Luke's Story 5: Monet's Enfing Bad Time. (By: Kersploosh)

Monet had been living the good life with his daddeh for as long as he could remember. Anything he wanted he got, even the occasional mare to use for “gud feews”. He was a bright blue alicorn with a mane that made him a psuedo Rainbow Dash. Of course his horn was ground down to make him look more inline with said fictional pony, but he didn’t mind that as he always got special sketties after a horn trimming. There was only one thing he wanted that his daddeh couldn’t get him, the pretty mare next door with the pretty sparkly fluff. It reminded him of his mother’s.

He had asked constantly at first, but quickly realized that it wasn’t that his daddeh wouldn’t get her for him but that he couldn’t. The mare’s owner was a meanie that told Monet’s daddeh to his face that he wouldn’t let Monet have her. This infuriated him, so he decided that if the meanie man wouldn’t give her to him, he would take her.

However, every attempt to get to her was always foiled by her daddeh’s foresight. His attempt to dig under the fence was met by an underground wall of concrete. Monet’s attempt to break the fence and jump over it were both met with sore hooves and a sprained leg respectively. Attempting to simply go around was a no go because her daddeh had set non-lethal fluffy traps that had caught him on more than one occasion. He was stumped, but he had to have her no matter what.

Then it happened. A tree branch had fallen down and loosened up a few boards in the fence. It wasn’t visible from her daddeh’s side of the fence, but it was to Monet. Monet knew he could simply force is pudgy little body through when the time was right. All he had to do was wait. Then he saw her. She was wandering close to the loose boards and Monet would be able to get his “gud feews.”

While squeezing through the fence, he was careful not to make a sound. He walked up to the mare who was staring at a butterfly, “hewwo pwetty mawe.”

Startled, the mare turned around to face Monet. “H-hewwo. Am Dowwy. Nyu fwien’?”

Am Moneh. Ou’ am Moneh’s enfie mawe nao!”

With fear in her eyes started to run away, but Monet pinned her down and mounted her. “NUHUUHUU! FEWN SABE DOWWY! NU WAN BE ENFIE MAWE!”

Enf-enf-enf-enf GUD FEE-”


Just as he had finished, a bigger fluffy had knocked him off of his prize. She was a dark green alicorn mare with black blotches, a black mane, and piercing yellow eyes with what appeared to be spirals in them. Before he could do or say anything she bit down and ripped his cock and balls off. “SCREEEE!” Then she started stomping on his legs, not stopping until all four were broken. NUHUUHUU! Nu huwt weggies!”

Did ou’ wisten to Dowwy when she say nu? Why shouwd Fewn wisten tu wapist piece of shit?” She then ripped Monet’s wings out and gouged out his left eye. “Nu means nu, mummah fwuffer.”

M-M-Mon eh undahstan’, nevah gib bad speshaw huggies again!”

Fewn kn ow ‘ou won’t. Kinda hawd tu du wiff nu no-no stick.” She then gave him one final stomp to his ribs, and broke two of them. Monet just laid there and sobbed, which eventually devolved into chirping like a foal. “Am Dowwy otay? Fewn sowwy nu cwose enough tu sabe ‘ou in time.”

Dowwy nu know. Feew wiewd in tummeh. Wan daddeh.” Fern’s heart dropped at that. She knew that the bastard had gotten her pregnant, and Dolly wasn’t all there. Sure she was lucid most of the time, but she would forget where she was half the time. She would most likely forget she was pregnant during the pregnancy and have a panic attack.

Otay, wets gu git daddeh. Daddeh wiww know wha’ tu du.”

Luke just stood there, staring at the blubbering broken fluffy. If it wasn’t for the collar on it, he would have stomped the fuckers head in. Then again, he was sure the number Fern did on it would make living a far crueler fate. “Well, I called your owner. He’s on his way home and informed me that he called the police.”

Huuhuuhuu wan no-no stick back. Miss speshaw wumps.”

“You’re lucky that’s all Fern took from you. Breaking into my yard and raping my mentally challenged fluffy.”

It wasn’t long until both Mr. Jenkins and a police officer had arrived. Jenkins was furious and the officer seemed annoyed at first until he saw what fern had done to the rapist fluff.

“Arrest that man officer, his beast brutalized my poor Monet.”

“Sir, remain calm. Keep making outbursts like that and I will be arresting you.”

“Well I never…”

Officer Burnett just ignored Jenkins and started questioning Luke. “So Mr. Palmer, what happened?”

“Well, according to my security footage, it appears that his ‘precious Monet’ broke threw a loose board in my fence and raped my mentally challenged fluffy, Dolly. Then he got castrated and beaten up by her sister, Fern.”

“May I see the footage?”

“Sure,” Luke brought up the footage on his phone and showed the officer.

“Well this looks like an open and shut case. Would you like to press charges Mr. Palmer?”

“Excuse me?! My Monet is ruined and you’re asking if he should press charges against me?!” Jenkins was furious.

“Standard procedure of suspected smarty syndrome behavior. If your fluffy is determined to have it, you will have to pay for any damages to Mr. Palmer’s property and either pillow or euthanize the offending fluffy.”

“T-t-that’s outrageous! Who cares if he’s a smarty!”

The officer cocked his eyebrow, “so you admit to knowing he has smarty syndrome.”

“What are you going to do, arrest me?”

“Yes actually. Mr. Gregory Jenkins, you are under arrest for owning a destructive fluffy and disrespecting an officer.” Burnett placed handcuffs on Jenkins and placed him in the back of the police car. “Mr. Palmer, I need a copy of the footage for evidence at your convenience.” Burnett wrote an email address on a piece of paper and handed it to Luke. Then he got a small cardboard box to place the broken smarty in and take him in as evidence.

After they had left, Luke went inside to deal with Dolly and Fern. Dolly was a wreck and was sobbing as Fern and Trent hugged her. Trent was taken out of his punishment pen for this because Dolly needed her family right now. Tundra would’ve joined but she was completely immobile at this point. Luke knelt down and hugged the trio.

D-Dowwy sowwy daddeh. Nu mean tu hab speshaw huggies.”

“Shh shh shh, it wasn’t your fault. I’m not mad at you.”

W-weawy? Eben though Dowwy hab tummeh-babbehs.”

“About that Dolly, I can make the tummeh-babbehs go away.”

Dolly just starts sobbing more, “b-b-bu’ it nu babbehs fauwt. Dey onwy tummeh-babbehs.”

“I know girl, but they are from a meanie stallion.”

"Pwease nu huwt babbehs daddeh.” Dolly gave him giant puppy eyes.

Luke thought for a moment, he knew there was a good chance she would have a panic attack from forgetting she was pregnant eventually. There was also a good chance she would accidentally kill the foals by going into catatonic state and being unable to feed them.

“Dolly, I’m not going to lie to you. There is a very good chance something will go wrong with your pregnancy. If you have them, then there is a good chance you’ll have “thinkie-place fuzziness” and not be able to take care of them or worse.”

Dowwy tink undahstan, bu’ nu wan huwt babbehs.” Luke was fucked. No matter what he did, Dolly would be distraught in some way. If he gave her an abortion, she would probably get depressed and enter a wan die loop due to how fragile she could be. If she had a miscarriage, the same thing would happen. He really had one choice.

“Ok Dolly, you can have them, BUT they will all be leaving to new homes after they are born. I will not have that rapists’ children living here.”

Dolly looked a little less sad, “Dowwy undahstan. Nu wan keep babbehs, bu’ nu wan huwt babbehs.”

“Alright, let’s get you clea-”


“God damn it.”


Man he got Rambo’d by an angry fluffy. Press F to pay respecc for his groin.


I can’t wait to see what twisted amalgams Dolly will spawn.


I have plans for them, and it isn’t going to be fun for them.


Why do I feel a bit bad for Monet and even worse for his daddy?


Well thats justice to the idiot owner and his fluffy!

He spoiled the asshole and rippin off his dick n balls is justified by the sister fluffy.

But…how is that fast she feels shes gonna give birth !?


The one giving birth is her brother Trent’s special friend.

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Oh! Ok thanks for clearing.hope to see the next chapter soon.

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I’m a little confused. Is this the start of something? A continuation? The title doesn’t seem to line up with the other things i see.


Just noticed that and altered the title.


I dont think Luke and his fluffies shoule have got off scot free. Fluffies are are consisdered belongings and as such the excesive damage done to Monet I’d expect Luke would at least be charge with destruction of property (its fine if its droped due to the circomstances) but I think its a case of him being the main charater and all that.

Nothing happened because Monet was trespassing. A fluffy that leaves it’s owner’s property unattended has basically no protections and the owner is liable for all damages. The fact people scan and return fluffies to their owners is a courtesy.

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Did I miss something in story 4-5 for tundras pregnancy?

Or are not all events covered in time skips forward?

Looks like 6 clarified this a little, nm.