Looking for a comic/image, most likely by Gala or Backstubb

So, I’ve been browsing around, trying to find a neutralbox story/comic about an owner teaching it’s fluffy to control it’s bowels and not make “scaredy-poopies”. It was a fairly simple story, but cute and feel good, nonetheless.

Despite combing the archives, I cannot seem to locate it. Any chance someone else knows which one I’m referring to and has a backup?



Don’t think it’s either Gala or Backstubb.
Backstubb’s library is fairly small and all of Gala’s art is on FC already.

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You sure you’re not confusing it with this comic by foxhoarder?


Hey, thank you! I could’ve sworn it was a different art style; man, I’m going senile! :sweat_smile:

I appreciate the response. :pray:

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Turns out it was one of Foxhoarder’s works. My memory has gotten a little wonky the last 2 years.


Yeah that sort of thing is way more in Foxhoarders line of work.
I don’t think Backstubb ever did any feel good comics, even the christmas one had a nasty sting in it’s tail.

Have you read No More Poopies?

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Oh, that’s a good one! Poor traumatized thing. :laughing:

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