Learn to Fly! (TheBigBrother)

This is the most I’ve drawn in a single day! granted the ponies look more like beans than anything but they have a cuteness to them.
Thank you @no_sketti_on_tuesdays for the suggestion I’m sure I’ll make more based on other peoples ideas too! If there are any other Fluffy TV ideas I’d love to hear them it was a ton of fun to make this!


oh dear god the poor dumbasses. Never let your fluffies watch TV alone. maybe baby sensory videos would be better then fluffy TV?
At least, for an owner who cares


Even without FluffTV, winged fluffies will often try to fly, not realizing their wings can’t support them. A good fluffy owner will keep their fluffies in a safe room that has no high places that fluffies can jump from. The safe room should also have thick carpet or padding, as fluffies like to build block towers and sometimes jump off them.

Of course, no safe room can be made conpletely safe, since fluffies have an uncanny ability to find themselves in dangerous situations, but proper precautions should mitigate the worst of the damage.

If your winged fluffy has the ability to actually fly, please contact Hasbio or your local exorcist immediately.


In very ambiguous terms, this would count as flying with a disastrous landing.

Better luck the next time… Oh, right.

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There’s “falling with style”, and then there’s…this. :rofl:


fluffytv is so underused in general!


I’ve never heard of those videos Maybe tomorrow I’d like to draw them watching that, is there a example?

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theres coco melon which, i dont really like. or just type “Baby sensory” Into youtube and you’ll get some cute fruits bouncing around or such
A good example i found is: Hey Bear Sensory - Mindful Moon and Sleepy Stars- Extended Version -Soft Colours - Wind Down Video - YouTube

Ah, moronbox, I love you so.

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