Muerte por blowjoob xd (nessie)

I don’t know if I can consider this a head cannon because it’s like a reinterpretation of something I read in a comic book about fluffys.

I’m sorry this time for not remembering the author of that information.

But I wanted to give an explanation as to why the fluffys get horny when they see the blonde.


Since it’s not in English, let me sum it all up

Fluffies are horny assholes and get horny if your hair has strong colors and resemble a horse’s mane


Also, eyes.

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It always good to see a fluffy pervert use its dick for terrified pissing instead of what it wants. I wonder if the skewer affected its spinal cord!

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I mean … For that punk looking lass … Would.
But yeah love seeing your art lol

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