Lovesick - Part 18 - Finale - By SpaghettiDave

And in their brokenness we can see traits of trauma humans display. The hoarding of the food because of food scarcity as a child, or even as an adult. Unable to be alone, but also have that fear of others.

I think this is what separates this story from just a sadbox ending.


Yes yes yes!

Lovesick True End

I can feel your heart ack in this chapter, as soon as she bought the bad quality food i knew what she was doing. I have read the TRUE ending yet but i can tell with how many events you went over in this chapter (it had enough content to feel 3 at least) you didn’t enjoy writing it, I binge-read these over the course of last night and love it dearly.
I will beat a good fluffy that the True end would have a much less rushed tone :slight_smile:

it is still better then i could ever do but i can FEAL in your writing how you felt, if you get me


I’m glad you enjoyed this story to binge it so fast!

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I have to admit- while I can certainly see the fates of Jimi and Mocha leading to this end, I can’t help but feel this chapter was rather rushed. Sammy just abruptly leaves Chris and the fluffies for an extended period of time ( that isn’t even in the story itself, you had to add it in the comments? ), and after seeing her thoughts on so many things it very much feels like it was hurried past to get to the starvation and deprivation that took Bumbles and Nova away. While it would make sense the fluffies would not get much if any closure about Sammy’s fate, focusing on the humans Chris and Cheryl makes it rather jarring.

Sorry if this comes off as just a bad review, but it really feels like the story was getting to be too long and had to be ended soon. And believe me, a bleakbox fate was one I was strongly pulling for ( though I was more hoping Chris would just dump Jimi and Mocha on a shelter that would lead to their deaths at the hooves of other feral fluffies, which would have been their fate if left for dead back with their frozen mummah all those months ago ).

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So I binge read all your long series in this evening and WOW, this is an agonising ending. Mocha and Jimi deserved better.

Disabled Fluffies trying their best, like Jimi, just break my heart. And being taken advantage of by someone with Munchausens by Proxy is such an awful fate. I’m physically disabled myself and have struggled with chasers in relationships before, including someone who REALLY got off on the admiration other able bodied people gave him for looking after me. Hit close to home.

Really glad to hear you’re looking to work on a novel. Channel that creativity!! If you take a break for more Fluffy stories, you know we’re all here to devour them.

They absolutely did deserve a better ending, but based on the nature of the series I was torn on which way to go and bleakbox won out. While they didn’t necessarily have a bad end, Jimi and Mocha living with Cheryl, they were broken. And in that regard, considering what had happened to them, having them be totally fine at the end wouldn’t have made much sense.


You should write the Good Ending now so people can pick