Little Nico, Drug Mule (Captain_Emo)

This was quite possibly one of the most fucked up things Johnny had ever done.

Scratch that, it was THE most fucked up thing he had ever done.

Johnny had needed money, quick and easy cash, and his job down Luna Park wasn’t particularly paying well.

Johnny at one point used to run drugs, never deal, but deliver.

He never considered himself a dealer of anything, he just wanted cash and fast.

It got him some handy cash whenever he needed it but he didn’t want to become too reliant on it. But that was then and this is now.

The deals were always arranged over Snapchat, code words used, arrangements made.

Unfortunately he needed the cash, he couldn’t afford to live this month and rent was due soon.

Trying to hook up with Sharona after that big move back to Coney Island was pretty dumb.

She really was an expensive date. Or was it that he was going out of his way to impress her when he didn’t need to?

Imagine her seeing him do this though.

Scratch that, imagine anyone seeing him do this. It’s not something you could talk to your mom about.

Maybe a priest but not your mom.

“Heeheeheeheeeheeee dat tickwews daddeh!!”

Nico was giggling, a cute giggle that could light up a room. But Johnny remained awkwardly stony faced. He was cringing.

Johnny was applying Vaseline to Nico’s butthole.

Johnny had never thought he would be desperate enough to have to do this.

Nico wouldn’t be laughing for much longer though.

Bags of drugs, “magic mix” were inserted up Nico’s ass.

Nico cried out in pain, his poopy place had hurties.

And then more bags went in. And then more. And then one last one.

A lot of drugs were up his colon. He hadn’t ate since yesterday and he was complaining about how hungry he was.

Johnny aggressively hushed at him to be quiet. He promised nummies and no more Poopie place hurties after he had done this little job for Daddeh.

But Nico wasn’t the only one who was getting the treatment.

Johnny had also taken various fluffies from the streets and owners to do this job of his.

Fluffies are pretty easy to steal after all.

Nico was the first attempt at hiding drugs in a fluffy. He had to get it right. The other fluffies were bigger than Nico.

More drugs could be inserted in them.

And even more could be inserted in the mares.

Johnny went white at the thought. If he didn’t get a boner doing it then he would know he wasn’t a fucking pervert as far as he was concerned.

Johnny had mares and colts to hide the rest.

In all, he had 6 fluffies who would act as his drug mules.

The mares were much better to hide drugs. More hiding places. Why didn’t he take more mares?

And then Johnny began to hope he wouldn’t have to do this again.

The lotion was applied and the drugs were inserted into each fluffy.

One of the mares turned around after worrying a lot. She was worried about why her special place had hurties.

But then she realised.

Daddeh was giving her tummy babbehs!!

She hummed and cooed with delight and began to sing the soon Mummeh song.

Nico, upon hearing that the mare had been given tummy Babbehs, realised he must have been given tummy Babbehs too!!

His Daddeh was silly Daddeh. Boy fluffies can’t have tummy babbehs.

Before he could ask to take away the “tummy babbehs”, Nico was shushed again by his Daddeh and threatened with the sorry stick.

Nico slumped into a sad mope.

Nico was still complaining about his tummy hurties and poopie hurties.

Johnny’s job was straight forward. He had been hiding drugs for a guy who needed them back soon.

He would take the fluffies for a walk into Brooklyn and drop them off at his contact point.

He had no idea who he was meeting, he was more concerned in hiding them.

But at least the signal was agreed.

He hadn’t even thought about how the packets of drugs would be taken from the fluffies either. He just wanted the job done.

Why didn’t Johnny hide them in himself you say?

Well, who would ever suspect a fluffy could be used to hide your drugs?

Plus fluffies are stupid enough to not know what drugs are and that they’re being used.


Unfortunately for Johnny, he hadn’t taken into account that fluffies are vocal creatures and will always complain if they’re uncomfortable.

They began to complain once they set foot out on the street.

They chattered their displeasure at their discomfort from the moment the first hoofsies set foot onto the pavement.

It was pretty excruciating to see.

One of the mares had told a lady on the street that her daddy was her special friend for giving her tummy babies.

The lady looked at Johnny with disgust!!

Johnny couldn’t hide his face or get away from the lady fast enough.

That lady had told a lot of people around her, and Johnny began to feel the glares.

The mares sang about daddeh and tummy babbehs and poopies, the males were asking daddy if they could make poopies and that their bellies felt full.

Nico asked if he could have the tummy Babbehs out now as he wasn’t a girl fluffy.

And having owies.

In fact they all had owies.

They really wanted to make poopies. But they couldn’t even fart. And their poopie places were so so sore.

Why didn’t he tape their mouths up?

Or even, Johnny really wished he had a car now and didn’t have to take these guys out for this.

It was going to be a long walk.

Full of awkward gazing and singing and complaining.

What had he done?

Nico wasn’t coping particularly well.

As he was the first attempt, Johnny hadn’t done a too good job on him. The bags had hurt him a lot as not enough lotion was put on to slip up comfortably.

He did much better with the others as he had got the amounts right.

The bags up Nico’s colon were particularly uncomfortable.

Nico didn’t like these tummy babbehs at all.

He stopped and asked Johnny if he could make the biggest poopies and get rid of his tummy babies that daddy had given him.

He did this in full view of a police patrol car.

The cops looked at Johnny like he was a pervert.

They laughed him off and drove on. Calling him a freak.

Thank God.

Despite the humiliation, that was a too-close of a call for comfort.

Johnny decided he needed to hurry these guys on. He was nervous the moment the set foot out, and was getting more anxious as he stayed out longer.

Further along the way the fluffies were beginning to feel really tired.

All this exercise was no good for them but Johnny didn’t want to rest up.

He wanted to get the job done. And quickly now.

All of this hurrying however, caused a split in one of the bags up Nico’s colon.

And the magic mix made contact with Nico’s colon.

Nico began to giggle.


He was really full of giggles now.

The fluffies began to laugh along with Nico.

They hadn’t had any ruptures, they’d seen that he was having a good time and wanted to join in.

There was a lot of laughter and giggles. No one was sure why they were all laughing. Johnny had looked at them and thought what the fuck?!

And then Nico stopped laughing and his big eyes began to dilate and stream with water.

Nico went on a bad trip.

Everything in front of his eyes melted away.

Wild, vivid colours blurring in and out of existence!!

The fluffies melted and reformed, melted again and reformed!!

Daddeh was a munstah!!!

The voices were the voices and he could see them. He was the laugh!!

Nico began to scream and cry and wail and he fainted to the floor crying and wailing.

He’d seen too many munstahs.

Munstahs everywhere.

All the munstahs were looking at him now.

He was so scared.

All the other fluffies began to cry and wail.

What was wrong with Nico? Did he need huggies?!

A man in the street shouted at Johnny to shut them the fuck up.

Johnny began to argue back at him. He had to get the guy away quickly. It wasn’t working.

Nico really needed to make poopies, he couldn’t but he was really scared.

He squeezed and he squeezed.

And he shrieked out “BIGGEST….POOOOO-PPIEESS” and shat out all of the drug bags.

Along with a lot of shit

And a heavy amount of blood.

He felt so much better that the tummy Babbehs were gone.

His shrieks had unfortunately frightened all of the other fluffies.

The mares both birthed and pooped the drug bags out and the males wailed and made big poopies too.

All of the product was there to see.

An off-duty police officer had arrested Johnny on the spot.

The sight of the drugs and the fluffy shit, and the smell was truly sickening.

All of the fluffies were rescued and taken back to the station to be processed for evidence purposes. They would then be euthanized as they would not be able to be kept as evidence in the room.

Bar one.

Nico had passed out after his bad trip and slept in the alleyway. He had wandered away while the other fluffies were making the biggest poopies. His leash was still attached to him.

The world swayed and blurred in front of him.

He settled himself into a comfortable spot in the alley way.

His ass still let out blood and his tummy had so many hurties.

A nummies was in front of him. He really, really wanted to eat it but he didn’t feel well because of tummy hurties and boo-boo juice.

He cuddled into himself and began to hold his tail. He really wished his Daddeh was there to take him back home and watch TV and movies.

He was so scared now and going colder.


The last of the Little Nico trilogy has now been reuploaded after a few extra touches

I wanted to do extra stories with him but couldn’t work out what I could do with him next.

His OD will also very likely derp him