Litter pal to go! (Carniviousduck)

Does your fluffie hate using litterboxes, the fear of being alone at a park while it shits, or just hate picking up fluffy shit from the outside world? Well look no further, litter pal to go! A slimmed down litterpal, wheels for moving it without grabbing its soiled self, a transport handle to easy lifting and a food bowl so nothing goes to waste. Get yours today!


That would be fun to wire up with a Pi and teach a normal fluffy to yell “Need poopies!” or something to summon this contraption from a dark closet corner.


Suffering, now with wheels!

Just a suggestion: just like cars do, the litterpal to go should have a EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve. That way you don’t need to worry about your litterpal to go™️ being hungry or spilling some of it’s byproducts on the open.

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Great work! It even has a handle so you can push it around with a stick instead of touching it.

I was just simmering an idea really close to this, pillow fluffs with wheels and little hitches so you can connect them like train cars.

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A pillowed fluffy is a happy fluffy.