Long Term Storage Fanart (Art By Casca_De_Laranja / Story By Kazetta_the_Alien)

A little gift to @Kazetta_the_Alien, I really liked the idea of ā€‹ā€‹a fluffy being trapped in a cramped box alone for years. I wished i could have done something better but here hope you like it. :+1:

Original > https://fluffy-community.com/t/long-term-storage-kazetta-the-alien/51549/1

Fan art Long Term Storage


Awesome! You did this really dang well. I Love it!
Thanks for the fanart, Iā€™m undeserving of this! :grin:


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No problem, iā€™m glad you like it. Have good day and keep making more cool comics :grin:

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I would be taking a swig of those tears if given the chance. This would be a marvelous centerpiece for any home. I could watch it for hours.

Love the story but i wonder how it endured a decade with seemingly no way defecate or eat