Little Bastard Chapter 6: The start of Bastards internal pain (Crazy_Kitzo)

Little Bastard has been in that bush for 6 days straight, he wasnt able to find much food like, berries, leftover food in the trash or anything that was tasty for him, he is forced to eat the bitter grass and leaves, he sits in his bush, crying to himself “huuuhuuu… Bastawd shouwd hab neba weab housie, miss safewoom… miss fwuff teebee… miss skettis… miss mummah!.. hmph! gun go fin housie 'gain!” he said changing the tone in his voice, he stood up and ran out of his nest, to try and find his way back home again.

He walks for an hour, it seems like he is still lost, but he tries to remember which way he first entered the forest, he walks to the right, he walks past many bushes and trees, after what seemed like forever (to him atleast) he finally walked out of the forest, he is back at the neighbourhood he once lived in, he walked around, seeing lots of humans walking around the neighbourhood, he wasnt scared of them, because he thought those humans will give him a home and praise him like a king, but hes always WRONG. He walked around, but then he saw a recognizable house, it was the house he used to live at! he saw a window and walked up to it, the was a table, for him to jump onto and view inside, to his horror, he saw another fluffy, it was a pastel purple and yellow alicorn foal! He felt rage growing in him and he decides to yell at the window “DUMMEH UGWY MUNSTAH BABBEH, SMAWTY GUN GIB 'OU WOWSTEST HUWTIES! DIS AM SMAWTIES HOUSIE, NU TAKE HOOMAN MUMMAH AWAY FWOM SMAWTY DUMMEH!” he screamed at the window, banging onto it, with his blood mixed with shit and dirt hooves.

The alicorn foal got startled and ran, calling for its owner “mummahh! daddeh! dew am scawy diwty fwuppieh!” Little Bastard was angry, how could his parents replace his FAT ASS like that? he jumped down, looking for an entrance, he found a doggy door, he tried to go through it, but he was too fat, only the half of his body was through, his ass was just outside, his legs skittering around, struggling to get in “hmph dummeh fing! went Wittwe Bastawd in! wan mummah 'gain!” his dirty hooves were painting the floor with blood, shit and dirt, disgusting! The husband of the house saw Little Bastard trying to get in and he went up to Bastard “well… well… WELL… seems like someone wants to live with us again… we dont need your needy ass, we already got a fluffy that isnt so needy and a little bastard like YOU, god, you smell like shit, GET THE HELL OUT!” he yelled at Bastard, kicking him in the nose to push him out of the doggy door.

Little Bastard went out, flying with a bloody nose with a “SCREEEE”, and fell onto his back, he cried “huuhuu smeww pwace huwties!! grrrrr… dummeh daddeh! wet fwuppie in! wan wibe in housie 'gain! nee skettis, hab tummeh huwties!” he yelled, banging at the clean door… that had hoof-prints of his disgusting hooves, the doggy door opened, what came out was a cute adult bulldog, he barked at Bastard, Bastard was scared, pissing and shitting himself, he got chased by the bulldog, the dog was barking at him non-stop! His human daddeh walked out to watch the fat fuck get chased by his new pet bulldog, whose name was “Justin”, he laughed watching the fuck having to run for his life, Little Bastard was crying and getting tired from running “huff huff… SCREEEEE NU HUWT WITTWE BASTAWD! PWEASE HEWP BASTAWD DADDEH, AM SMAWTY NU MOWE, PWEASE AM SOWWY! HUUHUUUU SCREEEEE” Justin finally catched up to Bastard and bit his balls, Bastard screeched in pain, crying helplessly, he felt his balls getting ripped off from him, before Justin can do more harm to Bastard, his owner called out to him “Justin! come back!” the dog changed his expression from anger to happiness, as he dropped Bastards balls onto the ground and walked back to the house, Bastards human daddeh shut the door behind him and picked up Bastard from the back of his neck “SCREEE bad upsies! huuuhuu nu mowe huwties!” he said, pissing himself, but his human daddeh did not give a single SHIT about him anymore, not when he acts extremely entitled and stupid!, they both head into the house, going down into the basement.

The husband threw Little Bastard into a bucket, he got cold water and soap, he threw the cold water at Bastard “EEP! too c-cowdies, wawa nu am gud fow fwuffehs! huuhuuu!” he cried, shivering in the bucket of cold water, he gets covered in soap and shampoo, he cries “nu w-w-wan m-mowe cowdies… huuu!” his human daddeh still didnt care and responded to him with a “shut up”, he scrubs Bastards fur clean and washes him in the cold water, he gets picked up from the bucket and gets dried in a towel, he gets taped to a table and his human daddeh gets a old hair straightner, and looks back at Bastard, with the hair straightner having some steam coming out of it, he puts the hair straightner onto one of Bastards hooves and presses hardly on it, Bastard started to scream in pain and cry “SCREEEEEEEE, huuhuuu nu mowe buwnie huwties… Bastawd sowwy! nu am smawty nu moweee… REEEEEE”, when the owner released the hair straightner from the now melting hoof of Little Bastard, it had some of the melted hoof on it, it smelt like burning leather mixed with burning flesh, Bastards owner did the same thing to all of his hooves, until all of them are melted off, Little Bastard cried weakly, he was shitting himself and pissing himself from the pain, his owner looked at him, and said “huh, not so tough anymore i see?” then laughed, the owner then went up to a closet, and picked up a dusty cardboard box, he opened it and got some nails and a hammer.

The owner then turned back to Bastard, still crying like a fucking baby, the owner stuck a nail in one of Bastards now melted hooves, and used a hammer, he hardly hit the nail to cause more pain to Bastard, he continued doing that to the rest of his hooves, then he shoved a nail deep down into Bastards dick, blocking the top from pissing, he then hardly hit the nail with a hammer, Bastard screeched in pain, crying and vomiting all over himself “N-N-NU MOWE… NU WAN MOWE HUWTIE-ES… FWUFFEH SO-OWWY… NEE HUGGIES! HUUHUUU” he cried, begging his human daddeh to stop causing him pain, he didnt listen to Bastard and shoved a plug up Bastards asshole, Bastard screeched out a loud, earbleeding scream, Bastard was picked up from his tail, he started to whine “huuuuu… pwease put fwuppieh downsie… n-n-nu wike bad upsies!”, his owner ignored him once again, taking him outside, to a grassy, warm place, he’d drop the fat fuck onto the grass, and take out a knife out of his pocket, he put his hands onto Bastards front limb, and broke it by pressing down, Bastard screeched in pain, his owner broke the rest of his limbs, making him unable to walk, then his owner stabbed his dick and cut it off, blood starts to flow out of Bastards cut-off dick.

Bastards owner made a long cut on his chest, that goes from chest to belly, and just walked back to his house, to let him bleed out, Little Bastard cried “nuuuhuhuuu! cum back daddeh! n-nu mean to be bad! fwuffeh sowwy…”, a few minutes passed by and a stray cat had walked up to Bastard, and started to bite his legs, Bastard felt the pain and cried again “nuuuu nu num fwuffeh! pwease meow-meow fwen nu num f- SCREEEE” the stray cat had started to rip his legs off, taking the both of his back legs from him and walking away, “NUUU! NU TAKE WEGGIES! a-am dummeh fwuffeh nao…” Little Bastard cried, he wanted his human daddeh to come back and save him, after a good 20 minutes, bathing in the hot sun, and having his amputated back legs exposed, his human daddeh came back, he looked at Bastard and said “pffft… how pathetic…” he picked up Bastard and brought him back into the basement again, he grabbed a knife and started to cut off Bastards limbs, there was so much blood, he then got the hair straightner again and put it over Bastards amputated back limb, burning the open wound to close it, Bastard was screaming non-stop and crying, after his owner was done burning the wounds, he cut off Bastards tail, and shattered Bastards teeth with a knife, Bastard almost drowned from his own blood and saliva but his owner made him cough out the stuff.

His human daddeh pulled out the plug from Little Bastards asshole, getting a spiked dildo and shoves it up his ass and pulls it out of his ass non-stop, he begged for his human daddeh to stop, but his human daddeh still ignored him “NU MOWE ENFIES! NU AM MAWE HUUUHUUU…”

End of chapter 6


Karma is it not poetic?

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The dildo of karma rarely comes lubed

But it does come spiked if you’re enough of a cunt to deserve it


More people need to use one of these on fluffies.


For more pleasure lol

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I believe that daddeh was waiting for Bastard’s return lol


I recommend the Steely Dan special, it has retractable spikes and a blender setting.

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Lets fucking goooooooooooooooooooooo

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Good. Finally little fucktard gets what he deserves. Hurt the little bitch more.

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Awww… at least it was funny while it lasted.

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