Liftoff (by recreationalsadist)

Flowerdrop was a soon-mummah! Her babies were coming soon!

Soon being right now.


Foals blasted out of the back of Flowerdrop. Due to the angle she was on the ground the force with which they came out of her resulted in her being launched into the sky at speeds only attainable by a space shuttle’s engines.


Flowerdrop kept climbing higher and higher into the sky, the stream of foals behind her not slowing down in the slightest.

From the troposphere to the stratosphere to the mesosphere to the thermosphere to the exosphere, Flowerdrop didn’t slow down at all.

Even in the vacuum of space it didn’t stop, the force of the foals being blasted out of Flowerdrop propelled her further and further.

In space nobody heard Flowerdrop’s screams, but she was screaming the whole time.

Finally the flood of foals stopped, but Flowerdrop maintained her momentum right up until she splattered against Ariel, one of the moons orbiting Uranus.




This is why I tend to keep a stash of taco bell on the various celestial bodies in our solar system so I can get back to earth.

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The sheer absurdity of your stories give me life and make my days better


Why are you in space?

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See story above but shit because I ate taco bell.

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How’d you put Taco Bell in space to get back to earth?

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Initially It was just a matter of dining in and then getting a to go order.

But since I also believed demolition man and taco bell would win the franchise wars I built one on every potential colonizable body. However things are taking far longer then I would have hoped so im eating my inventory if I forgot to grab fuel for the return trip.

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Thank you.



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No problem

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