Last In Line by bunnybunnyhops

In case of confusion. The mare is color blind. So to her, this foal is brown.


Interesting concept I’d never consider, colour-blindness. Could lead to hugbox - mummah loves all her grey babbehs - or sadbox - bestesh mummah nu wan ugwy babbehs.


Yeah, could go many ways.

I had it on my mind for awhile. Inspired by a fact about an episode of Original Star Trek cartoon. The Tribbles are pink because it looked brown to the colorist. Not sure which type of color blindness that is.


“Watch out for that red fluffy, he’s a psychotic cannibal rapist murderer!”
Mare: “Dat fwuffy nu am wed. Su him am okay. Wiww go make fwiends with him!”
Crimson: “Hewwo pwetty mawe.”


Plot thickens: the best foal is a lite brown/honey colored mane and chocolate fluff, and is told to this herd “Am bestest babbeh, nu gib bad nummies oh Daddah gib ou tu Meanie Unkie Bwaze, dah Babbeh Enfeh.”

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Well make frome the stupid mare a milkbag.