Long leg Fluffies (fluffybooru id: 04146) (by: Coalheart)

On mutants and mutant strains

Being a mish mash of badly put together DNA fluffy ponies are born in a wide variety of stable strains but sometimes a true mutant is born, one that has a receding gene (well not receding in the bad sense of the word obviously).

Fluffies with long legs have been seen and are not as rare as the two headed ones (which mostly die at birth), sadly their more equine legs give them none of the advantages and are all of their life extremely clumsy just like a newborn horse foal.

This gene however is a random mutation and seems to not be carried on to the offspring of these long legged fluffies giving most of the times simply regular fluffies as a result.

More reasearch would be conducted shortly about individual mutations and mutant strains that persist such as the four teated mares.


God! Smite this unholy abomination!


No! Preserve it, and improve it!

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