Little Brown Foal (Bad_Roomie)

nice, two ending >:D

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I like the abused version. The other is also not bad.

Wait, why are there red band-aids on his private parts?

Such a lovely light shade of brown!

Is it a shit stopper for while he’s in the show pen?

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I like how both endings are there to choose from, nice work I love your art style!

To me though both endings happened :smiling_imp: minutes apart!

The Little Brown Foal was enjoying his sketti and watching TV thinking life will be good now, that they have a new daddeh…until it all comes shattering when the abuse happened. Damn little guy even got the wrong end of the screw driver!

He probably got neutered. Which is good. Also, given he’s a pillow? Maybe it helps protect his junk when wiggling around?

He’s still a ridiculously cute potato :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::exploding_head:


He looks like a potato.


Both happen and then the hugboxers steal him back. Hugboxing is better if hurt happens first.

How much to commission an edit of the hugbox ending where he has the wounds from the abuse ending, plus there’s blood spatter or a suspicious plastic sack in the background implying daddy met a sticky end?