Mineral fluffies by FluffyStalker

Mineral fluffies unlike normal fluffiest grow from mountains and feed on rocks, their waste is slag and easy to manage, they grow 2 different pure minerals in their fluff depending on the concentration of minerals on their diet, these fluffies are useful on many industries, being the unicorns, pegasus and alicorns the most wanted. They lack teats and have rock solid bodies, more golem like to ensure enough mobility.

Earthies grow chunks of pure material on mane and tail areas and strings of the rarest materials will grow on patches of the fluff, the first and second most available mineral will grow on mane and tail.

Pegasus, unicorns and alicorns are the most wanted since they grow more pure chunks at a time, alicorns producing them on tail, mane, horn and wings reaching up to 5 chunks of production at the same time of different, for these fluffies is recommended a constant supply of ore since they can be substitutes for traditional and dangerous melting machines and keeping the jobs of the workers cleaning the slang from the fluffies and collecting the chunks they shed.

Their chunks and threads are ready for use on factories.

Certain fluffies will waste mineral and slack in exchange of growing gems on their chunks, these are highly valuable for the jewelry industry.


Interesting I’m pretty sure mineral fluffy breeders make a living out of this with the selling of mineral fluffy and having factories use them

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Most like fluffy catchers, they can’t be bred, they are born in the mountains and are like golems having no genitals or teats, foals are born from the mountains and grow eating the rocks there

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So… dorf fluffies?

Now I’m tempted to try and mod fluffies into dwarf fortress, but most of my DF mods wind up failing in ways that ruin the !!FUN!!. Though a fluffcom succession fort would be … interesting.

so would reproduction be sexual or asexual. i imagine a mare having a cave and a stallion a drill. thats the only way i picture them having special huggies.

Asexual, a couple of fluffies take care of 1 or more mountain foals and they’re special friends until all of the foals are grown up