Microfluff Management: A CYOA by Thesaltt part 12

Microfluff Management: A CYOA by Thesaltt part 12

You and Shaishai head down to the water first. Your dry tongue and addled mind crave water above anything else, it’s almost all you can think of anymore. It didn’t take long before the light of the pointy illuminated the entrance of the watering section of the fluffy den. The room was fairly empty except a raised hill at the corner of the room the was shaped into a basin for water, and a pile of poopies in the opposite corner. It didn’t smell pretty, but the vision of water washed away any bad thoughts you had about the room.

“Shaishai,” you vocalize her name around the glowing pointy in your mouth. “Ponity haff shinies, but onwy when fwuffies push fluffies licky place on bottom of pointy.”

You hope you get your point across. It was a fairly complex concept for fluffies, and your words were garbled with the horn in your mouth, but Shaishai just nods and opens her mouth in response. You gently place the pointy in her mouth and show her how it works visually before taking your tongue off the base and bathing the room in darkness. The sudden absence of light makes the little yellow filly shriek, but after some gentle pats and reassurance, she’s able to pick up the pointy and shine the light once more.

“Gud Shaishai!” You praise her before you make your climb up the small hill. “Gwanite dwink wawa fiwst, den Shaishai, okie?”

She nods again silently as she turns the light this way and that. She’s scared and paranoid. Not much she’d be able to do in a stressful situation, but at least she’s trying to keep a lookout for whatever had assaulted the den earlier.

You press your lips and tongue to the surface of the water and wash away some of the poopies and booboo juice still there from earlier. The water is a refreshing reward for such hard work. You gulp greedily at the cold, cleansing fluid, filling your belly more than you probably should have, but boy was that something you needed. After a long while you raise your head up from the water to check on Shaishai. She had spent the entire time on lookout, but didn’t keep an eye on you at all. You guess she wasn’t suspecting an attack coming from you. She trusts you.

You walk back down the hill and trade responsibilities. She’s fairly quick with her wawa break, and you’re able to keep a good eye out before you regroup at the bottom of the little hill. You look around the room once more, but again you only find the poopies and the water.

“Shaishai, Gwanite thought Shaishai said dis was wawa and nummies woom?” You ask, your head cocked to the left. “Whewe nummies?”

“Gwanite…” She looks at you with a bit of concern. “Deh wawws and floows is nummies, siwwy.”

Granite, you’re an idiot.

You rub your face with on of your hooves in embarrassment which causes the little filly to smile and laugh. You crack a smile of your own and say, “I guess Gwanite am bein’ siwwy. Sowwy Shaishai.”

“It otay!” She squeeks with a big smile, something you haven’t seen in a while.

“Wet’s go.”

Refreshed, reenergized, and reinvigorated you head off to the soon mommah den. It doesn’t take very long at all. It seems the central intersection of the cave was fairly close to all destinations. The light of the pointy shines on the soon mommah den, which is filled with raised hills shaped into bowls. Pictures of the pale sky ball of the night enter your mind for a brief second before it disappears.

“Dis am dah soon mammah den.” Shaishai tells you. “Dat’s whewe Shaishai’s momma–”

She falls silent mid sentence, and as you scan the room you can see why. There’s not a mommah bed that isn’t covered in streaks of booboo juice. As you both go deeper into the den the familiar, sickening smell of high concentrations of booboo juice hits your nose. It makes your tummy churn and your eyes water. Shaishai suddenly collapses as she wraps her hooves around her head and lets out a long, low wail. This was where she was born. This was where her mommah was.

“It’s otay Shaishai.” You try to comfort her with soft, kind words of reassurance and a great big hug. “Evewyting gonna be otay.”

You sit there for a long while, the small filly soaks both hers and your fluff with her tears, her groans and cries muffled by the fluff of your belly.

What should you do now?



sorry for not getting to your suggestion A-S, but I honestly forgot checking out the smarty cave was on of the suggestions after I’d already done all the artwork and written out the story part.

Forgive the shitty art. I’m trying to make the art part of the CYOA a bit higher quality, but all I got is a mouse, MSPaint, and a single semester of Art 101 under my belt. Art’s gonna be a bit rough all around.

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I think your art is cute. It gives a little picture of what’s going on and to let us see what Granite is up to. Keep up the good work. :heart:

Next they should do a thorough sweep of the soon mommah den. If they find nothing more they should head towards the smarty’s den.

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Thank you!

search for more fluffies in the great blue wasteland and rebuild.