Mummah Of The Year (Ace)

“Daddeh! Daddeh! DADDDEEHHH!” Lulu screeched from her position on a comfortable cushion. The purple and yellow mare was a mummah now and didn’t care to move much unless it was to go potty. Instead she’d taken to screaming and causing a fuss though her babbehs were walking around (albeit it clumsily) and talking. Heck in like a week or two they’d been weaned off from her milk.

Her owner, Brian, was summoned by the sound of her screeching. He was already kind of irritated because of the heat in the house and having her be annoying was the last thing he wanted.

“What? It’d better be important.” He told her, still holding a roller brush he’d been using to paint a room.

“Wuwu ‘nee bestest skettis ‘fo makie miwkies ‘fo babbehs.” She tapped her hooves impatiently on the floor while glaring at him.

Brian looked over to the kibble station. Something which he’d stocked with some of the best high fat nursing mummah food which cost an arm and a leg.

“You know what? You’re going to spend some time in the Sorry-Box as soon as I can find it.” He grumbled, going off to search for it. Just five minutes in there would fix her attitude.

“Huu…nuu….” Lulu lamented. Anything but the Sorry-Box! Looking to her babies, she knew she had to do something. There was an orange filly named Blossom, a green colt named Ecto, a brown filly named Munchkin, and Periwinkle who was the same color as his namesake. They were busy doing tasks such as espowin’ in the case of Ecto or standing in the litterbox and waiting for good poopies to come in the case of Blossom.

“Babbehs! Come ‘wif mummah!” She got up off her pillow and lowered herself to the ground to show that she wanted the babies to get on top of her back. All four giggled and began to pile on.

“Gud uppsies!” Chimed Munchkin, nuzzling at her mumma’s fluff.

As soon as they were all on, she loudly announced: “Wuwu wunnin’ away fwom bad daddeh! Nu gib skettis, gib sowwy box ‘stead!” With that she snatched up her favorite stuffy-toy and bolted toward the front door, which was just a screen door at the moment. The babies weren’t strong enough to open it but Lulu was. Brian had thought she wouldn’t even move from pillows but boy was he wrong. She ran out onto the sidewalk after causing the door to bang open, skittering down the sidewalk as fat as she could. The rapid movement was enough to cause Periwinkle to come tumbling off her back and plop to the sidewalk. Luckily he wasn’t too seriously injured but he was scared enough to revert to peeps and chirps for a moment.

“Mummah! ‘Dun weab Pewiwinkew!” He waggled his front hooves out. Lulu stared at him for a long moment. Her favorite stuffy-toy was in her mouth and she didn’t want to stoop down to let him crawl back on because munstah daddeh might come out of the house and Sorry-Box her. Instead she turned away and went skittering back down the street.

Brian had heard her proclamation that she was running away and didn’t exactly believe her until the screen door crashed open. It’s not like he put a lot of effort into running after her. Walking to the front door and seeing Periwinkle peeping on the hot sidewalk, he went out and collected the poor boy.

“Wewe mummah? Wan mummah!” He sniffled.

Brian stroked a finger across the top of his head. “Trust me: You’re the lucky one little dude.”

Meanwhile, Lulu ran and ran until she could run no more. She found a small wooded area and went slinking in against the trees. Placing her stuffy-friend down, she began organizing a few things. A few twigs and leaves just squished into a semi-coherent pile. “Teehee…dis am nyu nestie.” She got close to the ground so that her babbehs could get off. They didn’t seem very impressed.

“Wewe toysies?” Asked Munchkin, suckling on a front hoof with a look of concern.

“Dewe nu nummies ‘fo miwkies.” Chimed in Ecto.

“Dis am nestie…?” Questioned Blossom, nudging a twig with one hoof. It sure was a far cry from their comfortable little beds at home.

“Dis am nyu nesties. Dun be bad babbehs.” After all the running and being kind of a fatass after having been pampered during and after her pregnancy, Lulu decided to lay down on the forest litter and get cozy for a nap. Instead of allowing her babbehs to play with her stuffy-friend, she tucked it close and held it against her front legs. “Mummah hab sweep naow. Yew babbehs be gud.” She told them. Blossom and Munchkin decided it’d be a good chance to get miwkies before it inevitably ran out, getting in close to suckle from her.

Ecto, on the other hand, had other plans. He was an esplowin’ babbeh. “Mummah nee’ Ectoo babbeh tu find bestest nummies.” Waggling his tail and breaking away from the group, he’d circle around the tree and an acorn. He stuffed it into his mouth and smugly went to trot it back to his mummah. She’d be so happy when she woke up and found nummies. Before he could get back, though, he fell down into something. A puddle!

“Hewp! HEWWWPPP!” Ecto splished and splashed around the puddle with a great amount of fear on his face. Lulu snapped awake and got up, going over to see her foal on the verge of drowning himself.

“Huuu! NUUUU!” She cried out. The puddle was nothing to a full-sized fluffy like herself. It would only be a threat to a foal.

“Mummah! Hewp! Ba’ wawa! ECTOO ‘NEE MUMMAH!” He pleaded for her but the mare wouldn’t budge forward to help him. Wawa was bad! Proof: It was killing her babbeh! If she got close it might get her too. Lulu shook her head and trotted back to her other two children.

“Hewp bwuddah! Mummah!” Munchkin pulled against her tail to try and get her to spring into action.

“SU SCAWIES!” Blossom cried against the ground. Lulu gathered the two up and began to sing the mummah song.

“Mummah wub babbehs…babbehs wub mummah…” She cooed to them in an effort to try and get them to ignore their brother helplessly drowning.

“SCREEEEEE! ECTOO NU WAN FOWEBBA SWEEPIES!” He sobbed, hooves finding no traction against mud on the side of the puddle. Lulu just continued singing until finally he stopped, floating facedown in the muddy water. She gave a small ‘huu’. It had only been twenty minutes and she’d already lost two foals.

Day turned to night. Mummah and babbehs didn’t want to move from their spot. When morning came though, Lulu was out of milk and the foals let her know. Loudly.

“Mummah! Miwkies for babbehs! Babbehs ‘nee miwkies ‘fo gwow biggies!” Munchkin said with tears in her eyes, tummy giving a desperate little growl.

Lulu nodded. “Mummah am gu fin’ nummies for babbehs.” With that she got up from the nest and went trotting around the area to see what could be found. She wasn’t a feral fluffy though. If there were nummies here, they weren’t very pretty. Instead she went out to the road where the vroomies were. There were human in the vroomies and when they saw a mummah who needed to feed the babies, surely they’d stop and give her some. Standing in the middle of the road she puffed her tail out and stamped a hoof down defiantly.

“Gib mummah bestest nummies ‘fo gud babbehs!” A car nearly collided into her but managed to avert at just the right time.

The next one wasn’t so lucky. Lulu stared at it and yelled: “GIB NUMMIES! BABBEHS ‘NEE MIWKIES!” The driver laid on the horn but had not intention on moving. The fluffy stared it down for a moment before she realized death was coming right toward her. She squealed, pissed herself in fear, tried to run away. The fender caught her back half with a crushing of bones and sent her tumbling through the air and smacking face-first into a ditch which was near her new nest.

“HUWTIES! WUWU HUWTIES! WEGGIES!” Her back legs were mangled and hurt so badly. Giving a few ‘huuhuus’, she began to painfully crawl back to her nest using only her front legs with the shattered remains of her hind ones dragging out limply behind her.

It had taken her hours but Lulu was finally back at the nest. Sobbing to her children.

“Mummah ‘nee huggies! Weggies su much huwties!” But the foals had gripes of their own. Mainly, starvation. They were in a phase of their life where they needed that milk or death was sure to come. Squealing with delight that their mummah was back and not caring (for the moment) that her legs were hurt, they got down to try and suckle from her teats and found nothing.

“Nuu…su hungwy…babbeh ‘NEE NUMMIES!” Blossom screeched and cried, digging her face down to the ground.

Munchkin had, maybe, had enough. The foal gave her mummah a glare. “Yew am wowstest mummah! Nu miwkies, hab bestest housie ‘n wun away, bwuddah am fowebba sweepies! YEW AM BAD MUMMAH!”

Lulu shook her head. “Nuu…Wuwu am bestest mummah…gib babbehs nyu nestie…”

Munchkin looked down to the nest. It was just a few leaves and twigs. It was nothing compared to the nice stuff they’d had back home. “Dis am dummeh nestie!” The brown filly walked up to her mother, turned around, lifted her tail and shat on her.

“Yew am poopiest mummah! Hab poopies! Babbeh wun away fwom mummah!” With that she ran away, Lulu screeching for her to come back but to no avail. Blossom may have followed her but she was too hungry to even move. All she could do was lay there and lament the fact there were no milkies and she was getting sleepy.

With Lulu gone, Brian had decided to wean Periwinkle off his milk earlier than intended. Soaking some foal kibble in formula, he’d soften it up good and let the colt go to town on it. Periwinkle squealed with delight as he climbed in the food bowl and declared it was the bestest nummies ever. He was wearing a cute little bib so he wouldn’t get too messy but he was practically playing in the food right now. Brian allowed it: He was being adorable.

“Dank yew daddeh. Dis am bestest nummies. Wub yew su muchsie!” The colt burped and shuffled off to the litterbox to do his business and make good poopies. Afterwards, his owner would bring him to the sink for a nice warm bath with lots of foamy bubbles. He’d wash the colt off and dry him with a towel, bringing him to his little pillow bed and covering him up with a blanket so he was nice and snug.

Meanwhile, Lulu sat in the rain chewing on the corpse of Blossom. It didn’t matter though. She’d just be hungry again soon and her legs wouldn’t be bringing her anywhere. A lot of fuss over five minutes in the Sorry-Box.


I hope she gets raped to death by a marauding herd of smarties


I wanna see a sequel with Munchkin and Lulu’s bleak fates XD. I know Munchkin ran away, but that doesn’t mean she’s safe :smiley:


Wow I think that’s the strongest response I’ve seen you give anything lol


I have a sensitive spot for bad mothers.

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Is the sensitive spot impaled on a stallion?


To be fair, “Raped to death by horses” is my go to punishment for everything from terrorists to jaywalkers.


We will be in doubt about what happened to Munchkin, he wanted to see how the mare saw all her foals die.


Bro went to the Mr. Hands school of law.


I kinda want munchkin to become a cannibal fluffy and eat her own mother. You know so she can munch on her kin.

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If she’s very lucky and picks the right direction, she can walk the five metres back to their owner’s house.