Miss Abusalina In Colors... Mostly BLOOD Red! XD (by EpicSubterfuge

Oh the horror! XD Our counterfeit Pinkie had no chance, the little fucker. Another test before I go long format with this. Still getting used to draw the shitrats, ngl.

BTW, I’m taking commissions if anyone is interested. Hit me up in PMs for info.


Who is Miss Abusalina’s favorite horsepone, then?

The tongue is the most disturbing thing about her lmao.


She really gets deranged when doing her thing, haha. And her favorite poner is the one she can abuse the easiest! :crazy_face::skull::crazy_face::skull:

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Ikr? I like it weird!

I’d definitely classify her as a yandere. Or just crazy. Either way let her enjoy abusing the damn things.

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If fluffies are being sent to Hell, I’d call her a hero.

shawty kind crazy, id let her ruin my life, no cap


She’s just doing what she loves! XD

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I absolutely love your art style and would love for you to do a comission for me!

My idea is fun with weaponized gases, tear gas, mustard gas, sarin gas, fear gas , joker venom, and vx toxin, that’s a fun one if melts you from the inside out!

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Send me a PM, let’s talk! =)