MicroFluff: Fluffy Processing: Chapter 4 [by SilverOwl]

MicroFluff: Fluffy Processing: Chapter 4 [by SilverOwl]

Within MicroFluff facility 54, are thousands of MicroFluff employees. Some of them are fluffy processors, some R&D lab scientists, and others are on the administrative end with corporate board meetings. Everyone there is a cog in the larger machine of MicroFluff, and all of them were needed.

On the 27th floor, in one of the board rooms a short pudgy guy with a skin-tight black turtle neck and a grey blazer, with a short bowl haircut with white hair, and round glasses addresses a room full of business suits. His name is Chandler Pennyworth, and he is one of the Vice Presidents at MicroFluff. He clears his throat, “In the third quarter we saw an increase in sales thanks to the new ‘My LittleFluffmaid Aquarium Freinds’ product. The R&D team hopes to have a new genetic hybrid fluff animal out every other quarter to boost revenue. In the fourth”, his talking point was disturbed by a loud “RRRRRAAAAHHHHH” from the hallway. The board room doors opened as this man in a 3 wolves howling at the moon t-shirt, jeans, and bright yellow Crocs barges in, and lets out a loud “ROAAARRR!!” up at the ceiling with his arms stretching towards the ceiling tiles. Pennyworth looks moderately annoyed, but stays calm, “Rocky…we are having a meeting about MicroFluff reven…”, Rocky interrupts him with an artificially deep voice, “I SMELL FLUFFYS HERE!!!” Looking around the room, no fluffies are to be seen except a couple of Sea-Fluffs in a fish tank to make the board-room look colorful. Rocky starts to make Jaws shark music "Dun da…dun da…dun da dun da dun da da da!! as Rocky pretend swims which looks more like he’s shoulder shimmying while waddling over to the tank. He reaches in and grabs them both, biting the head off one he throws it back into the tank creating a cloud of blood. The other Seafluff starts to squirm, “pwease nu eat babbeh am gud babbeh”. Rocky picks it up in his teeth, and starts shark shaking it, spraying fish-tank water all over the suits. When the fluffy is torn in half he runs out of the room with half the fluffy’s body still in his mouth, and roars down the hallway. Pennyworth, looking bored and irritated, clears his throat, “Sorry, Rocky is peculiar but his genius is needed by R&D, he invented most of our genetically modified fluffy hybrids. Sorry, revenue in the fourth quarter will most likely spike due to the holiday season approaching. We are rolling out new advertisements for the fourth quarter this week.” The board members nod along with what Pennyworth is saying until the meeting ends.

Inside R&D lab 3 are a few MicroFluff scientists working on various fluffy projects. Scott, Hua, and Mary all worked on various experimental fluffies, as new products for the company. Some of their ideas were based on science fiction, which worked out about half the time. Mary was inspired by the idea of making electronic pets similar to tamagotchi, but able to be summoned like pokemon from a device. Her problem and ultimate barrier was transferring the fluffy from matter to energy. This looked like a dead-end project as all she ever seemed to do was created a charred fluffy pile of ashes converting the fluffy to energy. Scott and Hua teased her that she just liked electrocuting fluffies into piles of ash, which she couldn’t disagree. Mary loaded another fluffy on her platform, “wook am dancie babbeh fo ou”. With a push of a button the fluffy was surrounded by blue arches of electricity, shortly after red and blue flames shoot up around the fluffy, and begins to form ash around the platform. Mary slams her fist down on her desk, “Damnit! I thought I had that one!” Scott, clears his throat, Jenn if it makes you feel better that idea would have a lot of applications, like storing humans indefinitely electronically, transport, and replicators. Keep at it, I have faith in you." Jen smiles and nods, as Hua is working on his dragon fluff project.

Up until now fluffies were limited to fluffy ponies, but MicroFluff has over the years introduced new fluffy friends such as the mermaid and seahorse fluffies for aquariums, mini-fluffies, and now dragon fluffies. They had the look of a cute dragon almost like Spyro but still had the attitudes and behaviors of a fluffy. They were in their final prototype stage and were ready for product testing. Their project name are DracoFluffs, they have small useless wings, blunt claws on their hands, and feet, and goofy looking teeth. They are the perfect cute dragon fluffy. Hua picks up a fat pink DracoFluff with small purple wings, horns, and back spikes, and places it in a shipping crate. He writes up an invoice to accompany the DracoFluff.

Processing order: R&D Prototype Testing MicroFluff Facility 58
Customer: Gal-With-Pastels
Color: Primary (body): Pink, Secondary, (wings, back spikes, horns): Purple
Type: DracoFluff
Quantity: 1
Size: small
Sex: Female
Tier: 10+
Special Request:
Ship as is
Invoice: $0.00

The crate travels down a conveyor to shipping as the cute DracoFluff mutters in its crate about flying and being a “scawey dwagon”. Hua continued to experiment with the other DracoFluffs in the lab, and brainstormed about making a dinosaur line of fluffies. Mary and Scott both tried to transport another fluffy into the computer and transfer it into energy. After a few seconds, the next fluffy bursts into flames as did the last one, and the two groan in disappointment. Scott puts a hand on Mary’s shoulder, and smiles, “You got this. If you have to roast a million fluffies, eventually you’ll get it.”

Scott turns to his own project for the afternoon. The appearance of alicorns still is an unpredictable event. Alicorns seems to arise randomly, sometimes from fluffies with bad attributes themselves. Scott wanted to find a way to use mutagens to increase the frequency of alicorns. He had five “soon mummahs” in his test line, which he has been treating each of the five with different mutagenic compounds. The fluffy genome was a hodgepodge of various animals spliced together into a somehow functional genome. Scott believed that finding the right mutagen would produce alicorns at a predictable rate.

The “soon mummahs” were unaware they were part of any experiment, and spent most of their time rocking back and forth giggling and smiling, while singing.

Mummah wub babbehs
Babbehs wub mummah
Babbehs be su smarty
Babbeh wun an pway
Babbeh use witta-bawks make gud poopies
Babbehs dwrink milkies
Babbehs grwoah up big an stwrong

One of them started to wheeze followed by, “BIGGEST POOPIES!!!” Scott happily hopped up hearing this, and went over to the fluffy enclosure. A second and third fluffy started shouting “BIGGEST POOPIES!!!” Scott had waited for these results for a while and was excited hoping for success, and terrified at the thought of failure. The first foal squeezes out of its mother, and Scott realizes it has no skin and is a pile of muscle that is rapidly breathing. The foal takes a deep breath, and dies. The second foal is born and from the looks of it, the foal did not develop eyes. The remaining three foals born to that mother were still borns most of them missing appendages. The one blind foal begins to cheep for its mothers milk. The other two mares in labor begin to push their first foals out. One looks like a green reindeer that has lizard like scales. Scott writes a note.

Accidental production of lizard like reindeer fluffy with mutagen 43. Possible application in monster fluffy series.

The second foal is born looking the same as the first, and Scott underlines his 43 in the note. The third mare pushes her first foal out, and it is a light grey foal with a black mane and tail. The second foal for that mother looks very much the same. Scott thinks, ‘Well I guess mutagen 44 produces poorly colored foals…interesting’. Scott clicks his pen and writes.

Mutagen 44 has confirmed ability to produce grey and black foals. Colors are undesirable, and further study should not be pursued.

Just then one of the grey foals opens its eyes, which are a dark crystal red. The foal wanders over to its mother slowly to nurse, before jumping up on the mother and biting her. The foal’s sharp little fangs pierce the mother still in labor, “SCCCREEE NU GIB MUMMAH HURTIES MUNSTAH BABBEH!!! SSCCREEEE”. The mare births three more vampire foals, which jump over to the other two mares not in labor and begin nursing on their blood. Scott raises an eyebrow and clicks his pen to write, and scratching out his previous note.

Mutagen 44 has vampiric transformation abilities. Possible applications, dark creepy pet owners, possible fluffy population control? Natural fluffy predator?

The three scientist work in the lab for the rest of the day, with mixed successes and failures. The three of them got ready to go home, after submitting their final reports, to their lab manager. Their lab manager, Dr. Robert Miller, or Rocky as he liked to call himself, had developed countless major breakthroughs for MicroFluff. Him and his team were on the cutting edge of genetic technology.

In Fluffy processing, Thomas and Rebecca are fulfilling the usual requests for neuters, spays, and pillowing. Rebecca places a freshly pillowed fluffy, crying about its “weggies!” and how it needed to “wrun an pway!”. Sealing the crate, she sends the fluffy to shipping. Thomas is sealing up a freshly neutered fluffy crying about its “special wumps neba gonna hab babbehs”. A couple of minutes pass and Thomas has a crate slide into his station. He glances at the invoice, and gets excited, “Rebecca!! No way!! I got an order from the Antman!” Rebecca shakes her head, “Who?” Thomas looks surprised, “The ‘Antman’, the crazy guy that has been ordering bizzarely customized fluffies and always has some creepy request in the special orders section! I have a collection of this guy, so do others! His orders usually involve ants or something so we gave him that nickname a few years ago.” Rebecca looks mildly amused, “A collection?” Thomas nods, “Yeah this guy is legendary, so happy I can add this invoice to my collection.” Glancing down at it, he smiles.

Processing order: 84652 MicroFluff Facility 58
Customer: Eric Von Goebbels
Color: Primary (body): white, Secondary, (mane/tail): lilac
Type: Alicorn
Quantity: 1
Size: small
Sex: Female
Tier: 7
Special Request:
*This fluffy shall adorn the center of my millipede naturalistic garden terrarium. It will provide many hours of amusement for me as my millipedes devour it alive slowly over days. The insects of the terrarium will nourish themselves on the body of this fluffy as its anguish will nourish my delight.
Mein terrarium is beautiful and I will not have it destroyed by the fluffy. Please ensure it cannot move or defecate.
Pillow the fluffy
Shave the fluffy
Seal rectum
Customized Psychological Abuse Recording
Hurties package 9
Invoice: $890.78

Shaking his head at the amount of abuse this fluffy gets before even arriving is staggering. Thomas wonders how long the lifespan is on a ‘Antman’ fluffy, they must only survive a week tops. Loading the chattering fluffy up on the pillowing station, Thomas aligns its four legs with the small loops on the device, “Why mista put weggies in wittle strapies so babbeh nu can move weggies?”. He straps down the chattering fluffy with little attention to its questions, “babbeh nu can move weggies ne weggies to make dancie fo ou”. Making sure the fluffy is secure with a couple tugs on the straps, he aligns the four guillotine like blades on the pillowing station with the fluffy’s shoulders and hips. Thomas decides now is a good time to get some good abuse in himself. He leans into the fluffy’s ear, “I am a monster and I am going to take your leggies!” The fluffy starts to cry and wiggle in its restraints, as Thomas pushes the button, and the four blades slam down in a wet splat. The fluffy squirms and "SCCCCREEEE CHHHIIIRRRRPPP!!!, at the blades slicing off its “weggies”. The fluffy is busy crying, and doesn’t notice Thomas preparing to shave the fluffy. With a low humming buzz the razor starts to make the fluff fall away exposing stubbly skin. The fluffy sees its fluff falling all around its barrel shaped body with no legs, “Where am fwuffy’s weggies an fluff? Babbeh ne weggies fo rwun an pway an fwuff to be pwetty”. The fluffy squirms letting out spurts of “scardie poopies”. Thomas sees his work station get sprayed with fluffy shit and grimaces, he had just disinfected his station yesterday from the same thing.

Taking out a long metal phallic probe with a nozzle at the end, eric gets some lube out of the drawer, and positions the tip at the fluffy’s butthole. He pushes it inside, and the probe plunges deep in the fluffy’s rectum. The fluffy’s eyes get bigger at the probe pushing into it and begins to “SCREEE!!! POOPIE PWACE HURTIES!!!” Thomas secures the probe deep inside, and pushes a button causing the nozzle to fill the fluffy’s rectum with a sealing polymer. After the thick load of polymer was delivered, Thomas slowly pulls the probe out, trailing some liquid polymer, as droplets harden and dry around the fluffy’s butthole and special place. Placing the fluffy into the crate, he loads up the special recording ‘Antman’ had prepared.

Thomas loads the special custom message on an audio abuse device and puts it in the crate. He is curious what the recording will say, and presses start.

(Erie scream)
(Footsteps in a wooden hallway)
(Children laughing)
(A loud knocking)
(Something squishy making squirting sounds)
(A loud scream)

Thomas makes a noding gesture, “Yeah this is about what I would expect from good old Eric”. Thomas shakes his head, as he completes the order with Hurties Package 9. Thomas reaches into his drawer and pulls out a little plastic bottle of HCl, mixed with a few other corrosive chemicals. He reaches into the crate, and grabs the sobbing fluffy’s face, and pries open its right eye. He quickly places a few drops into the fluffy’s eye, and then repeats with the second eye. The fluffy begins to scream and chirp for its “mummah”, “MUMMAH SABE BABBEH!!! HAB WORSTEST HURTIES IN CEE-PWACES!!!” The mixture would slowly make the fluffy go blind. By the time the fluffy gets to Eric’s estate, it will be largely blind, seeing only shadows and movement. It will able to see movement of the centipedes in its final destination, the centipede terrarium. Thomas sends the fluffy off to its grim fate with a mocking salute, “God speed fluffy”.

A couple large crates arrive at Rebecca’s workstation, one after another. She gets up, “woah that’s a big order”, glancing at the invoice.

Processing order: 84644 MicroFluff Facility 58
Customer: First Jurassic Church
Color: Random Easter Colors
Type: Earthie
Quantity: 200
Size: small
Sex: Random
Tier: 4
Special Request:
Two orders of foal kabobs raw on skewers, 10 foals each
25 foals in a blanket raw ready to cook
55 foals wrapped in bacon, ready to bake
100 Live Crunchers
*Please give your allegiance to our Jurassic lord, Raptor Christ, who will deliver you unto carnivorous enlightenment. Ye the hug-boxer who does not drench their t-shirts in the blood of foals will be cast into the eternal vegan salad bar of despair.
Invoice: $244.78

Rebecca laughed, “Hey Thomas, the church or Raptor Jesus must be celebrating something”. Thomas laughed, oh yeah its some blood filled carnivorous holiday they have to worship their dinosaur god or something. They kind of remind me of Rocky, crunching on fluffies." Rebecca laughs, “Rocky is probably their leader or something.”

Packaging the “100 live cruncher” foals as is was easy enough. Rebecca closed the lid on their crate, and shipped them off happily chirping and peeping. Some of them dancing in place and in their own world talking about, “am bestest dancie babbeh fo ou!”. None of them knew they were heading to a psychotic church of people who will eagerly bite their heads off to see who can “crunch” a foal the loudest. They were off to a bloody and gruesome end, being eaten alive.

Rebecca spent the better part of 25 minutes wrapping foals in the biscuit dough accompanying the order. Wrapping each one up in a sticky doah, she lines them up on a metal tray above the ice pack. The foals all squirm and complain, until she decides to terrify them. Leaning over them, “All of you babies will be given burnie hurties until you have forever sleepies.” They all start crying at this, as she wraps up the last couple foals in a blanket, and secures them in the crate. She then takes out a couple sharp skewers, and starts to impale 20 foals. All of them squirt blood while chirping and peeping. Rebecca places all of the foals on skewers on ice near the biscuit covered foals, and secures the lid. The kabob foals are arguably in a lot of pain as they cry about “sharpie hurties”, as some of the foals in a blanket struggle to breath, getting the dough in their mouths. Rebecca seals up the crate of eatable foals, and sends them off to shipping. She wonders what the appeal is to crunching live foals. They can’t taste good. It must be a fun power psychotic thing. She smirks and thinks, ‘I may have to drop by this church sometime and crunch one or two’.

Just then Thomas gets an order sliding into his workstation. It’s another pillowing. Another slides into Rebecca’s station, its a ship “as is” order. The two process fluffies for another two hours before going home, and repeating the entire cycle the next day.


Aww, no Kitsune fluffy alicorn with a ridicilously long list of birth defects cause alicorn ?
Also there is an Y in Spyro.

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So basically there will only ever be one nonabused available per chapter? I don’t think this is a good way to start a fluffy telephone thing, it’s basically making abuse mandatory for the first parts and not everyone is into abuse. Please I beg you make more nonabused fluffies available if this is really the only option we have to start the fluffy telephone thing.

This is just a continuation of the series I started. The only one we have done so far with adopables was Chapter 3 to see if it worked. This is just another installment of the series.

I do think it’s better if the two are seperated just for more freedom and a better overview of what is what .
Conflating the two wil just confuse people .

Ah I see. I agree with AMDk, it might be best to separate the two from each other to lessen the confusion

Rocky is going places :money_mouth_face:

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Direct matter/energy conversion, let alone of something as complex as a living organism, would require major breakthroughs in physics, & have apocalyptic implications. Or so one is told.
Perhaps stick to holograms? Or rehydratable fluffs, even?

Nature has increasingly less to do with this.

Ah, more ant-ics! Wonder when he will start using ideas from Wagner?

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I think I know what inspired Rocky…


Absolutely those comics did inspire me. All of you on the fluffy boards have inspired me. Wolfram and Hopkins to name a couple of the greats. I will keep writing until I reach their level of cruelty to fluffies.

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These never get old. Also, damn Rocky, too valuable to really do anything about. lol