Lab Rats Part 5: Jailbreak (by Nundevwizer)

Traveler was fast asleep, dreaming of himself and Maple being out on their own with their litter of foals in tow. As their foals played, Traveler and Maple laid back against a tree and watched.

“Twavawa wub ou’ speshawl fwend.”

Maple returned the gesture.

Mapwel wub ou’ tou."

They hugged each other, while also keeping a peripheral eye on their foals. They sat and watched for some time, relaxing, when Maple turned to Traveler.

“Wan speshawl huggies, speshawl fwend?”

Traveler was knocked out of his lazy stupor and immediately shook his head frantically.

“Yey! Mapwe wan moa babbehs!” Then they got to it. As Traveler was riding her from behind, in full view of their foals, Traveler heard a voice.

“Wake up, poopehhead!”

He stopped for a brief second, but then continued his romping.

“Wake up! Twavawa!”

He heard the voice a second time and it made him stop in his tracks.

“Wahs wong, speshawl fwend? Yu nu wan speshawl huggies nu moa?”

“Twavawa keep heawin tawkie noises.”

Maple turned her head around but saw nothing but the rolling hills and doting trees around them.

“Siwwy speshawl fwend. Dewe am nu oda fwuffies hewe. Wets gu back tu speshawl huggies!”

Traveler was more than happy to oblige, but before he could penetrate her a second time…

“WAKE UP!” The voice rang loud and he saw the world around him turn stark white, as the hills, the trees, the grass, his foals, and Maple vanish from sight right before him.

“Speshawl fwend! Dow’n gu!” He found himself all alone in an endless white void…

GASP! Traveler woke up in the corner of the pen he, Maple, and his litter were kept in the lab, alongside Nish, their resident quiet philosopher.

“Finawwy! Yu awake! Come on! We nee tu ge’ ou’ ob hewe!”

Traveler was still pretty groggy from his dream, but as he came to, he saw the pen gate was wide open, the pen itself was empty besides himself and Nish. He was in a moment of mute panic when he didn’t see Maple or any of their foals.

“Befoa yu as’, yu speshawl fwend an babbehs aww awwigh. Dayaw wight oba dewe.” Nish pointed his hoof to his left, which was right from Traveler’s perspective. Traveler slowly stepped out of the pen and saw Maple and their four foals standing there waiting for him.

“Come on, Speshawl fwend! We nee tu geh babbehs away fwom da monstahs!”

Traveler shook his head in confusion. “Monstahs? Wah monstahs?”

Nish sharply tilted his head toward the door. “Fawwow me.” The seven fluffies ran down the hallway as other groups of fluffies were running around the place, either trying to find a way out or just looking for toysies to play with.

“Da soona we ge ou’a hewe, da bettah. Dewe aw cwazy fwuffies in hewe!” Nish said as they sped down the hallway.

“Wah cwazy fwuffies?” Traveler asked.

“Weww…” Before Nish could continue, three buff light cream yellow alicorn fluffies jump out in front of them.

“Wehwe du yu tink ou’a goin?”

“Aww poopies.”

“Howa deze fwuffies?” Traveler asked.

“A buncha poopehheads.”

“I 'ope ou wewnt pwanin tu gu any wehwe. We 'ab su much pwanned foa yu.”

“Especiawwy dat pwetty mawe oba dewe.”

Maple cowered behind Traveler as one of the buff alicorns gave her a suggestive stare. Traveler spread his front legs in a protective display.

“We bedda wun.” Nish said.

Traveler looked at him.

“Twabawa can tae des dummies!”


Traveler rose an eyebrow.

“Deyaw too powaful!”

Traveler huffed. “Dey nu dat tuff!”

“Oh weawwy?” One of the buff fluffies said, then in complete defiance of fluffy logic, all three stood on their hind legs like they were humans their horns began giving off a purple glow as it seemed like they were maneuvering their bodies to get ready to attack. Traveler poised himself in anticipation of the first strike, but instead of attacking, the three alicorns instead strike bodybuilder-esque poses.

Maple was briefly awestruck by the alicorns’ physic, their bodies rippling with muscle, their faces as though chiseled from marble… and their no-no sticks were of impressive size, but Maple shook her head and glared in disgust.

“Wah du-”

Before Traveler could say anything else, suddenly loud music was blaring in his ears. The three fluffies were broadcasting their physical perfection as sound, loudly enough that Traveler could feel himself sliding on the floor, his weight unable to keep him still.


Nish ran back the way they came, Traveler followed him with Maple and their foals.

“Quickwy! Huwwie!”

They ran as fast as they could. The three alicorns following behind them.

“Ou can wun, buh yu nu can hidsies!”

They speed past various open doors, turn a corner…

“Oh Fwuff!” Nish exclaimed.

“Wah is it?” Traveler asked as they came to a stop. Looking ahead, there was a brown fluffy addressing a large herd that had gathered in the middle of the hallway.

The brown fluffy had a mane shaped like a mullet with two blue stripes crossing unevenly down his face. He stood in front of his audience presenting an uplifting speech like a general rising up his men before sending them on a suicidal charge.

“Wun an ou’ may wibe… foa a whyeow. An habing foweba sweepies in you sweepie pwaces many bwight thymes fwom now, would you wan instead ob aww bwight thymes, hab dis one chance…”

Nish, Traveler and Maple watched on in confused intrigue.

“Dis one chance tu be hewe an talksies tu da hoomans dat dey may mae’ us gu foweba sweepies, buh dey…”

Nish narrowed his eyes, moving one hoof to get ready to bolt the other way.

"Dey wiww neba tae…

Nish leaned in Travelers ear. “We betta wun…”


As the entire herd cheered, Nish, Traveler, and company started to turn to run away, but…

“Guin some whewe so soon?”

“Nah again.”

“Wike eye was talkies befoa, we hab pwans foa yu. Fiwst, weww tae da mawe an…”

Nish stopped paying attention to the alicorn and looked behind him to the herd slowly being riled up into a frenzy. Seeing the brown blue striped fluffy continue his speech, he knew it would only be a matter of time before the herd would stampede, but realizing they can’t run back again, he realized he need to find them another way out.

Looking to the side, Nish saw an open door leading to a room filled with boxes, that would be their ticket, but he needed to be careful, otherwise either they’ll get trampled by the herd or the alicorns would just follow them in.

Nish looked to Traveler who was zoning out from having to listen to the three alicorns.

“When eye teww yu, we aww wun in dewe.”

Traveler looked at Nish, then the alicorns, and then the herd behind them before looking to Nish again.


Nish turned around and called to the herd.

“Hewp! Dewe aw munstahs hewe to gib us foweba sweepies!”

The brown fluffy turned and his audience silenced as they all saw Nish and then saw the three alicorns.


One of the herd cried out.

“Naw if we gib dem foweba sweepies fiwst!”

The herd gave out an impromptu warcry and charged. Nish and Traveler almost got crushed as they herded Maple and the foals into the room.

The three alicorns got caught in the stampede, and vanished from sight as the herd swarmed around them.

Nish and Traveler closed the door… only to sink the room into utter darkness.

“Aww poopies.” Nish said. “Nu bwight tingies.”

“Wue am scawed of dawkie pwaces! huhu!” Leu cried.

“Its otay, babbeh. Mummah hewe.”

“Eye nu can see! Nish wah we du!” Traveler asked

“We nee tu tuwn on bwightsies.”

Then the room was awash with light. Nish barely could see what was happening as his eyes were still adapting to the light, but he saw a pair of fluffies standing in front of him, right before he felt someone kick him across the face and things went dark again.