Munstah Madness Final Ro- Wait... 3.5?

Surprise! We’re having one last vote before the final round since I made plans for there to be a 4th final contestant. This half-round will be a decision of having ONE of the losing entries come back for the semi-finals, and who they should go up against.

First up we have the Boongart, the Blind Beast (By @VanDerHagen)

Second, we have the Flufflouse, the Genetic Amalgamation (By @Fluffsploder)

And third, we have Gorzo, the Lumbering Gator (By @BloodyBoots)

Once this is decided, the semi-finals will begin, and the runner-ups can begin making their fluffies for Adapt or Die season 2, as a prize for making it this far <3

Who should come back

  • The Boongart
  • The Flufflouse
  • Gorzo

0 voters

Who should they go up against?

  • The Masquerade Bug
  • The Siren
  • The Zombie(?) Fluffy

0 voters

Voting ends at 6pm, Mountain Range Time Zone, good luck fellas!


Hooray! A second chance!


Something I should mention for the makers of the rerun entries, don’t vote for your own, it happened before in a contest I made on a different site and I don’t want it happening again