Mandy MacFeely and the teeny tiny menace (Poopiest_of_bebbehs)

Mandy had finally healed enough from her injury that she had returned to work. It was all as it was before, clock in, deliver foals, give vaccines, diagnose the sickly, pillow the bitch mares, put the best behaved old timer stallions and menopausal mares down with a little reassuring head scratch and a needle of fluffycide to the neck. But the better and more enjoyable her job became, the more enraptured she was and the more she had neglected her home. She didn’t intend to, Mandy had simply filled her plate with weeks worth of back-logged work from her absence. And an extra few hours wouldn’t kill her.

Only when she got home one night did something finally feel wrong, although see was far too tired to notice at first. she had started to feel watched and could often smell tiny wisps of shit, even when Frankie and Creature’s litterbox was freshly cleaned. No, this smell wasn’t coming from them and they knew it too.

“Mummah… SNORT Cweatchew heaw da noisies agayn” her dysgenic bowl fluff declared, scraping his hoof against the carpet as if primed to charge an invisible foe.

“fuck’s sake…” Mandy sighed as she grabbed her walking stick and threw herself from the sofa. “Dems bad wordsies, Mummah” Frankie, her grey, twitching, bundle of stitches chastised while making a good peepee in the litterbox before having another of his frequent half second micro-seizures. “yeah, I should watch my fucking mouth, shouldn’t I?” Mandy joked back towards the uncomfortable stallion.

Just then her laughter was cut short by scratching emanating from behind her sofa. “what in the-” she mumbled as she got on her knees and shone the torch of her phone into the crevice and her eyes widened as tiny little scampers were heard and the silhouette of a fuzzy, round body, could just barely be gleamed.

“fucking mice!” Mandy scoffed before reaching into the dark to grab the little pest, then it spoke in retaliation. “wet tuffie gu, dummeh!” the little sea-green microfluff squeaked in anger while pathetically flailing as he was dragged into the light. “nuuuuu! Bwites gib see-pwace owwies!” he whined while attempting to cover his beady little eyes with his hoofs.

Mandy was in shock, a fucking microfluff infestation, in her home? She was furious at the thought of the apartment and the family pub below, her papa’s pride and joy, his legacy, being defiled from the inside out by countless little pig-rat-horse-things.

“you’ve got until the count of five to tell me where your nest is or I’ll turn you into a mare!” she threatened through gritted teeth. The micro responded with a smug little look, a narrowing of his eyes and a surprising volume of warm liquid defiance that ran down Mandy’s wrist.

“you disgusting little fuck” she cringed before standing up and hobbling downstairs, through the pub and at the foot of the celler. As Mandy opened up the cellar door and made her first step into the abyss below, she saw one of the swill drinkers in the corner of her mum’s establishment cackle and nudge his mate. “Looky there, Chesney. There goes little miss Harold Shipman and another one of her patients!” he mocked.

Mandy paid him no mind, he didn’t matter, what mattered right now was seeing to her “patient” and getting her goddamn answers.

She hadn’t been down here since she examined Creature during his first night in the MacFeely home. But she wasn’t here to examine this little rodent, she was here to make him squeal.

Mandy threw the smug little gobshite onto her examination table and got to work placing four zip ties around the middle of each leg, pulling just tight enough to make him uncomfortable but not so much to stop the blood flow, and then stood back to examine her work with satisfaction.

“yew tink tuffie tew yew? tuffie tew yew nuffin!” he declared proudly before punctuating his statement with a raspberry from his pink little tongue.

“you remind me of my ex” Mandy giggled like a school girl. The pathetic attempt at bravery was charming but she knew it wouldn’t last. So she opened a drawer and pulled out her smallest pins, she was going to need them EXTRA tiny for what she was aiming for. But she then suddenly changed her mind, closed the drawer and smiled ear to ear as a far better idea hit her, something more crippling than just genital mutilation… more cerebral.

She left the little rodent and went out into the street and let out what the local catchers called “the fluffy call”.

Mandy put on her best fake puppy dog eyes and childlike pout before shouting at the top of her lungs in a cartoonishly overdramatic tone. “I have soooo many SKETTIES and warm BEDS but no one to share it with! If ONLY I had a little FRIEND for me to be a PARENT to!” she said confidently before the old drunk sleeping in the gutter turned to her, “I’ll take it” he said before passing out again, bottle of scotch still in hand. “shut the fuck up, Seamus” Mandy scolded at him until the little pitter patter of tiny leathery hooves waddled up behind her.

“hewwo… nee homsie…” a very down on her luck looking orange mare said. “ok but you have to complete a task for me” Mandy said sweetly while picking up the mare. “wat du?” the fuzzy little pumpkin asked. “oh nothing, I just need you to be completely honest” the mischievous veterinarian requested and to her delight the mare nodded with confidence.

Mandy brought her new guest through the pub and opened up her cellar door once again behind the bar, and just as before she placed her foot down on the first step of the wooden staircase, the same bald twat in the corner nudged his now unconscious friend again and pointed at the mare. “Bloody 'ell, the girl is insatiable tonight! Better hide ya fluffies lads, Miss Fritzell is adding another to her dungeon!” he cackled.

“phil?” Mandy’s mum spoke up as she wiped down a pint glass with a rag, standing behind the bar. “yes, ma’am?” the chrome domed goon asked as he turned his attention to her, sipping smugly from his pint. “get the fuck out of my pub” she ordered swiftly.

In all 26 years Mandy had been alive she had never heard her mum swear. She was aghast as she looked up to meet her mother’s gaze.

“I don’t care for these pass times of yours and I’m not sure what your papa would think of all this, but… at least you’re not holding it in anymore” she said with a tone both stern and solemn.

Mandy nodded and simply retreated to the dark comfort of the wine cellar.

“ok now, remember what I said?” Mandy asked of her guest. “teeheehee, yeh, teww da twoof!” the feral mare smiled.

Mandy then turned her attention to her pocket sized pal, who was still struggling uselessly against his restraints. “wet gu ow gon gib yew foweva sweepies!” he threatened.

“Well that’s a shame, because I got something here that I think you’d want to see” Mandy said playfully as she turned the mares hind quarters to the micro, bringing her privates only inches from his own. She watched as his microscopic little pecker stood to attention at the sight and scent.

“COM HEWE DUMNEH MAWE! GON GIB BESTES ENFIES!” he lustfully growled, or more accurately he squeaked, towards the object of his aggressive passion.

“am stawwion hewe?” she said excitedly as she tried to turn and meet him, but just couldn’t quite turn to catch a glimpse from the position that Mandy was holding her in.

“now you tell me, what do you think of his no no stick?” Mandy asked the mare.

Immediately the wine cellar erupted into laughter as the mare was turned around and locked directly onto the adorable one-eyed monster that stood unceremoniously from inbetween the sea-green micro’s legs.

“hahahaHAHAHA dat am suuuuu wittle, it wook wike a widdle bebbeh weewee!” she laughed while pointing a dirty hoof at it, immediately causing the miniscule member to shrink back down into an even more pathetic state. And at the sight of it shrinking further from her mockery the mare’s volume only increased.

“Nu twue! Wiar! Mawe am jus a big fattie!, it nu smaww, it am big an stwong” the offended micro said unconvincingly while fighting back tears, shouting against the endless waves of giggles and snorts that cut him like a million knives.

“am SUUUUUU widdle dat nu can eben see it nu mowe, yew am wike a widdle bebbeh, ow maybeh yew am a widdle fiwwy!” she bullied him further.

The little bastard had enough, he began to cry and chirp like a newborn foal which made the carrot coloured mare huff confidently that her assertion was correct.

Mandy rolled her eyes, she had now got exactly what she needed from the feral in her arms and no longer had further use of her, and so began walking her upstairs to her apartment.

“wewe am goin nu mummah?” she asked between happily cooing against the warmth of Mandy’s jumper.

You completed your task and I’m very proud of you, so you now get to stay in a nice house as I promised and should you ever want to leave and no longer stay here, you are more than welcome to" Mandy said as she opened an old and empty closet in her bedroom and set the giddy fluffy inside, “there is just one small issue of course…” she, added with a sly smile before whistling as if to call an attack dog.

“wat am dat, mummah?” the foolish orange ball of naivety questioned with her head cocked to the side.

“you have a roommate…” Mandy grinned menacingly before stepping aside, revealing the yellow coloured monstrosity behind her legs, which then ran in a lustful haze at the orange mare, diving at her and pinning her down in the closet.

Mandy then closed the door as the ever so familiar sound of “ENF ENF SNORT ENF ENF ENF WHEEZE ENF ENF ENF” drowned out the begging cries for freedom that came from the feral. “what was that? I can’t hear you… Oh well, it was probably nothing. I’ll be back in an a minute or so, have fun you too” she giggled before returning to the cellar with a shit eating grin.

When she returned to her work bench she watched coldly as the micro whimpered, staring at his limp, sad, pin sized phallus. “Nu am smaww… Nu am smaww… sniffle Am big, wike big fwuffy… Nu am sniffle smaww…” he said weakly, not even convincing himself.

“I’ll cut you a deal, little man” Mandy said sympathetically, “I’m a fluffy doctor and if you help me find your herd then I will give you the biggest no no stick I have ever seen on a fluffy” she added with a tone of reassurance.

And just like that the little green ball of ego and rebellion gave in like the little Judas he always was.

Mandy followed his instructions and found where they had nested, all sleeping soundly in the ground level ventilation shaft that was behind her television.

Mandy sealed it up and made a note to call fluffy control tomorrow morning.

She then returned and picked up the treacherous fluffball and carried him all the way up the stairs into her apartment as he giggled and coo’d with excitement.

“hehehe gon hab da bigges nu-nu stickie! Eben bigga den smawtie’s” he exclaimed proudly as he bounced in Mandy’s hand.

“yeah, there’s just one problem…” Mandy sighed.

“Wat am pwobwem?” the micro asked.

“you’ll get two of them…” she said with a clearly put on sad expression and a pout.

The tiny turn coat gasped in delight. “WEAWY? TU FOW FWUFFY?” he asked as Mandy opened the closet.

“-but they’re on another fluffy and he’s the one giving them to you” Mandy said before flicking the micro into the proverbial lion’s den with a smile, as if tossing a chew toy to a Rottweiler.

Creature turned his attention to his new friend and allowed the traumatized and violated mare to crawl out, stopping at Mandy’s shoes before the door closed behind her and the "ENF ENF ENF ENF ENF"s could continue with the next squealing playmate.

The orange ball of fluff was utterly defeated. She was a whimpering and chirping mess, her back legs had been broken as to make her struggling more futile, fur was torn out and bite marks littered her bruised and bleeding teets, her genitals and anus were both torn agape and oozed a horrid combination of blood and the baby batter of her assailant. She then curled up into a ball and shook as if she had been placed within the world’s coldest freezer.

Mandy kneeled down and gently patted the mane of her freshly traumatised guest. “wan gu… Wan weave… Wan gu… Wan weave…” the defeated mare cried softly into her hoofs.

Mandy made good on her promise and deposited the psychologically broken bio toy exactly where she had found her on the street corner.

“with any luck she might be rendered infertile” Mandy thought to herself as she walked away from the crying mare, “-the last thing this world needs is more Creatures”.



I think I’m starting to run out of steam on the Mandy MacFeely train. I’m going to take a break from her to focus on poopie smarty and some more Derek Deacon. or maybe a one shot story or two will lift my funk… might be worth a try.


I’m with Seamus; that’s the best offer I’ve had all week :ahahaha:


Ngl I’d let a 6ft redhead with a temper “adopt” me too.

Seamus is a man of culture.

Exactly! She’s educated, has weird hobbies, I assume she can cook delicious Celtic delicacies, AND she stands to inherit a pub ~
“O’Conagher WUB nyu Mummah!!!” (no innuendo intended~)

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I’m not so sure about the cooking part since her favourite food is haggis and she likes it cold, sliced up, in a brown bread sandwich with a healthy spreading of HP sauce, relish and raw onions (just like her papa loved it).

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I'm a man well nobody's perfect~2

I will admit, I can’t stomach haggis ~
BUT, it’s a step up from pickled hamhocks

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Isn’t that how haggis is meant to be eaten?

Not when I’ve had it. Usually in my house we had a chunk of it on a plate with roast potatoes, stuffing and carrots.

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Oooh, roasties. I’ve been craving those things. I parboil mine until they hit the edge of “fully cooked”, and roast them until they crunch.

I could murder a pile of roasties, some Yorkshires, and a nice selection of steamed seasonal veg. I may have to make that next cold front.

(One of my asshole exes is English. His friend’s mum taught me the basics of Indian food when she saw how much I loved her cooking!)

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I enjoy the occasional curry from time to time. I always imagined fluffy meat being soft and fatty with a vague sweetness to it, perfect for a vindaloo with a side of samosas and naan bread.

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