Melon themed fluffy (by: Nachorizo)


is she sweet ? :v (want watermelon so bad :v but it’s not watermelon time yet :v)


She is, once you get past her solid exterior. Though the sweetest thing about her might be her milk, which oddly enough is not watermelon flavored, but strawberry flavored. But only her foal seedlings would know.
Is always watermelon time

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Is that wierd to milk her ? :v (like, in fluffy it may exist, no ? :v)
(Yes, but watermelons are better when they had A LOT of sun. If we pick them too soon, I find they have just a water taste :v)

Maybe a bit, but as long as one keeps feeding her fruit (that filthy cannibal) she shouldn’t mind.
Just put sugar and watermelon flavoring on your melons ez

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xD ok

Nice! Looks almost like Watermelon Success.

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It is here! :grin:

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