MUMMAH'S WITTEW 'SPWOUWIN (Exploring) BABBEH [By FoalOut4 - 42356]


By FoalOut4


Says a barely week old monochrome blue pegasus colt in the living room of a house, crawling around on the carpet far from the nest. The foal is smiling, looking around in every direction, chirping and peeping loud happy chirps and peeps, saying that he “wubs” to “'spwouwe” (explore), while crawling around in random directions, looking at the world around him in pure awe.

A blue pegasus mare with a green mane smiles lovingly at the blue foal from her fluffy bed, with three other foals squirming around in her fluff, chirping and peeping, while occasionally saying “Wub!” and “Miwkies!” and “Mummah!”.

They all just started talking early this morning, soon after they first opened their eyes. It’s late in the evening hours now.

“Mummah su pwoud ob hew wittew 'spwouwin babbeh!” the mare shouts to her blue foal as she beams a proud smile at him and tears up, overcome with emotion.

“Mummah wookin 'spwouwin babbeh! Mumman wookin! Mummah wub hew wittew spwouwin babbeh!” she shouts to her exploring blue foal.

The blue foal continues to crawl around in random directions in the room, far from the nest, chirping and peeping, while saying phrases like “wub 'spwouwe!” and “babbeh 'spwouwe!” over and over again.

Daddy stands near the bathroom, watching the little blue foal exploring the living room. The foal is close to entering the hallway near where the bathroom is where Daddy is standing. Daddy hopes he wanders near him.

You see, Daddy is an abuser. And mummah fluffy and her foals have no idea. He took her and her foals in from a back alley when they were three days old, promising them a good home. And so far, he has treated them like a total hugboxer. Now the foals are just barely a week old and have opened their eyes and started to speak today.

Daddy thinks its time to let up on the ruse, and he has his eyes fixated on mummah’s wittew 'splowin babbeh, which has just crawled into the hallway.

CHIRP Babbeh 'spwouwe! PEEP Wub 'spwouwe! CHEEP

Says the blue foal as he explores the hallway just several feet in front of Daddy, smiling, chirping and peeping, crawling happily away.

Daddy sits down on his knees and motions for the blue foal to come over to him.

The little blue foal smiles at him, and starts crawling towards him, and says,

CHIRP “Dadda, wook! PEEP Babbeh 'spwouwe, babbeh 'spwouwe!” CHEEP

“I see that little guy! I hope you’re having fun exploring! Daddy wants to give you huggies!” says Daddy.

PEEP “Wub Dadda!” CHEEP “Wub huggies!” CHIRP says the blue foal, as he crawls within the grasp of Daddy.

Daddy grins, and makes his move.

Daddy roughly picks up the blue foal by the scruff, pinching his scruff very hard with his fingernails as he lifts him up to his face, while shaking him and dangling him carelessly around. The foal lets out a startled “EEEE, EEEEE, ba’ upsies! Ba’ upsies! PEEEP CHEEEP

Daddy then pinches the blue foal VERY HARD in the side with his other hand, fingernails digging deep and painfully.

The blue foal lets out a loud cry of pain “SCREEEEE!”, and pisses and shits itself. The foal has become frightened and starts shaking.

PEEEEEP SCAWWWWYYY! CHEEEEEP MUMMAH! MUMMAH! PEEEEEP” shouts the foal, as it begins to emit a rapid series of scardy peeps in distress.

The mare has been watching from a distance and is now very scared and very concerned for her foal.

She gets up from her nest and starts trotting over towards Daddy as swiftly as she can, with her other foals still on her back.

“Mummah comin babbeh! Mummah comin! Daddy, pwease put babbeh down! Babbeh am tu wittew fow upsies! Nee tu be wif mummah!”

Daddy ignores her, gets up from his kneeing position, and enters the bathroom with the blue foal. He quickly shuts the bathroom door behind him.

Daddy roughly tosses the foal in the sink, where it lands with a loud PEEEEP and starts Huu Huuing. The foal pathetically puts one hoof in its mouth and starts suckling on it like a pacifier, while emitting muffled chirps and peeps, its eyes watering with tears.

“Daddy wants to do some exploring with you! I want to explore how many hurties I can give you before you take forever sleepies! Won’t that be fun? Aren’t you 'cited? You should be! Daddy sure is!”

The blue foal starts bawling, flailing his hooves around in the sink like in a tantrum, and starts crying out loud “Mummmaaah!”

“Oh, don’t be that way! I thought you loved exploring?”

The mare has reached the other side of the bathroom door and is pounding on it with her two front hooves.

“Mummah hewe babbeh, nu haf saddies nu moaw! Daddeh, pwease gif babbeh tu mummah! Babbeh nee mummah! Babbeh nee mummah! Babbeh haf scawdies an saddies! Babbeh am tu wittew fow Daddeh’s upsies!”

Daddy ignores her cries from the other side of the door, and takes out a long sewing needle and a lighter.

Daddy starts heating up the sharp end of the needle with the flames of the lighter, and starts singing a foal nursery rhyme …

“Babies are for huggies an wuv, huggies an wuv, huggies an wuv! Babies are for huggies an wuv, huggies an wuv, huggies an wuv!”

Daddy picks up the blue foal, turns him around, and shoves the heated sewing needle directly and deeply into the foal’s asshole!


Says the foal as it squirms wildly in Daddy’s hand, eyes bugging out with horrific pain, mouth open wide screaming, before going into a rapidly series of instinctual scawdy chirps and peeps to alert its mother.

“BABBEEEEEH! HUU HUU! PWEASE NU HUWT BABBEH DADDEH, AM ONWY WITTEW BABBEH!” Mummah cries through the bathroom door, while pounding rapidly on it. You can hear her other foals crying from on her back.

Daddy continues singing the “babies are for huggies an wuv” song over and over, while pulling out a second sewing needle.

“Daddy wuv 'splowre! Daddy wuv 'splowre!” says Daddy in a mocking voice, as he inserts the second sewing needle right through the foal’s balls! Going right through both ballsacks!


Says the blue foal in agony, as he flails uselessly around in Daddy’s hand, pissing and shitting itself yet again, trying wildly to escape his grasp.

“Huu Huu, why daddeh gif huwties tu Mummah’s wittew 'spwouwin babbeh? Huuuuu, dis am tu many heawt heawties fow mummah! Huu Huuu! Pwease daddeh, pwease gif babbeh tu mummah! Gif babbeh tu mummah!” cries the mare through the bathroom door, still uselessly pounding away at it.

“Daddy wuv 'splorin da 'splorin babbeh!” says Daddy in a mocking voice.

Daddy takes his lighter and holds the flames up to the foal’s genitals for a very long period of time. Watching the foal scream, squirm, cry, and try desperately to escape his grasp.

The foals facial expression is that of pure horror and agony, its screams turn hoarse, its little hooves wildly squirming in all directions, as its genitals burn, sizzle, and pop.

“Babies are for huggies an wuv, huggies an wuv, huggies an wuv! Babies are for huggies an wuv, huggies an wuv, huggies an wuv!” sings Daddy.

“Awww, Daddy’s wittew 'splorin baby, awwwww.” Daddy says as he starts jamming a thumb tack deep into the foal’s tender fluff, rapidly, over and over again.

“Awww, Daddy’s wittew 'splorin baby, awwwww.” said again and again, with each rapid series of deep jabs with the thumb tack, the foal just screams and squirms in agony.

Daddy imbeds the thumbtack deep into the foal’s right eye, eliciting even louder screams of pain and agony SCREEEEEEEEEE, and snaps one of the foal’s front and back legs, both broken at weird angles, before callously tossing the foal back into the sink.

Daddy smiles as he watching the foal do nothing but scream and squirm around in the sink in pure agony for the next 10 minutes, with the mare still pleading and pounding at the bathroom door.

“Daddy wants to 'splore putting mouthwash on those wounds!”

Daddy grabs some mouthwash, unscrews the top, and pours it all over the screaming foal! The mouthwash seeps deep into the foal’s wounds! The foal screams and screams!

“Is babbeh wuving dis 'splore wif Daddy?” he says mockingly to the tortured foal.

“Daddy needs to get some sleep now! Night night!”

Daddy turns out the bathroom light, opens the bathroom door, and callously KICKS the mare as hard as he can in the stomach before she can move past him to get inside the bathroom.

The mare voicelessly screams (wind knocked out of her) and writhes on the ground while Daddy closes the bathroom door. Her other foals tumbled off of her back, and are laying around crying on the ground.

Daddy purposely steps on one of them closest to him and crushes it. The foal lets out a quick SCREEE- before its windpipe is crushed, and it soon dies.


While the crying mummah is struggling to catch her breath, with the wind totally knocked out of her, Daddy leaves the room to go back to his own bedroom and go to sleep for the night.

The next morning, Daddy sees the mare crying over the crushed foal in the hallway, trying uselessly to hug it back to life.

“Mummah nu wike dis game babbeh. Pwease, make wakies and tawkies fow mummah! Make wakies and tawkies fow mummah! Fow mummah! Huu Huu Huuuuu!”

The mare occasionally gets up and starts pounding on the bathroom door to try again in vain to get to her 'splorin babbeh.

You can hear the blue foal’s screams of pain from within the bathroom, even far down the hallway. I doubt the foal had any sleep with its horrible wounds.

Mummah looks over to Daddy and pleads with him yet again to let her inside the bathroom to comfort her hurt wittew 'splouwin babbeh.

Daddy grins, doesn’t say a word, and takes out a brutal looking sorry stick.

The mare starts to back away in fear as Daddy walks up to her, then he lashes out and starts brutally beating the mare, while her remaining foals hug each other on the carpet and cry!

“NU HUWT MUMMAH DADDEH! BABBEHS NEE DEWE MUMMAH! BABBEHS NEE DEWE MUMMAH!” the mare shouts over and over again as Daddy beats her to a bloody pulp.

He beats her until she can no longer walk, just weakly crawl around, and starts chirping like a foal in her great pain. Her remaining foals try giving her huggies, to no avail.

Daddy walks over to their fluffy bed, takes their blanket away, returns to the crawling broken mare, and begins strangling the mare to death with it!

The mare’s eyes bug out of her head, and her tongue flails wildly out of her mouth, as Daddy strangles her to death with her own blanket! Daddy mockingly shouts at her, “BABBEHS NEE DEWE MUMMAH! BABBEHS NEE DEWE MUMMAH! BABBEHS NEE DEWE MUMMAH!” over and over again as he strangles her! She pisses and shits herself as she is violently strangled to death.

He shoves her strangling face in front of her remaining foals. One foal puts its hooves over its eyes and bawls loudly. The other foal stares shocked in fear at its mother’s strangled face and screams “SCAAAWWWYYYYY! MUMMAH SCAAAWWWYYYYY!”

Soon, she gives up struggling, and dies. Her eyes half-open, staring at nothing forever. Her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Her remaining foals in tears.

Daddy picks up the dead mummah, leaves the room, and enters the bathroom with her. He turns on the light, and shoves her face into the sink, where her screaming 'splorin babbeh lay in agony, looking up in absolute fear and sadness with his one good eye.

“Daddy 'splored giving mummah forever sleepies! Yaaaaay!”

The blue foal cries loudly, letting a few “MUMMAAAAAH!” cries escape its mouth inbetween screees and eeeees. Daddy roughly picks up the blue foal, and carries him and his dead mother to the garage.

He throws the dead mummah onto the cold hard floor, and places her wounded 'splorin foal on her back. Daddy then takes out another sewing needle, and impales the foal into his mother’s back with it. “SCREEEEEEEE!”

“Remember how proud your mummah was of her 'splorin babbeh? Remember? Now your mummah isn’t proud at all, in fact, she doesn’t even exist anymore! Isn’t that fun? Isn’t that 'citing? Aren’t you 'cited you are going to take forever sleepies soon too? Soon you will be 'splorin oblivion! 'splorin not-even-fucking-existing! Yaaaaay! Huggies, wuv, sketties, baaaabies!”

The blue foal cries and cries, occasionally crying “MUMMMAAAAH! MUMMMAAAAH!” as if trying to awaken her to save him. But she can’t help him, can’t save him, she doesn’t even exist anymore.

Daddy closes the garage door and heads back to the bathroom. He grabs a dropper and the bottle of mouthwash. He grabs some scrotch tape too.

He returns to the saferoom and offers each of the distraught surviving foals some “miwkies” in the dropper. They hungerly drink it, as he forcefully squirts the rest of it down their throats. Then he quickly wraps scotch tape around their heads to keep their mouths closed.

They just downed a dropper full of mouthwash!

Daddy takes the dying squirming foals into the garage, and sets them next to their nailed-down brother.

The blue 'splorin babbeh has to watch helplessly as its remaining siblings writhe in agony with mouthwash eating away their insides, until they take the forever sleep.

“Awww, they’re ceasing to exist, they’re ceasing to exist!” Daddy says as each of the wildly squirming foals grow still.

Daddy shuts the garage door, turns the light off, and doesn’t enter again for three days.

After three days, he enters again, and finds the blue foal finally dead. Eyes half-open, staring at nothing. Ribs showing. Either starved to death, or succumbing to his injuries, or both. Flies are buzzing all around them.

Daddy smiles, places them all in a garbage bag, and takes the bag outside, to the biowaste bin.

He tosses the dead fluffies out of the bag, and into the biowaste bin.

“Here’s your last 'splore little one, enjoy!”



Daaaamn, that’s messed up. Love it. I remember seeing this in comic form, but it’s my first time reading it as a textpost


Yep, @gr1m_1 illustrated it. We’ll have it posted again before long.


This main character is an actual psychopath, like jesus fucking christ what an edgelord


Yeah, that’s Foalout for you. He was a damn good shitposter, but his skills as an author were somewhat lacking. Came up with good concepts here and there, but it always came accompanied by ludicrous amounts of physical torture.

That said, I’d have had the dude shove spwouwin babbeh up one of it’s mother’s orifices for the irony. Preferably with both of them still alive.

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