Lime tries to protect his family's land (by mlgbunnyiscool)

What’ll happen next? Will the Smarty kill Lime or will Lime try to get his mummah? You can choose.


Lime wins!


Lime and the smarty “charge” each other. Lime trips, sending her slamming into the ground. Her head bounces up as the smarty closes in. ( shink ) Lime feels a heavy weight fall onto her. She looks up to see [gasp!] booboo juice running down her horn! “Why booboo juice…” Lime starts to ask as her eyes trail up her horn.

( I think you get the picture from here. if not: tl;dr Lime trips and impales the smarty )

*edited. Lime’s a mare everyone. Sorry @FallenAngel007 .


Lime manage to kick the smawty’s nut and call / shout at her owner to get her attention.


Thats another good idea and her scream alerted her owner.

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I want a dead Smarty. Will Lime do it, no, I want him to have a hand with it. I’m game to see what his human mummah can do.

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Guys… I meant like his fluffy mother. They’re ferals

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Lime would win any fluffy fight with that horn, so long as the smarty isnt able to intimidate her

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I mean, he basically has a fookin spear on his head, I don’t think anything short of a hueg toughie can survive being impaled on that thing.

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I love when fluffies defend the land they live in and especially their family, rather than demanding someone else’s land and food. Lime would make a great smarty friend and herd leader, with a spear that can take down predators and enemy toughies as well


Yeah he would. I might make a comic about that in the future

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Smarty submits to the superior horn.

After attempting to give a stomp and impaling a hoof anyway.

The smarty charges lime, who panicks unable to move. The smarty swings his head and SCREEE thats a smarty with no depth perception and an alerted owner

Heh. Horn envy.

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Welp, now I have a new anthro fetish.

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I said horn, not horny!

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Not even as a euphemism.

Anatomy envy is hawt.

Boob envy, penis envy, ball envy.
Sadly, the sudden boom of cuckolding fetishes ruined it. Its just a bridge too far, detracting from the envious and putting more attention on the envied.

Tiny horn Smarty bro, pissed off a normal twink could put a hole through kevlar with a headbutt. Its diminished by adding in another character swooning over twink’s horn and the twink flexing over it. Its the envy fetish version of explaining a joke, if that makes sense.

Am I going to have to call the Horny Police? You don’t wanna go to Horny Jail, do you?

Its been twelve years and I’m still free.

Though the eroticism of nonlewd things is more what I’m driving at here

This isn’t your average, everyday horny…

This is…


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