More AI Art Experiments (“By” Thk)

Starting to get the hang of it. Still odd it sometimes explodes into random ideas and sometimes does basically the same one six times.

Important notes: “chonky obese short miniature dwarf pony, fluffy puff poofy, neon” are almost obligatory for most generations and evolutions. Throwing in “hamster” or “badger” every few evolutions makes it less horse and more Fluffy, with one evolution after it is removed to get rid of the toes and whiskers. Its very difficult to generate balls or teats, wings appear and disappear into the mane and are most pronounced after a rodent evolution. Horns become extra sets of ears then are gone if keywords are removed or by random chance.

Also, an AI Art tag would be nice.


Fluffy #36 (the rainbow pastel one that looks like it has an orange bandage around it’s waist) is my favorite, followed closely by fluffy prototype #6. Good work on this, and trying to work out the fluffy AI formula.


#6 is my favorite.

Gives me
‘Mom can we get a fluffy pony?’
‘We have fluffy at home.’
fluffy at home’ vibes. xD

Wait, isn’t 21 just an actual miniature horse photo?

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Lol dang it. None of these look like my fluffy abominations but some of these give me such vivid flashbacks to 90’s MLP toys. Like I love some of these a lot.


They’re all so chubby Ahhh! Number 6 is how I picture them if they were real. Just make them dirty from living outside and bam! It’s done!


These are so cute and cool! I wish I could use one of those good AI programs but I don’t have money. :frowning:

Craiyon is fun but it never gets faces right even of cartoon characters, and the only other free alternative I’ve found is sketchy and possibly connected to that awful NFT bullshit.


Use Stable Diffusion. Free, and its the one easiest to get NSFW from especially if you get it working as Unstable Diffusion.

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Sounds almost perfect, but NSFW as in gore or sexual stuff?

Gore I’m okay with, but I’d rather not be bombarded with sexual stuff since I’m ace. :sweat_smile:

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First is my favorite. I love abominations.

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Aside from the occasional odd result you have to try for NSFW content. You can go through hoops to generate locally and have more freedom, but to generate a nude woman you have to use word salad. “Chest young woman bare” instead of “boobs” for example, which most hosts will block.

Its all based on context for words. Associations.

Gore is both easier and harder. Its less filtered, but the work arounds have more context so you get more random things you don’t want.

Its like why I am using “pudgy chonky obese” to make Fluffies out of horses.

The prompt ends up more of a chaotic mess. I saw it described as Dadaist poetry, and it kind of is.

To give an example, this prompt was used after applying a script enabling banned words to generate this porn piece of a generic anime princess which I am cropping the nudity out of (sorry, but its the easiest example of creating a piece).

“fantasitic CG unity wallpaper of
beautiful colette from ratatouille
full body shot, perfect symmetrical
face ruby eyes with elegant
eyelashes pale pink short hairstyle
glowing skin, bare naked, nude,
sexy pose, with frills cleavage nude
breasts, ((shaved vagina)), by
alphonse mucha and krenz cushart.
artgerm strong rim light flower
“Negative prompt: ugly, fat,
obesity, chubby, deformed,
deformity, ugliness, blurry,
disfigured, poorly drawn face,
mutation, mutated, extra limbs,
wrong hands, messy drawing, text,
cropped head”


Its just a jumble of words, which has gone through several generations of alterations based on changing keywords to the original pic.

It takes a lot of redos to get hands even close to right, the AI struggles heavily on that.

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These are great! :smile:

All of them make me want to throw up.