Mal padre pag 22 (nessie)


Another shit translation by Me!

Teal: Look Mommy, Prettiest Baby gave forever sleepies to Woko’s stupid chirpies!

Purple: Stupid sister! I’m the biggest baby, I’m the bestest and I gave the fluffy monster forever sleepies.

Teal: Now Im bestest and I deserve sweet Nummies and huggies and love!

Purple: stupid sister deserves sorry hoofies and to eat shit.

Orange Smarty: Whaaaaaaaaaaaanghjnkkj

Mummah: Be quiet, stupid babies!!

Woko: kill bill sirens



Bad Father Page 22

Teal brat: Wook mummah! Pwetty babbeh gib fowebah sweepies tu stupi Woko’s dummy chiwpy babbehs.

Nao desewb tu be bestest babbeh, hav aww miwkie nummies an huggies an wub.

Purple brat: Dummeh sissy nu desewb tu be bestest babbeh, big babbeh desewb tu be bestest bebbeh!

Big babbeh gib fowebah sweepies tu munstah fwuffy (Note: He dreamed he did). Dummeh sissy desewb sowwy hoofsies an poopie nummies.


Orange brat: brain damaged screaming

Woko: murderous intent rising

Seems like Woko will honor his name now for sure (His name is probably fluffspeak for Loco, “crazy”)

Also I’ll be translating the previous parts once I have a bit more time, for anyone who wants to know what’s being said.


We’ve all been having a go at translating in bits and pieces, and I believe the artist has a friend translating the whole piece when it’s finished?

It’s been good study for me bc Nessie is prolific when they have time to post. I’m slowly building a Three-way glossary so we can translate faster and keep track of the different Fluffspañol dialects.

I think it’s interesting that different authors have completely different versions of fluffspeak bc Spanish is such a complex and varied language.


Hey! Sorry dude, I just clicked the piece and replied immediately, didn’t notice you were already translating it yourself :sweat_smile:

I think the thing with Fluffyñol is that unlike english Fluffspeak there are not set rules, so every artist gives their own take on it. That and spanish being a pretty contextual language means things can get translated multiple ways.

Oh I didn’t know the artist was going to have the whole series translated anyways :open_mouth:

I think for now I’ll keep translating at least for the sake of people who want to check out the text and compare translations. I have a bit of an easier time due to being a naturalized spanish speaker and spending enough time in the english side of the Fluffy fandom to get the grasp of shitrat-speak at this point :rofl: Tho if Nessie asks me to stop translating I’ll stop.


No apologies needed, we’re collaborating, it’s a group project for the benefit of the monolingual!

Please do continue,it’s really great seeing everyone’s versions of the text, too.

Especially since my grade school Spanish is sometimes hilarious but often inaccurate.


Because of you I can enjoy this creator to the fullest

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And the Doom song “The Only Thing They Fear Is You” starts playing.

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la mirada de las mil chaquetas