Laundromat Fluffy (father_dan_the_man)

You ever been to a laundromat and it’s like surprisingly cozy and kinda a vibe…? I don’t know. I just don’t have the worst memories about laundromats surprisingly. I remember getting candy at them or being there for hours with my Aunt’s like 6 kids.

Anyways. Here’s a laundromat fluffy, kinda like those bodega cats you see but it lives casually inside of a laundromat. Getting food/shelter from patrons who come inside and use the machines. It’s just a cute idea I had after I drew the fluffy sleeping in the laundry basket…

Thanks to @Jewwy for the suggestion.



Awww, very cozy and cute! I’d nap in a pile like that too, it’s gotta feel really nice.

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I love smushing my face into freshly dried laundry.
It just smells and feels really good.

This fluffy is having the greatest nap right now.


At least the laundromat smells nice.


Reminds me of what my littlest dog used to do. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am also having trouble with the intrusive thought of the “shit-covered-ass” tag and this. Fluffies and laundry just seems so dangerous!


Warm laundry is the best! As a little kid, my mom would dump a fresh batch into the bed and let us lay in it before folding it. This little fluffy is living his best life. So cute!

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At fluffy needs to be named “Lint” BECAUSE LAUNDRYY

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