Matt and his slaves factory Ch. 1 by Blueberryboo


A desperate scream is heard from the next room. In this room there are 3 fluffies of different colors, scared and trembling with fear. In the room from which the scream comes is Mathew, an 18-year-old boy, much more intelligent than average, but very socially awkward. He is holding a thin old wire with which he is hitting a blue fluffy pegasus. He has a broken wing and his eye went out from the force of the blows he was receiving for more than 30 minutes.

-Okay, you filthy scum. Let’s try it again. Take the rag and this time I don’t want to see a single drop of blood.

The fluffy crawls to the rag on the floor and starts to clean, finally succeeding and leaving the floor clean as he sobs and trembles in pain.

-Great! Now the next step is to wax, you are going to pour this cream all over the floor in small amounts and you are going to wipe it until clean.

Matt lives alone. His father works abroad and sends large amounts of money so that he has all the comforts, after all, his boy is quite special. As a child he was detected with an intelligence superior to the rest. He doesn’t have a mother, he abandoned them as soon as she couldn’t deal with little Matty’s giftedness. He was barely 7 years old when she left and never heard from her again. Contrary to what it seems, this does not affect him, he is too socially awkward to take it.
He has a deep love for animals, but real animals. And fluffies aren’t real animals after all, are they? But Matt discovered something that they can do. They can be his slaves and perform tasks that he does not want. He already has 2 trained, all submissive and in a way, very effective. Carol, the fluffy who is in charge of washing the dishes and Jenny, who is in charge of taking out the garbage. As soon as Matt discovered that he can use them as slaves he wanted more, one specialized in each thing. In this way each one will perfect his technique and will do an excellent job.

-Exactly! The floor seems clean. Not bad for the first time, so you’ll be useful to me. You’ll be called James, after the asshole who bullied me at school. Now listen, you’ll have 3 meals a day and a bed just for you.
-N… new daddy? Fwuffy loves new namesy.
-ERROR! -Says Matt as he hits James with the whip.- I’m not your father, I’m your master and you will speak to me exclusively when asked, and you will also do it as Mr. Watson. These are the phrases that you will have to learn are: “What do you need, Mr. Watson?”, “Right away Mr. Watson”, “Yes, Mr. Watson” and “It is done, Mr. Watson”. Other than those phrases, you are not allowed to speak to me or to each other in your class. It’s understood?
-Y… Yes Mr. Watson.- Says the fluffy trembling with fear.
-You’re a fast learner, you filthy pig… Now, some additional rules. Your needs will be done exclusively in the sandbox. No interaction with me or your peers is allowed, as I mentioned before. So I’ll have to extract your gonads, I don’t want to have to support their spawn. You will learn the rest of the rules over time. For every rule you break, you will be given a punishment worse than death.
-B… but… Fwuffy doesn’t have wonads… Fwuffy doesn’t know what that is…
-You’ll learn it now- Matt says as he draws a huge smile on his face that expresses evil and fun at the same time.

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Welcome to the community! Very well written, would never have guessed that English wasn’t your native language!

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. Cold, utilitarian fluffy-abuse always makes for the best stories, imho.


This story will be fun


Wait… A Fluffy that doesn’t break dishes???

Are These Anthro Fluffies!?

Anyways, nice works