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Kick the can is a fun game to play…


Kick the baby !

This one works on my aggression glands, with its screeching and whining.
The purple one worked on my hugbox fee fee’s this one just makes me want to punt it .

Dunno why.


SAME! I don’t know why, but instinctively I don’t like this one. What the heck is wrong with me?

Kick that baby.


Probably because this one is fat and whines and demanding
He is not in there long enough to feel the strain or grown so big the can is a constrictive prison.

The other foal the purple one has been in there so long he is traumatized and is quietly resigned to his faith sucking his hoof in traumatized silence

This one just screeches and demands.
The hugboxer in me is more inclined to help the purple one it needs help more and is neither whiny nor demanding.

I think thats the biggest different it doesnt demand help, nor does it whine.


That’s a very good point

Just noticed the green foal is a she.
Either way the green foal whines and demands the purple foal is traumatized.

That thing is disgusting even by fluffy standards.

Better spray pain the can black so nobody has to see it…and it can’t see out.


It wil screech even more because of the dark.

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Excellent, let it scream itself raw until it realizes nobody cares. Eventually it’ll break and shut down.


(Puts can in paint-shaking machine)
“Hehe, you’re going to get lots of hurties.”

Actually has anyone done an image or story about a foal in a can being put in a paint shaker?


No way. Put him in the tubes at the bank.

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The foal seems to be laboring under the delusion that their suffering is related to something they did and not just because the works is cruel and tiny horses live and die at the whims of of messed up people using them to deal with their own issues.

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Sorry, your image doesn’t feature a fluffy with a bone skull nor tentacle nipples, therefore it is being erased




Your post did not have skull heads nor tentacle nipples and is now marked for deletion.

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Hm. No waste, but no waste collection tubes.

Also, a female Smarty. Also, ape-like vulva.

Also the milk expiration date is 2088, or this Fluffverse is very advanced in a pre-1988 time period. That suggests the year is most likely sometime after 2078.

Also it became a Talkie before growing a mane. It also has no teat development.

Very interesting.

I always loved the, “babbeh no kno wat do” reasoning…so stupid. If he doesn’t kno what he did how is he not gonna do it again. Wonder if there brain might explode if ever posed to answer this question :smile:

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Poor thing has teeth like I did before braces.