Lime (Page 1) [by Wicked-Hearts]

Wasn’t sure whether I should draw all of the comic pages at once or if I should go ahead and just post a page every few days. Decided to go with a page every few days so I could continue posting.

This short comic series is going to be centered around one of my fluffy characters, Lime, and Lime’s owner, Cecilia, that will hopefully be a decent intro into another (written I think) series i’ll start centering around the same breeding operation setting. When the next page goes up i’ll be posting a reply linking the next one or linking the previous page.


Thats a really damn good hand.


I adore the fluffpile of babbehs.


Especially with the shine on the fingernails.


Drawing hands is damn hared no matter how you slice it.

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Im so excited for this


This is really good art. More, please.


That hand is amazing. There’s a reason I rarely draw humans!


an amazing drawn hand is the cherry on top of this wonderfully done comic.

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Really like Lime’s pose in each panel! Especially when she’s happy to get licked in panel two, and rrreally leans into it.

The hand is a good size reference. Helps ground the fluffies.

Moar please.

P.S. Let’s hope this Lime does better than this old abuse favorite did.


The art itself is a delight but it immediately struck out to me too, like “oh, this person knows how to draw hands and isn’t afraid of showing”

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Yeah, hands are despicable to draw.
The hardest thing to draw along with feet, if somebody can draw them well you know they are good.

Love the art style :+1: hope to see the next page soon.

You can do one page at a time, just link it to the previous page so readers can check back where they left.

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Ohhh, the chirpies! I love those little beans! Tiny.

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(post deleted by author)

You don’t have to do that.
Just post a link in the description of your page and the system automatically creates a link for you to the next or previous part.

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OHH okay my bad, still figuring out some stuff on this site lmao

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No worries.
If you wanna link manually then you can link manually.


Anyone have a hammer?