mod and there endlles reposting

some one sober up the German and tell him to make a category for repost so it does not over crowd the new content, since his pet reposter can’t control himself

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Doesn’t really work that way when he’s posting to someone’s account.

It’d be nice if he didn’t try so hard to undermine Carp’s abuse work under the guise of nuance and context though.


The pursuit of knowledge cannot be stopped, heretic. Archiving is just one more way of venerating the 01001101 01100001 01100011 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100101 00100000 01000111 01101111 01100100.

Wait, so he’s adding whatever he wants? Flay him alive.

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Slow your roll bucko.

I’m referring to his insistence on framing a narrative with cherry picked comments from his booru archive instead of letting people just enjoy the vintage art as is.

Additional information provided by Carp himself is fine but as in the case of the “Zoo” upload, Oculus has misconstrued an abuse post as neutral because of his bias.

It’d be better if he just provided a link to the archived pages that exist so that people could see them for themselves if they’re that interested.


why is oculus uploading carp’s old shit any way carp is here if he wants his old shit uploaded carp can do it himself, if oculus only use here is to upload old shit he should upload people who are not here to do it them selves

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The site’s long loads are proving to make posting responses difficult.

Part of the reason why I am curating the content the way I am is because a fair amount of Carpdime’s content is indeed nuanced. I look to the work of chemically treated balding fluffies as an example. It could be understood as abuse, as you suggested, but the comments and interaction with CaptainD prove it isn’t.

For reference - Impending Zoo (Story by Ryuunosuke) (Artist: Carpdime) (Fb id: 30447)

Here’s the thing. To you its miscontrued as an abuse post, to me its a neutral post because it could also be interpreted as one. The tag clearly said “zoo”. Whether it was added there by him or someone else its what I want to inquire.

You see, fluffybooru had a system where anyone could tags to any piece they wanted. So there were instances where “hugbox” was added to “abuse” images as a means of trolling hugboxers, or abuse added to non-abuse pics, and so on. Because of this, its sometimes difficult to know if the tgas for a piece are the “exact” tags posted by the creator himself.

Part of the job of curation is to try and give some context to an image to the best extent one can. Carpdime did a lot of worldbuilding and exploration of fluffies as a concept, and it is something that he has focused more on as he returned to the fandom in 2020. Thus even Carp himself views his past content in a different degree from the way some of us do. There is a lot of abuse content that is, indeed, stressball or part of the “because-fuck-you-that’s-why” mentality associated with fluffyabuse nowadays and at the time, but is not always the case.

I “could” post every comment I come across as on an archived page, but indeed, there’s a lot of rageposting, abuseRP and complaining that was the standard for the average booru comment at the time. So the curation I am going for is reserved for the posts I consider more nuanced - and indeed, Carp’s comments on certain images is very enlightening. Consider the barbed wire pic - to any outside it would impending doom/abuse, but Carp himself stated its weirdbox. As somebody who chats with Carpdime quite regularly, he himself would prefer a nuanced approach to some of his older work, especially in relation to his newer work, 2020 onwards.

And as I’ve said a bunch of times, the final say on who or what a piece is like and should be interpreted as is Carpdime - if he wants the tags and information a piece reflecting what it should, I am obliged to do so, and he could also do it himself “because” its his content under his account.


Oculus, I think you should also mention some more of the reasoning you put to me when we talked about Carp’s work and you going down the “curate” vs. “just post it” route to attract in some new blood.

And for the people who may not have encountered the booru live, aside from the freedom to tag, there were many comments just like here which are not much to do with the original post or the intent behind it. Which I think should still be the case here since the curation and proper tagging establish artist intent and then the commentary does not matter as much.

If it’s either a case of post it without comment or try to put a little museum tag on it and add some curator’s notes from conversations with the artist/contemporaries, I think Oculus has some decent enough reasons for wanting to make sure Carp’s work is a good entryway for people to find a stable and fleshed out world of fluffies. And a good way to do that is to at least use what notes, history, and chats with Carp where possible to put in some sort of context. So you should at least hear those reasonings out if Oculus wants to post them.

And this is coming from me, who would just as soon squeeze every last ounce of milk out of the belly of a fat Carp foal and watch it cry because why not, it’s my stressball. The community can benefit from organizing some of the old/more famous stuff with context, even if it’s just simple tagging and posting available context.


The thing is, Carpdime saved none of his content. Carpdime drew all of his 2014 to 2016 pictures on his phone, which he cleared out after he finished uploading it. So what we have in the archive is the only copies of his artwork.

In addition, Carpdime actually prefers not to upload his past content himself, as he would prefer to focus his newer content. Its why he allows others to upload his content, including myself.

Also, an Update regarding the Zoo picture - I saw the clarification that Carpdime provided. I am now amending it to the correct abuse and impending doom tags as intended. (or at least when the site is less wonky)


As a long time former anon on the Booru, I deeply appreciate the curation, though I’d maybe enjoy seeing batches instead of single work uploads. I know you’ve posted a couple of duos because of similar content, but… it’s a lot of fuckin posts. Maybe post batches of foals, batches of adults, batches of happy fluffies, sad fluffies, dying fluffies. At least while the site is taking 12 years to load.


I get where you’re coming from. Speaking as a curator, I feel it’s a difficult balance. Some artists from the booru had, not wanting to take the time to curate, had literally just posted everything they did in one shot - abuse, hugbox, sadbox, everything in one post, making it harder to differentiate or appreciate specific content. Other times, and it has been the case that random uploaders post only one picture, without context and further information, purely the picture for percieved shock (or hugbox) value. I’ve been thinking that some certain long comics should be placed within one post, but said artist chose to upload their comic piece by piece.

You also got to keep in mind that posts on the booru were “single file”. Text posts were uploaded in a text file, image files were in a single file. As such, there was a lot of discussion centered about specific individual images. In addition, some images were meant to stand on their own, independent from others. In other cases, its something observed in hindsight - three of Carp’s pictures were about fluffies being shaved/have their fluff removed, and they could be placed together. But each of those images was also different in tone, story and subject matter from the other two, which is why they’ll remain seperate. Other times, it can’t be helped - Damn Fluffies 1 & 2 was uploaded seperately by two different people last year who perceived the abuse images without research and uploaded it perhaps for shock value.

The uploading of Carpdime’s work was something I intially tried to snail over the past three years, but I kept putting off for various reasons. Recent circumstances, as well as the abundance of free time, is the reason why I have put up the content as much as I did. If it feels like a lot, I tried to space it out between 10 posts at certain intervals. I should also mention that I’m currently down to the last 20 specifically abuse, sadbox, moronbox and hard-neutral pictures by Carpdime. After which, I plan to go back to snailing the softer content.


Neutral. Got it.

I’m sure you will be so thorough to explain the mindset of abuse artists whenever you get around to posting them.

Sarcasm aside, part of the amusement of following these reposts is watching the mental gymnastics you undertake. It’s not just me noticing it either.

Oculus, I think you should also mention some more of the reasoning you put to me when we talked about Carp’s work and you going down the “curate” vs. “just post it” route to attract in some new blood.

The amount of people who joined this community just by seeing a YouTube video that actively misrepresented its content is a direct contradiction to this entire line of thinking. People will join anyway – it’s just a matter of whether they care enough to learn about the past legacies or not.

I don’t think it should be mandatory to give a history lesson with each piece of content, is all. Moreover, from a skewed source.

just want to add my input as someone who posted stuff on the booru and recently returned, I have been considering uploading my stuff from the archive but I think I would do a single/handful of posts to avoid spamming the new images feed.


As someone who posted on Reddit before I was banned there, all of that content was reposted here in five posts.

I’d link them as example but my decency makes it feel like self-shilling so of you’re interested you can search for “Reddith83r reposts” and see for yourself.

Aside from my minimal explanations for what each post contains, I don’t need you to delve into the culture of Reddit and the time period in which those pieces were made in order for you to enjoy them.

Oculus has been trying to finish up a massive reuploading project and chooses to do it in bursts rather than slowly as to get it done. And as he as already said, he’s nearly finished and will go back to a less rapid pace soon, so the point is moot.

Very true, but by that same logic people can see the posts that Oculus has done and enjoy them with or without the historical context. They can choose to care about it or not.

And with Mcgee’s question more than answered, I think this is a good place to close the post.