Mawco and tic tacs (AMDk7)


An extremely quick doodle after I wrecked my hand today drawing 2 comic pages.
this is an companion piece of sorts to Rambo And Marco Go Twic ow Tweat (AMDk7)

Mawco is Rambo’s munchkin fluffy
Rambo mispronounced micro so it became Marco.

an i swear that this is the last for today
there wil be NO page 3 .


That is a GIANT tic tac OwO

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Nah, just a really small fluffy
Marco is a micro munchkin.
So about the size of a foal .

There goes my dreams of giant cherry mint tic tacs…

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By all means keep dreaming.

…and off course my treacherous imagination, just got ideas about that.

I wouldn’t need to buy five pack of tic tacs when I get the cravings anymore…

Now i’m imagining a tic tac bigger then a fluffy, with a fluffy standing next to it.
And the damn thing rolling over it.

Or, a team of micros carefully trying to eat it, and then it rolls over…

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Or Rambo trying to lift one with his tails and dropping it by accident on a bunch of micro’s waiting\watching.

Segways to an advertisement Introducing the all new Fluff Tacs! Now flavored with the hope and wonder they experienced seconds before their death!

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Here is hoping Rambo wont get any fluff tacs then.

Not sure he’d appreciate that.

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You are gonna have carpal tunnel at this rate. Let yourself rest, write down ideas for later.

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Nah, I’m fine.
I usually have intense bouts of activity followed by lethargy.
and I am able to draw extremely fast.
If i spend an hour on 1 picture its too long for me.