A bowlfluffy mummah makes her way through the forest. The sky is darkening, and she must get her babbehs back to the safety of their nestie soon, for dark times were bad for fluffies because of all the dangerous creatures that could devour them.

It isn’t until a faint sound catches her ears that she gives pause in her mission. “What am noisie?” Her big babbeh had awoken to the sound as well. “Wook, Mummah! Ovah dewe!” His little hoof reaching towards a soft glow in the distance. Against her better judgement, the bowlfluffy mummah carefully made her way through the tall grass towards the hauntingly sad sounds.

The sound of softly moving water was paired with the unmistakable cries of ‘huu huuu’ the closer the mummah got. Parting the foliage blocking her view, she gasp in surprise. There was a poor fluffy stuck in the middle of the river, clinging for dear life to a rock as it cried. Her horn glowed with a bright yellow light, flickering like a firefly as she called out for help.

“HuuHuuu… Pwease, scawy wawa, nu huwt fwuffy! Wawa am bad fo’ fwuffy! Huuu…”

There was no telling how long she’d been out here, but it was clear that if she were left clinging to that rock, she’d perish.

“Nyu fwen? Nee’ hewp?” The mummah’s big baby asks, concerned for the stranger.

His smaller sibling peeps awake, still tired and confused. “Mummah? Am wakies time? peep!”

The unicorn gasps, hearing the voices behind her. Her calls for help are rejuvenated with hope, begging for assistance. “Hewwo?! Nyu fwen?! Pwease hewp fwuffy! Fwuffy nu can swimmies!!”

The mummah is unsure of what to do. A glance at the sky shows the last dim lights of the sun fading. The crickets have grown louder than they were before. There’s little time, and if it got too dark, she’d never be able to find their nestie. However, she was a good mummah, and her babbehs needed to learn right from wrong. She couldn’t let a friend drown, not when she could easily help.

She gnawed her bottom lip between her dull teeth in indecision. Oh, how she hated making the hardest choices!

With a huff, she lowered her foals off her back, and tipped herself over so she was belly up.

“Huwwy, babbehs, cwimb on! Wet’s go sabe nyu fwen!”

“We gon’ sabe nyu fwen?!” Her big babbeh exclaimed with excitement, helping his sibling into their mummah’s warm, dry tummybowl.

“Peep! Peep! Mummah! Wawa scawy! No wike!” The dark purple foal whined.

“No wowwies, widdwe babbeh, dwink mummah’s miwkies. Mummah keep 'ou safe.” She assured, waiting for her biggest babbeh to settle down before kicking off the river bank to start swimming toward the fluffy in need.

“No wowwies, Nyu Fwen! Fwuffies come sabe 'ou!!” The big babbeh shouted, tag swishing excitedly.

“Sit down, babbeh, no faww.” Mummah softly chided as she slowly propelled herself through the water with her tail. The brown foal hunkered down into her soft fluff, sretching his arms as wide as he could in an attempt to hug her. “Mummah am suuu bwave! Babbeh wub 'ou suuu muchies!”

“Mummah wub 'ou tu.” She coos.

Her purple foal suckles at her teat, not paying any mind to the situation around them.

The unicorn gives a few more soft huu huus, making a show of attempting to turn their head only to nearly slip off the rock. “Pwease huwwy, fwen! Nu Knu how wong can howd on! Fwuffy am suu tiwed an’ cowd!”

“Nu wowwy, fwen! Mummah got 'ou! Take mummah’s hoofsies!” Mummah calls out, reaching her stubby arms to the unicorn.

“We hewe tu hewp 'ou!” Her big babbeh proclaims with a smile.

“Huuhuuu… Tank 'ou suu muchies, fwen. 'Ou gib fwuffy many heawt happies…” The unicorn smiles a little too widely, her huuhuuhuus devolving into a more sinister sounding laugh. She raises her head, higher than a normal fluffy should. Drool trickles from her mouth as she exposes sharp, jagged teeth. “Suu many nummies…”

Before the mummah or her babbehs could process anything, the unicorn lunged. Her malnourished frame slamming down as hard as she could with her full weight, her hooves punching into the mummah’s tummy like heavy stone.

One of her hooves had landed squarely on the big babbeh’s back, forcing the soft bones to break with a sickening crunch. All the air was knocked from the Mummah’s lungs, causing her to choke on gasps for air, tears welling up in her eyes from the sudden pain. Her purple foal had been thrown from her tummy and into the air, screeching as it emptied it’s bowels in fear.

It plunged into the dark water, dragged down by the rolling current and the vacuum caused by the kelpiefluff forcing it’s mother deeper underwater. Not a single one got a chance to breathe before they were choking on the cold, brackish water.

The struggle only lasted seconds.

Loreley would eat well tonight.


Damn they didn’t have a chance to swim away

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Kelpiefluf ,lo considero la version marina de lo los fluffies canibales / Kelpiefluf, I consider it the marine version of the cannibal fluffies.


Super cute and expressive. And the cannibal fluff reminds me of a selkie appearance wise.


An illustrated story is very special. Like a fairy tale. This shows a lot of work. Well done.


A cunning fluffy? I guess babbehs are brain food.

I adore your chimeras, shitrat hunter


Dont you mean a Kelpie? The horse water spirit that eats those it decieves or a Näcken?


No I meant a Selkie
Obviously the cannibal fluff looks more ferocious.


I dont see the resemblence of that and a Selkie… a kelpie maybe with the whole water horse motif but i do t see the seal :thinking:


I don’t know how the Mummah bowl was ever going to help even if it had been a regular fluffy on that rock, but I can somewhat respect the attempt.


I could see how their fluff texture would resemble seal fur! Soft and fluffy when dry, partially aquaphobic and insulating when wet!

Maybe different kelpiefluffs have different textures of fluff!

The general design I’ve drawn is very much based on Kelpies though


Such an adorable style! I really like the detail of heart shaped areolae, that’s too cute.

Cannibal deadlifts are brilliant, the myths are great to pull from!


Nice story! One of the few I read besides comics please keep it up!


Dude kelpie fluffy is such a cool idea, might make one of my own! Hehehe

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