Lizard owners

Anyone with a reptile who eats small bugs, do you ever picture the bugs as little mirco fluffies or other kinds of fluffies?


That’s kinda weird

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Oof man, that kinda hurt lmao


Not quite lizards specifically. I have an emperor newt, spanish ribbed newt and three axolotls, a tarantula and a crayfish, and yeah sometimes when I feed things crickets I imagine them as tiny fluffies. Doesn’t help that I really hate crickets that much, those things are the worst

Infact there actually was a fluffy post on here with a tarantula that matches the one I have

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Fick crickets. Those lottlw fucks stink

do you know what a box of dead/dying crickets smells like?

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Sadly yes. Its disgusting


But don’t worry, the smell of dead rotting earthworms is far, far worse. Sometimes you buy a pack of them on ebay, and they arrive rotting in a duffel bag with a minimal amount of dirt, and the smell is tramuatizing. And the axolotls and crayfish and such are smart enough to refuse to eat them.

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All i picture rn is an axolotle talking in a babiesh voice saying:" ew. No yhank you. That looks and smells yucky af"

I’ve seen eels eating ducks so it’s probably not much different, probably just a little less wet

A little?

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Well saying that I have seen native eels climb out of rivers to eat unsuspecting wildlife on riverbanks. It’s fucking creepy as hell and they make almost no sound.

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I never seen them do it to eat but ive seen them slither around on land to move to another water source. I thlight it looked kind of funny at the time

Does feeding pinkies to a rat snake count?

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OOOOO this is a FUN question! I have a nearly 3-foot-long Indonesian Blue-Tongued Skink, and he’s basically the cuter, dumpier, non-venomous, legally ownable little brother of the Komodo Dragon. he’s a vicious little hunter who will eat anything he can fit in his mouth, and he rips it up like an alligator, adding to the cool factor. I’ve often considered drawing a comic of setting him loose in a room full of smarties at meal-time. and, due to his size and surprising amount of strength in that fat sausage body of his, there’s no doubt in my mind that he could easily mess up a whole herd of adult fluffies.

Compare that to my late bearded dragon (may she rest in peace in lizard heaven) who had lint for brains, and wouldn’t recognize food if it was poking her in the nose… I don’t think she would’ve been an effective disposal for micro fluffies, she prolly wouldn’t even have recognized them as food XD

(apologies for any grammar errors, I’m coming off of surgery and i’m really looped on pain meds)

Thank would be amazing to see!