Mama Working by Chikahiro

Fooling around. A micro might be a nice pet…


And my layers…


Cute love your micro design :blush:

Was worried he was splowin until saw the glass.


Just got to make sure it stays in the box or you’ll have hoofprints all over your laptop and a document full of nonsense if you turn your back for one second. :wink:

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Omg, it turned out so good. Such a cutie.

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It’s in a terrarium. Sorry, should’ve darkened the back glass a bit.

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I took the snoot from artist Kun.

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So I noticed but if one let it out it will trip all over your laptop. Just like my cat tend to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are naming your layers? :scream:

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Not normally, but I did that as a sample for someone. I’m debating doing a step by step with my simple process.