Livie la vida loca by(that1hugboxer)

This is a continuation of Hoagie’s favorite place by(that1hugboxer)

You are Duncan. Today you are turning your house upside down looking for something important.

“It has to be here, I’m not crazy.”

As you pull the gun safe away from the wall, you find a loose floorboard.


You pull the floorboard up and find a pistol case underneath.

You retrieve the case and push the gun safe back into its original position.

You clean up the mess and then open the case.

Miklós you cheeky old codger , I wonder who you killed to get this?!”

Inside the case is a model 27 pistol the top of the slide is marked BÖHMISCHE WAFFENFABRIK A.G. IN PRAG followed by the serial number. The left side of the slide is marked Pistole Modell 27 Kal. 7.65 with the insignia of eagle clutching a swastika on the top of the barrel as the military proof mark crossed out with knife.

You chuckle to yourself.

“I bet you wanted to slaughter every last one of them for desecrating your factory .”

You feel the weight of the pistol in your hand.

“Even defiled by the riech’s hands you just couldn’t bring yourself to destroy her. “

You disassemble the gun and give it a good cleaning before reassembly.

Carved into the inside of the pistol slide is the name Livie .

Akna waddles in the room excited.

“Daddeh! Hoagie am Akna neu speciaw fwiend! Akna gon’ be soon mummah!”

You decide that next time you go to the range you’ll test Livie out , but for right now you put the gun away and spend time with your fluffies.

“That’s wonderful Akna! “

You look around.

“Where’s Hoagie?”

Akna giggles pointing towards the hallway.

You peek your head out the door and see hoagie pushing a balled up blanket towards the safe room.

“Whatcha doin hoagie?”

Hoagie stops and turns to you wagging his tail.

“Akna am soon mummah , so dat make hoagie soon daddeh!

Hoagie make bestist nestie fow widdwe Babbehs !”

You smile.

“How about I help you with that?”

You could easily just buy a premade nest at fluffmart and be done with it. But you decide that this nest building activity could be a bonding experience for you and hoagie.

You understand that most people don’t have the time to do something like this and that perfectly fine. But since you do have the opportunity, why not?

You watch as hoagie uses his hooves to shape the blanket into something vaguely resembling a nest. It’s honestly not that great even by fluffy standards but by God hoagie is giving it his all. Trying over and over to get the shape right. The end result getting slightly better with each and every attempt. Until finally hoagie makes a good nest.

Hoagie looks up at you with his crossed eyes and a slightly worried smile.

“Um… daddeh … can hoagie teww 'ou secwet?”

You smile

“Of course hoagie.”

Hoagie looks around to make sure none of the other fluffies are close by before whispering in your ear.

“Hoagie nebah been daddeh befowe… Hoagie am Scawedy an’ happy… Hoagie wan’ be gud daddeh fow babbehs….Buh Hoagie nu know how…”

You pat Hoagie on the head.

“I feel that way with Odis sometimes. But you have me and Štěpán and all the other fluffies to help you learn.”

Hoagie looks up at you sheepishly.

“Daddeh nu mad at hoagie?”

“Of course not.”

Hoagie seems to relax a bit.

Your stomach begins to rumble as does hoagie’s.

“Hey hoagie how about I make us some lunch? I was thinking ham and cheese sliders on Hawaiian rolls.”

Hoagies expression perks up immediately.

“ can… Can hoagie hab pickwes on hoagie sandwich?”

You smile.

“How about two sliders with 3 pickles on each?”

Hoagie’s mouth begins to water.

“Weawwy daddeh?! Hoagie can hab two sandwich?!”

You pick hoagie up.

“You are going to be a Daddeh soon, so you are going to need a little extra food to help you keep up with the babbehs.”


Awww! Hoagie’s gonna have little sliders in two senses! If this were IRL, I’d have the yarn and hooks out already. :sparkling_heart:

Livie must be one hell of a gun.

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So the company Česká zbrojovka a.s. (Czech armory) CZ for short

Is one of the oldest and most highly recognized manufacturers in the world of firearms.

During ww2 they were making guns to defend against impending Nazi invasion . The Nazi took the over the factory and used these people’s own factories to produce weapons used to subjugate the rest of Czechoslovakia. And things only got worse from there.

Since Duncan’s adoptive grandfather has been mentioned several times to be both extremely old and an immigrant from Czechoslovakia (currently known as the Czech Republic) He would have lived through both the Nazi occupation and the red army “liberation” .

Perhaps Miklós worked at one of these factories…

Perhaps when the Nazi takeover the factory he was in the middle of proof marking a pistol. If that were the case then that pistol would have most certainly been taken and re marked as a SS side arm . That would have been most unfortunate


We had a German occupation model 27 come into the shop the other day and holding it really helped me understand just how Duncan’s grandfather would have felt having a gun built with his own hands stamped with the insignia of the very people it was created to defend against . It probably ate away at him for years. Imagine the Indiana jones esq quest he must have went on to get it back


Now I can’t stop picturing Miklós wearing a fedora and swinging on a whip.

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I just had an idea. What if he kept a journal and the story is being relayed to the reader from the perspective of Duncan reading it to Hoagies foals?

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Just a thought

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Ooh, that would be awesome! Please do it! I can see them demanding “tuffy hewmets” so they can fight the “nu-sees”.

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Hey I got a question. About how many foals would you say is the average for a fluffy birth?

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I’m going with 4 little ones for Akna’s litter

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Nice. That a good size. I can’t wait for Hoagie to introduce them to pickle juice.

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That….sounds very ominous.

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You can’t picture Hoagie getting hold of a pickle jar with just the juice, pushing it to the safe room, and murmuring, “Gud Hoagie babbehs gotta weawn about bestest tasty nummies,” whilst dabbing his brine-soaked hoof against their mouths? At least one would open its mouth for more.

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Ok I can see it.

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:+1: They’re good babbehs. Also, Hoagie needs to try salt and vinegar chips.

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