Midjourney is fun by boodog


I’m not sure these count as fluffy ponies, dude. You didn’t do anything that distinguishes them from dogs, as far as I can see? You couldn’t even be bothered to do anything about the non-text the AI generated at the bottom.

If I wanted four ugly cutesy drawings of dogs that look like guinea pigs, I could type in that prompt myself.


These look neat man! Thanks for sharing.


No it’s not. It’s fucking garbage.


So cute :hugs:

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Look a bit too much like doges to me.
But dont forget your name in the title.


It’s a start! Can you go back and tell it that this is good and now it needs like 10% more “stuffed MLP toy” and 50% more “dwarf mini pony” in it?

I do like the bottom right one but I have to agree with the others that they look a bit too doglike. Probably the noses.

Also, not sure but I think there is an AI tag somewhere


Bulmah miam-hiain
Very good name for your fluffy breed.
I think you must promote this breed.

Cute but they just look like dogs.

I think it’s gonna be a while until AI generators can do a proper fluffy.

It kinda reminds me of the steak scene from The Fly. You know what I mean? The teleported steak tastes synthetic because the computer doesn’t really understand organic matter, and just recreates a simulacrum of the steak that just isn’t right. Like that.

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It’s a fair start and I do like the bottom right one.

cute in a weird way

The cuteness aggression is strong with this one! :smiling_imp:

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Lot of hate in the comment section…

I like em, especially the ones that have actual hooves. Keep trying, youre on to something

Feel free to make a fluffy that you think is better.

No comment on the… content, but I WILL say that I HATE that @boodog’s profile picture is an actual human child. Get that shit off this site. This is not a place for real human child pictures. There are sickos here. Whether it’s you, or your kid, or some rando off the internet, or an AI generated child - doesn’t belong. @Karn can we get a ruling?

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Very fair point.
Real pictures in general should be avoided, let alone a picture of a kid.
I’ll change it manually.


yeah that pic WAS actually me as a kid… so, you know, some social sites etc I’ll use a current pic or a logo or a pic of something else, here, I chose a pic of myself, a bit self-deprecating because I was a weird looking little kid … whatever.
So, I’m not feeling bad here, that was my pic that I owned, it was literally ME. YOU guys made it weird, not me.

Heck of a great welcome for a first post.   Let's get back to the enfie-babbeh cartoons, shall we...

Wasn’t trying to make anyone feel bad.
Just for the best imo.