Munstah Madness Finale Winner!🎉

And the winner of Munstah Madness is…
@FederalChemical1728’s Siren !:partying_face:

Congratulations Chemical! And great work to everyone else who participated! As stated previously, @Eded_ted, @3KindlyOnes, and @BloodyBoots will get to design a fluffy to be in the second season of Adapt or Die, Arid Crag! The only rules for the characters is nothing to weird, and no smarties ^^

Anyways, hope you’ll like seeing the Siren in Adapt or Die!

(Wait now I have to actually write something fuck-)


If it makes you feel any better, at least you can think about your writing when on work breaks n stuff and maybe make notes on your phone, i sadly cant do that with drawing cuz when i draw time just passes by. Just like when i drew my Arid Crag beast early lol


oh man it’s so close!

also! let me know if you need more art examples or behaviors or anything (i WILL ramble all day if u let me)

im totally excited