mummah drama syndrome [by Fluffy_Sea_Dragon]

Got this idea form @vic_vyper (kind of)

mummah drama syndrome is quite common among female fluffies even young ones
this was debate if it was intend or just another glitch, its a syndrome where the female fluffies will go baby crazy but their are stages to the syndrome and how to avoid them.

Stage 1
The for this to start they need to her the word mummah and babbeh multiply times or the mentions of babbehs or motherhood

how to avoid: use the word less than usually or a more easy task no fluffy tv cause this is main cause of mares running away to have babbehs

stage 2
this is where they would ask “what’s a babbeh and what makes them so special ?”
this staged is quite easy to deal with

how to avoid: a simple answers and “babbehs aren’t that great anyways” would always work

stage 3
learning and observing, yes fluffies are dumb and naïve but they are able to learn but at a very slow rate, fluffies would try to learn form animals, humans, fluffies and any available knowledge of babbehs and motherhood, at this stage it where owners mess up since fluffies are very slow learners so it takes much longer than the rest of the stages

how to avoid: a stern talking to, strict rules, punishments if said rules are broken,

stage 4
this is stage is where the fluffy begs its owner to have babies and try to reason with their owner this is where it gets hard to control

how to avoid: try to explain to it

stage 5
this is where the female acts like a complete bitch and cause drama until she gets her baby to the point where she would run away

how to avoid: No way to avoid it

to completely stop this before it starts is to neuter the damn fluffy


Reminds me of my Bitch Mother Syndrome


Well I hope I didn’t copied you and if I did I’ll delete my post, love your work by the way

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Thanks! And no lol you didnt copy me. You’re good.


Ramalama Mummah-Drama ding-dong!!!


Yes, same thing diffrend name for me too.

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Cool idea and a great tool for world building for other and/or new writer.

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thank you