Living Painting - By FliesInYourHead

Was playing an old game, The Cat Lady, and there is a segment where a serial killer is using dead bodies as models in living paintings.

I thought it would be an interesting subject with fluffies. Instead of using dead fluffies, you paralyze them so they can still express themselves.


Ooooh that’s a good idea. Maybe do the Statue of David with wire under the skin and broken bones hahaha.


Theres a point where sadism is too much effort, I ain’t feeding my paintings


you dont have to feed them just replace em! grab a feral or two!


Having wires under the skin, holding all the broken bones in place. Perfect.


I never said it had to be fed. Technically, it only has to last long enough to be displayed. Like most living art.

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Our Victorian ancestors, God bless èm, created tableaus of kittens in minature clothing acting out entertaining human situations. The kittens were drowned first, of course.
One would think the main advantage of a live fluffy would be its capacity for speech. Something like the conditioning for seasonal fluffies comes to mind.

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I think a surgeon or someone with a fondness for medical procedures would love trying it out. They could IV feed them until time for display. Since at most that would only produce liquid waste. Then they can plug them when going on display.

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True, that could be interesting if the fluffies could be conditioned to recite something instead of cry.
I figured the appear would be in their lively cartoon eyes.

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