Literal Sadbox: Coronavirus Edition by: Oculus


~Coronavirus Edition~
~by Oculus~
~dedicated to Foxhoarder~

“Wuby wuv daddeh! Am bestest daddeh in wohwe wowl!”

be me

have a cute and adorable fluffy foal named Ruby who I adopted from a shelter

always wanted to go to Hawaii. See mauna kea

watch the whales. snorkel

see the bikini babes. see the hula dancers

been meaning to make this trip to Hawaii. Planned for it for over a year. Even took time off from work for this

Can’t take Ruby with me - fluffies are not allowed into Hawaii for the same reason ferrets aren’t

I live alone, so I can only rely on a friend to check in on Ruby once in a while

family lives in another state

don’t really trust my neighbours after an an argument with them a while back

Ruby is only a foal. Fluffies take about a year to become fully adult

have to make sure she’s okay.

as Ruby would say “Wuby am onwy a wittwe babbeh”

Ruby is not big yet, so I don’t need to prepare a playpen for her yet

a box will do

made the box to be as nice as possible

gave her a ball to play with, a bed, a litterbox, water, and enough fluffy chow for Ruby to eat for at least a month

“Can have skettis?”

sorry Ruby, no skettis until I come back

she sighs, but she understands


trip is going okay. everything is fine


“At least 7 cases of coronavirus confirmed in Hawaii as governor urges preparedness”

COVID-19 has broken out worldwide

travel restrictions throughout the world

had attended a party the night before

got into a little ahem hanky-panky

turns out, the woman was in contact with a man who tested positive for Coronavirus

I am being detained for at least a week. Quarantined

my job is going to be affected

Ruby is all alone at home

immediately called a friend of mine

“Dave, I need you to do me a favour. Please check on Ruby”

Dave is reluctant

“Why do I have to check your shitrat for you again? You’re lucky I’m even doing this for you.”

“Please man, just get some food and water for her. I’m going to be delayed for a little bit longer.”

“Urgh, fine. But you owe me!”


I’d get someone else, but I don’t really have any friends other than Dave

if I can even call him a friend

really pains me that Dave hates fluffies so much

called Dave a few days later

“Yeah I helped your shitrat. Gave her new water and food and everything. But that shitrat really does shit a lot.”

the fuck you mean

“Her poopie place is filled to the brim with SHIT. Absolutely disgusting. I have no idea how you are able to stand the smell of shitrats.”

the fuck dude, you didn’t even clean her litterbox?!

“Hey fuck you man! I only agreed to change the water and add food! You never said anything about cleaning!”

I’m starting to get desperate. I’ll pay him more

“Fuck that. You already owe me big time. In fact, this is last time I’m doing any favour for you related to shitrats. Go fuck yourself, and you better have my money when I get back.”

god, fuck Dave

I think I’ll just move back to my parents place at this rate. Or maybe find a new place

Go to the toilet. No more toilet paper.

every fucking shop is clear of toilet paper because of paranoid people buying stock, thinking Armageddon is approaching or something

with no other choice, had to use a face towel to wipe my ass

there’s some detergent/soap in my hotel room, but I don’t think I can be comfortable with using this same cloth to wash my face

as I think about that, I hate to think that Wuby is going to have sleep with a lot more poopies.


oh god

oh god no

I developed a fever

fuck, fuck FUCK

got checked out by the orderly. its not the coronavirus, thank god

but the fact that I have a fever means that my quarantine has been extended

fucking hell

called my job. Boss is not too pleased about this turn of events

most likely going to lose my job because I didn’t return home in time

stuck in a hospital room, while recovering

food has always been the same. Gruel.

none of the nice meals I had at the start of my trip

the same food every day. the same nummies

been suffering from diarrhea for a few days in a row

must have been a viral infection related to the fever

been making the same “wawa poopies”

the same poopies, the same nummies

I think about my poor Ruby, stuck in that little box, stuck with eating the same Fluffy Chow, and having to wade in a box completely covered in shit

I can’t sleep. I hate to think that the companion that I had for about half a year, who kept me company during my most difficult days, is now going to die alone, malnourished, and covered in filth

I have access to medical facilities and everything, but Ruby has no one

I am desperate. I call my neighbours

“Why the fuck should we help you? You’re a rude son of a bitch. Always shouting. You don’t deserve anything.”

…they’re right

I’m always angry. Always uptight. Always finding fault with people and arguing with them

I think thats why I got Ruby. Needed a companion.

they call them biotoys, but lately fluffieswere also developed as emotional support aids.

Ruby has been there for me the whole time in the past 6 months, even though she is only a foal

and now I can’t be there for her

“Its not your fault. Its just the way things are.”

thats what the nurse says

but its not right. Its not right at all

Ruby’s food and water is going to run out soon

oh God. Please God. Protect Ruby.


finally recovered

quarantine has cleared

I can finally go home

Dave is not picking up my calls

neighbours are refusing to talk to me as well

is my fluffy okay?

I think of one of the things she said to me

“Daddeh am bestest daddeh in whowe wowl! Daddeh wiww awways twy!”

I remember her as a babbeh, and hearing her say her first words after a week

and hearing her talk full sentences in a month

but she’s still a foal

and yet, in those six months when she was a foal, she got me through a course I was finding difficult with

comforted me when I argued with my parents and workmates

gave me someone to talk to after the shitty days at work

I did buy her for cheap from the shelter, but to me, Ruby is the only thing I have in the world. It makes me regret taking the trip

no, I shouldn’t think that. In that one week, I got to do the things I always wanted

the Hawaii trip was worth it

but I pray that Ruby is okay

please God. Please let there be a miracle.

I open the door. There is silence

oh no


I want to cry

“ALOHA! I’m home!”

“Daddeh finawwy home!”

she smells of shit. most of her food is gone

but, in the little box, I can see little drawings

Ruby, in her boredom, had to use her feces to draw things to make herself feel better

I can see the little drawings of flowers, and a little fence

and I see a drawing of a man, and his fluffy

I let Ruby climbed up me

I’m covered in her shit, but its okay

“Fwuffy missed yu so much! Fwuffy su happeh nao!”

I’m happy too

I give Ruby a bath. Fluffies usually hate water, but they also like to “smeww pretty”

I cook the best possible plate of spaghetti I can for a little fluffy


(well, I had to have a bath first. I was covered in shit)

but I’m happy. Despite everything, despite the virus, and the world going mad, my little fluffy is okay


I turn on the news

“Coronavirus deaths pass 6,500 worldwide”

I flick the channel

“Dow records worst point drop in history”

I flick again

“Now on FwuffTV! Powa Wangas: Bwockbild!”

Ruby is excited. its her favourite show

“Wuv Powa wangas!”

mine too, I guess

we watch the three fluffies wave their bwockies around

“Its mofeen tiem!”

the SFX is cheap, but if you’re a kid, or a fluffy, its plain ol’ fun

the powa wangas are going up against their biggest villain

“Stuppeh Dummeh Munstah Mummah! Wanga give mummah sowwy huwties!”

the evil monstah mummah throws her spear from her moon base, towards the planet earth, while bellowing


the rangers call out for their robots

“Fwuffs nee’ Bwockie meka-zod powah! NAO!”

its stupid. its silly

but Ruby is happy

thats all that matters for now


One of my earlier stories on the booru. I had been wondering how to tackle the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic without relying on the usual “plague metaphor” or “extermination” story. At the sane time, Foxhoard’s literal sadbox is one of my favourite sadbox/hugbox series, and I had been meaning to do a tribute to it. The series can be read here: 1 2 3 and 4

Also took the opportunity to reference both Powa Wangas Bwockbild and MunstaMummah.

Decided to try a different approach to the formatting. People who want the original greentext format can read it on reddit, my pastebin, or the Fluffstory pastebin.

2020 has been a rough year for all of us, but I believe we need to remain calm and optimistic. My heart goes out to all people who have a “Wuby” to return to at home.

To anyone wondering, I declare this officially canon to the comic. :blush:


Aww, this is such a cute little expansion!

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