Miss Sunshine’s Happy Fluff Daycare (Ace)

Miss Sunshine’s Happy Fluff Daycare was a wonderful place loved by all those who came to spend time there. It had everything a fluffy could want! From a colorful maze of tubes they could play around in, a sandbox, lots of cozy beds, a big yard to run around in, and nutritious meals made by Miss Sunshine. Who was she? Imagine the most cheerful and accommodating middle-aged woman you can, that’s who.

There was a dark storm brewing in this place however. Let us meet our main cast of zany fluffies…

There’s Princess, the fashionable mare of the bunch. With pink fur and a white mane/tail, she loves to be groomed and get dressed up in whatever outfits her owner chooses.

Next up is Sammy. He’s a tough little blue stallion who loves to play ball and splash around the mud.

And who could forget Chippy the Chirpy? A little yellow female foal who constantly peeps with lots of flair.

“Wub pwayin’ baww.” Sammy said, racing around and chasing a little red ball around. He wasn’t paying attention though, so the ball rolled past Princess and into a bush.

“Pwincess, wewe baww?” He asked with a confused expression, the mare giving him a concerned look.

“Gud fwiend Sammy wost baww? Huuhuu…” She lamented over the toy. If he was sad, she was sad too.

“Peep! Chirp!” Sez Chippy, with Miss Sunshine popping in out of nowhere to interject with: “That’s right, Chippy! If we all work together we can solve this mystery! So there’s no need to fret!”

Will Sammy find his lost ball? Will the carefree environment of Miss Sunshine’s Happy Fluff Daycare remain intact? With stakes this high, can you afford to lose out on the next part of this story?


So saccharine I got a tooth ache