Murder Mystery (Artist: Carpdime) (Fb id: 24026)



This is really bizarre… there’s blood on the ball, so that’s involved somehow, but the rest of the blood is all localised around the babbehs, so whatever killed them did so without allowing them to run away. Also, the yellow one’s head is missing but there’s no blood trail.

Not tagged abuse, psychological abuse, accident or even gaslighting. Also, lacking further comments on even the archived page. Pending further verification from the artist himself.


This is clearly the work of an ENEMY STAND!


This piece plays on the trope that fluffies had a tendency to hurt themselves in even the most controlled and safe environment when unseen for a second. No science can explain the scene the parents come back to after leaving the foals to playing in the safe room.


It’s the green one.

Pink’s injury is minor but fatal, likely severed an artery when Green threw the ball too hard. Scared of being named as a sibling killer, Green killed the only witness, Yellow. You can see that Yellows wound is much more gruesome, likely inflicted out of desperation.

Whereas Green has no visible wound, just a pool of blood. They’ve taken some excess blood and are playing possum, waiting for the right moment to slip away and start a new life in Belize