gently leaned down and ate it full.

Krier looked at the little Fluffy, and realized he was bleeding out. The wound had been more severe than anticipated. He was getting too caught up in the moment. He wasn’t going to have this end before he was ready. Reaching down under the table, he pulled out a small welding torch which he started, and then lit with the striker. Pelops looked up from his sobbing to see the bright blue flame. His pupils shrinking as he looked. He stammered, but nothing came out as Krier quickly applied the torch directly to the bleeding hole that was once Pelops’ shoulder.

“SCREEEEEEEEEEE” Again, he wailed, the intense heat setting his fluff aflame or singing it. As the flames licked and caressed Pelops, they would splash across his cheek and head slightly. Burning him directly. However, it only took a few seconds of direct heat for the wound to be completely sealed, making for only light bleeding at best. Though now Krier had a new problem. The flame lit the Fluffy on fire, if only on the one side. Thankfully Krier was also prepared for this, reaching up he turned off the light. Leaving only the flames on Pelops lighting the small space on the workbench. Krier reached up, and tilted an object.

Pelops had been screaming since the fire touched his bloody wound. As his fur alit, he closed his eyes as he tried to look away from the flame. “DADDEH SABE PEWOPS, NEE HUGGIES DADDEH!!! BUWNIES!!” This exertion of air however was a mistake. Pelops started to cough violently from the heat and smell of his own singed fur. He continued to cough violently as the flame slowly spread towards his face. Even after Krier turned it off. Then, the light went out, and Pelops could only see as far as the flame that was slowly devouring his body. Every new flame on his fur was like a new tooth in the maw of this flaming monster eating him alive. He would let out tiny little screes and huus as he tried to cope with it, before again coughing. Then, suddenly, a small drop of water hit his forehead, alerting him to the presence of it. Before out of the darkness came a torrent of ice-cold water. Suddenly, the sensation of burning was replaced with a new cold burning. The flames extinguished painfully on his fur as he was being crushed under the weight of the water. The cold made him gasp, which made him swallow the water. Once the torrent flowed over him and spilled onto the floor below. He made terrible coughing noises. Both from how his throat was singed by the heat, and now choking on the water. Krier then turned the light back on, craning the neck of the adjustable lamp back into place.

“KAAFF… KAFF…hu-KAFF…huu… kaff kaff” Krier let him get his bearings as he sobbed through his choking. Carefully digging through his toolbox and tacklebox for the next instrument he was going to use. His smile was like cracked glass across his face. Every second Pelops wailed Krier was all the happier.

“p-pwease munstah… KAFF…” Krier looked at Pelops as he seemed able to talk again. Barely talking through his sobbing, taking sharp little breaths as he did trying not to break out into more hoo hoo’s. “Pwease… yewwow munstah… huu huu… P-Pewops nee… KAFF… nee huggies an wub…. huwties bad fow Pewops…nee… huu huu…KAFF… nee daddeh… Pewops am gud fwuffy…. Huu huu… nu wan huwties”. Krier’s face was sickening stone as Pelops made his little plea. An admirable attempt against someone with a weaker will perhaps. Yet Krier wasn’t going to stop, he callously went back to digging through the box. Then turned to notice Pelops had, seemingly without knowing, freed his other hoof from the strap. The freedom of movement afforded him by the loss of his upper left leg. Let him slip his upper right leg out of the bind. Krier couldn’t let that continue, and necessity drove his next action.

“huu huu… pewse munstah… wet Pewops gu” His coughing and wheezing had distracted him. Krier pulled out a nail to accompany the hammer. Without nearly as much fanfare, he reached out towards Pelops. “W-wa munstah doin?” Pelops asked in confusion, as Krier quickly took the free hoof, set it back on the workbench and aiming the nail just right, he pushed it down and let the first hammer strike fall.

“SCREEEEEE!!!” Pelops wailed again. His voice significantly hoarser than before. Krier let the next strike fall. Pelops tugged on his arm in a pitiful attempt to get it away. ‘NU WAN SCREEEE!!” The nail sunk effortlessly into the flesh. The board being the only resistance by now. Each strike making a terrible bang that made Pelops shudder each time. No doubt accompanied by the pain. Krier just mercilessly wacked until the nail was nearly all the way in, and continued. Pelops looked up at Krier, seeing how this was goin. “NEE WEGGIE, NU TAKE WEGGIE!!” The next strike he knew had to hurt. As the hammerhead not only drive the head of the nail into the skin, but hit the leg as well. Pelops little body strained on his restraints. His still bound legs wiggling slightly. Though still completely trapped under them. Then, the next fall of the hammer. This one Krier felt the little hoofed leg shatter under the strike. “SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” Krier’s smile oozed evil joy as he nearly snickered. Looking at his handiwork, the leg was crushed, the blood smattered around it, and the bones clearly shattered and fragmented. Compared to the upper part of the arm, it was like a car had run over it.

“DADDEH!! HAB OWWIES! NEE HUGGIES!! Huu huu MUNSTAH HUWTING PEWOPS!” His remaining legs wiggled as he tried to move them. The nail keeping him firmly in place. Even slight tugs on it made him wince. Though the bones were shattered. The little leg was still attached by the skin. If he wanted to get away, he’d have to rip it off himself now. Something he knew Pelops wouldn’t do. “huu huu… nu knu…wai munstah huwt Pewops… MEANIE MUNSTAH TAKE AWAY WEGGIES… huu huu… am gud fwuffy… huu huu… nu wan huwties…weggie hab wowstest owwies… huu huu… KAFF”

Krier was truly crying at the injustice. He grinned excitedly as he dug through his toolbox. He had so many ideas, he had packed it full of them. Yet he knew this thing would only last so long. Especially when he delivered a mortal blow. Any damage to the torso would set the timer for how much longer this could go. The rest he could cauterize with the torch. So, Krier wanted to plan this out, in what sequence would he do this? How would he start to finish this little rat on his table? He had so many ideas, jumper cables? Perhaps the chainsaw hanging on the wall? Maybe smashing a lightbulb on him, and force feeding him the shards? He had the perfect idea as he looked into his tackle box. By now, Pelops was quietly crying, begging for his daddy to come save him. Then, krier’s eyes lit up under his helmet, he knew what he was going to do.

Krier pulled out a barbed fish hook, and with it, a special kind of fishing line. Used less for sport, and more for practicality. Gently tying the line to the hook. He rubbed his gloves across the line. It was, itself, slightly barbed. The idea being that when a fish swallowed a hook, and therefore the line. The small barbs would catch inside of the fish, making it easier to catch. Here Krier reversed the direction of the barbs, so they were facing the opposite way, towards the hook. This would be perfect. Yet, there was one last thing to do.

Setting the hook down on the workbench. He reached up, and gently undid the hooks keeping the top of the suit on. The cylindrical shape slumped as the things fastening it and sealing it were removed. Pelops watched in whimpering terror.

“Su scawwy… huu huu huuu… meanie munstah…” He wept, but then. With a loud hiss, and squeak. The top was off, and Krier gently lifted it off of his well-kept hair. Pelops looked on in stupefied confusion at Krier, his adopted father. “Daddeh?” Pelops asked sheepishly. His face twisting in confused and painful agony as it tried to comprehend. Krier himself with a sinister smile on his old pointed face. Pelops was wincing still from the pain, but not making a move otherwise. Even the tears seemed to stop for a moment. The two were silent, and then Krier took the hook, and didn’t say a word.

“Daddeh!? Nee huggies and wub!! Pwease!! Daddeh!!” Pelops pleaded, desperate for the attention he had once been receiving. To Krier, it seemed the little thing was struggling to comprehend this had been Krier the whole time. Perhaps, it didn’t want to believe it. Perhaps it would have preferred being at the hands of the evil, faceless yellow munstah it had derided just moments ago.

Krier was going to make sure Pelops accepted it. Taking the hook, he gently poked and prodded, looking for the area beneath the ribs, callously grinding the edge of the hook into the flesh and fluff. Making sure the hook would hit only non-vital organs first, well, as non-vital as an organ can be. “OWWIE, DADDEH IT HUWTS!! NU HUWT PEWOPS! NEE HUGGIES!! ONWY WANNA WUB DADDEH!!!” Krier didn’t react at all. “Wai daddeh nu tawk? Daddeh!!”

“There it is” Krier thought to himself. After scraping the barbed hook along the side. He found where the guts were. Then, like poking a balloon. The hook sank through the side of the flesh, and Krier angled it as he twisted it back out the other side of the flesh.

“SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! WAI DADDEH GIB HUWTIES!! SU OWWIES!!” It screeched in agony. Krier’s face could now fully twist in delight, fully in the light. He then roughly tugged the hook out, and pulled the fishing line centimeter by centimeter through the opening. Each barb on the line grabbing and yanking away flesh as it was roughly dragged into the body, through the intestines and back out again. Krier watched how Pelops’ body reacted, his upper shoulder, the only one, wiggled. While the lower legs again twisted against the straps. His little head, twisted and craned as it tried to cope with the pain. Pushing itself up slightly as he shook his head. Trying desperately to hang on to reality. “DADDEH WAI!! SCRRREE haaff aff SCREEEE WAAAI!! PEWOPS WUB OU!! Haaff hafff AM GOOD FWUFFY!!”

Pelops was right, he had been good. He had been amazing, doing everything as told. Krier had not a single complaint, and that’s how he wanted it. Krier looked down as the final bits of excrement in Pelops’ splattered back onto board. The original mess having been washed onto the dirt below. However now, it was mixed with blood, Pelops even spat blood out of his special place. No doubt having punctured the bladder as well. Yet, Krier knew he could go further. Yanking the hook out further, the line coming out now stained red. He twisted the hook back and went through the other side. Again, poking the hole under the rib. This time, he went as deep as he could. Then twisted the barbed hook and poked it out the other side. This time scraping against the spine and pelvis of the Fluffy.

“SCREEEEEEE!!” By now speaking had become too much for Pelops. He could only screech loudly. His body twisted and undulated as he tried to writhe away from the pain. Again, a vicious yank brought the barbed line through the holes they were going into, and out again. They were even shredding the flesh as they cut deeper and deeper. Krier could tell however the bleeding internally was intense. As it started to ooze out of Pelops sphincter and special place, replacing everything else that came out. The Fluffy’s death was a foregone fact by now. As Krier looked over Pelops’ torso looking for the next point of entry. Pelops wept violently. “HUU HUU… wai daddeh huwt Pewops…. Am good babeh… huu huu… HUU HUU” The thought seemed to make him cry even harder. “HUU HUU HUUU… huu…pwease wuv Pewops daddeh… huu huu… pwease… nee huggies and wub… Pewops hab wowstest heawt huwties and owwies… huu huu” Krier yanked the barbed line and got Pelops screeching again. Making him smile with sick delight.

This time, he gently with his finger looked for the belly button, and finding it. He placed the bloody red tip of the hook against it and slowly, very slowly, pushed it in. Pelops shook from the horrid sensation. He screeched and yelled, barely containing his pain as the hook sunk into the flesh, and once again turned as Krier guided it through the insides. The blood spattered out of the hole, and onto the fluff turning the beige as sickening brown. The white tail and mane by now totally coated in either shit and blood or burnt. Krier pulled the line all the way through again, before turning the hook, and this time went deep with it. Aiming it right between the anus and the genitals. He watched as the hook tented the flesh, and then split it, blood pouring out onto the tail. Then again, twisting the line through as the hook came out all the way. Then another sharp yank as the line itself was pulled all the way through. He could tell the line was even tangling inside, shredding the insides and tangling on itself at this point.

Pelops was chirping by now. “Daddeh nu wub pewops nu mowe… huu huu cheep… hab wowstest heawt huwties… cheep cheep cheep… huu huu sniffle… daddeh gib wowstest owwies to Pewops… nu know wai…. Am gud fwuffy…cheep cheep… wan daddeh to wub Pewops… nee huggies tu make owwies gu way… huu huu… chirp chirp

Krier grinned. It seemed to not even understand. As it murmured in pain to itself, Krier wrapped the hook snugly around his finger. Looking on happily. He was about to rip this thing apart, literally. He tugged a few more times with the hook. Making Pelops yelp and squeal in agony. Then, with a ruthless tug. He watched as the line dug and tore into the flesh. It was too tangled to rip out cleanly, to which he smiled.

As Pelops wept and cried, Krier waited till his eyes opened up and looked directly at him. Then, taking a second for one another to regard each other. Krier gripped the line wrapped around his finger and pulled on it with his full force. The line, for a second, dug into the flesh as it moved through, but as Krier expected. It snagged somewhere inside the little Fluffy. The line went taught all across Pelops. As he screed in mind shattering agony. His screes going hoarse as he looked down. Seeing the bloody beige fur, start to rip and shred under the strain. In the final split second, he watched and felt, the line tear his insides out as the flesh and fluff gave way. The guts inside were whipped off and flung across the room and spattering against the wall in a horrid mess of viscera and blood. The flesh being the only thing the fishing line held onto. Krier looked back, looking at the screaming pile of meat. It had been a major success, he had ripped out not just the intestines, not just the liver or the kidneys, but basically the entire lower half that wasn’t connected to bone. Leaving the lower legs as stump attached by bone and skin to the rest of the body. He could see the spine clearly, and basically everything below the tail, that is the anus and genitals. Had simply vanished in one swift violent motion.

Pelops laid on the table, only his head moving now as he panted and chirped. His barely functioning diaphragm keeping him breathing. His heart still pumping as blood spilled out of his upper body onto the mottled flesh below. He couldn’t scream anymore, audibly at least, but his eyes were bugging out of his head as he struggled to comprehend the pain. Krier snickered, as he undid the bottom legs from their leather straps. Then cruelly yanking Pelops free from his nailed down leg, ripping the flesh off in the process. Now was the time to end it.

“m-mummah… n-… wa…… haff… fowe… sweep… mumm…n…huggies…” Pelops struggled to utter any words, occasionally attempting to peep and chirp. Krier took his mutilated beige body. Then grabbing Pelops by the tail, Krier felt the spine snap as it swayed, rotated and turned awkwardly from his gloved hand. Pelops simply shuddering as he let out a sigh that might have been a scree at one point. Then, Krier, turning on the dim shack lights, revealed his dogs still obediently waiting where they had been sitting earlier. Krier let out a sharp, high-pitched whistle, of several notes.

All three dogs instantly jumped up and surrounded him. Growling quietly as Krier held out Pelops in front of him. All three dogs, began barking and gnashing their teeth as they howled viciously. Their eyes regarding Pelops now as prey. As Pelops dangled helplessly in front of Krier, he saw them. Zeus, Demeter and Meleager making the sounds of vicious wolves. Hungry and violent, their faces scrunched into angry grimaces thirsty for flesh. Their sharp white teeth clapping down violently in front of him as Pelops looked at their feral eyes. Krier could see it, the utter terror in Pelops as he quietly shook. Whatever strength was left in him, he was trying to use it now.

“N…. n…. wa…. Mu…ah… haff… daddeh… hu…g…hu… nu…” Pelops weakly stuttered out. The attempt by now was only good for making sure he was still conscious for what was coming. Krier watching as Pelops chirped and struggled to breath, blood by now streaming down towards his face. Krier grinned as his pupils dilated from the thrill of it. Watching his three mighty dogs practically gnawing at the bit. Then, with a sharp whistle, all three dogs stopped, and Krier threw Pelops up into the air slightly.

In the moment of silence, Krier could hear Pelops quiet little chirps, faint and weak. Desperately calling out for the love and hugs he so desperately wanted. Before the Maw of Zeus jumped up and clamped down on the lower half of the Fluffy. As he landed, all three dogs growled in sinister unison as Meleager and Demeter lunged forward. Meleager biting down over the head, Pelops horrified face vanishing inside of the hound’s mouth. While Demeter bit at what remained. The three growled, and they all yanked and pulled on the body. Before finally, Pelops was ripped into three, each dog taking a helping in their mouths. Meleager was the most vicious, thrashing the meat in his mouth as he started to roll the head in his jaws to crush it. Zeus, having gained nothing but skin bone and some tiny legs, spit his out. Not at all satisfied with the helping, and returning it to his Master. Demeter likewise, spit out the skin and pieces of bone. Only Meleager chewed, and even he, spit out the remains. Having gained little from the effort.

Krier looked at the white tail, and what remained of the beige fur. Appraising the remains scattered on the dirt floor in different pieces. Meleager had chewed up the head, scraping the flesh off of it and mutilating it well beyond recognizability. The rest remained mostly as it was save for where it had been torn and bit. He couldn’t help but feel… slightly unfulfilled. As he reached down to pick up the pieces in his gloves. He felt like the true satisfaction he had wanted eluded him. When he reached up to grab the bucket of water he had prepared. He still felt slightly less satisfied. Yet, the desire to continue was there. His face pondered quietly as he threw the chunks into the wastebin, and dunked the soiled workbench in water once more.

What he did know, regardless of his feelings after. In the moment, it had felt amazing. Whatever this odd feeling was, he wanted more of it. He remembered all the good behavior, all the cute mannerisms, love and gentleness. Pelops had been a victim, and Krier wanted to repeat it again and again. Whether it was wrong or not didn’t bother him. He simply wanted to do it again, and knew he would. Of all the things he could have done, he did so little. He had so many ideas, yet, perhaps he went too fast, or too slow. His mind raced with ideas, perhaps next time, he would even include more dogs, and see how they tortured these little things. No doubt, such sport was foreign to them as well. One thing he decided, is that more than one would have to do. Perhaps he would even keep different ones for different purposes? Having ones specifically for kindness, and others for hatred, and some for both. Oh, his mind rippled with wondrous creativity.

After a moment of cleaning, discarding the remains, putting away the tools safely, and rewarding his dogs for their good behavior. He stepped outside of the shack with his suits helmet under his arm. He looked up, the moon now brightly shining, and followed the trail back to his car. There would be much more indeed.



As with all first works. It feels awkward, and like it could have been done better. However, we must do in order to improve yes? Therefore, I will agonize over this no longer.

I hope you enjoy what I have written, feedback is always welcome and hopefully the stories to come will be even better.

Thank you


Neat read. I really liked the gothic horror castle setting and your description of it. It’s a nice change.
I really didn’t expect the old man to go that route even if he wanted to explore his darker impulses I expected something more… methodical and less rip and tear.
I would imagine he’d probably have some old school tools in a castle like that. Thumbscrews, rope devices, not fluffy sized but something to draw inspiration from.

Any hoo, I’m looking forward to your next attempt.


Thank you so much for reading! I am glad you liked it.

Honestly I agree, a methodical approach is very much more like Krier, being the sort of aloof and educated gentleman that he is. The reason why I went the rip and tear route is more… well, you’ll see. It’s all part of the fun.

Thank you for the inspiration there as well. I will definitely use it.


Great writing, I appreciate you taking your time before getting to the abuse. I feel as though Krier would definitely have a penchant for psychological abuse more-so than just outright physical. Regardless, excited to see more :heart:


The amount of detail regarding Krier, Pelops and the setting in general made for a great immersive read. Reading Krier’s thoughts provided a better understanding of his character and reasoning behind his actions regarding Pelops.

I’m sure amazing feats can be done as Krier experiments more with his new fluffy herd. Seeing what he can do with his dogs, tools, food and psychologically to his future toys should make great stories.

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