My abandoned Xmas story idea/fluffy concept (Captain_Emo)

I really wanted to do a Christmas story, or more specifically a story about the week after Xmas.

I spent a lot of my time before Xmas stressed out and drained and tired, and I really didn’t have the motivation to write up a fluffy story.

SoI took a break of sorts and decided I’d focus on new ideas for the new year (few new stories coming soon, my pace has been slow)

I didn’t want the idea to go to waste, and I wanted to post a new fluffy idea. I’ll give you the breakdown and the gist of the story rather than going into story mode like I would.

The week after Christmas is the busiest for fluffy services, such as the bio-waste men collecting already-dead fluffies, and the adoption centres taking in unwanted fluffies gifted as presents for Xmas.

A new type of Fluffy Foal product is released and is designed to be specifically short lived

The Foal would be about the size of a weaned foal (the most prized stage of development for a fluffy) and they would be custom ordered before Xmas and come in many different colours.

They would be more expensive than buying a regular fluffy, however this type of fluffy requires no food and doesn’t make any bad smells or poops

They have a battery instead of a heart and have a limited life span of a few days/weeks. This is so that the fluffy dies off with little effort and doesn’t outstay its welcome after xmas

they’re given a foul tasting battery fluid everyday to keep them ticking. The “heart” vibrates rapidly like a hummingbirds and slows as they’re beginning to die off.

Normal food actually kills them off if they intake it. Their bodies are designed only to take the fuel fluid. Unfortunately for them, they think just like normal fluffies and will attempt to eat anything they can and will get upset when you tell them no

As they make no Poopie smells nor do they sweat, they smell better than the average fluffy. Their fur is also treated with oils and scents to make them smell more Xmassy. As their “hearts” vibrate and they smell very good, they’re a joy to give hugs to.

They’re unsafe for human consumption due to their battery and the fluid that keeps them running

Once their “hearts” stop vibrating, the fluffy comes to a full stop. They’re designed to make it look like they’re sleeping so that kids don’t get upset over a dead fluffy and you can move their eyelids to a sleep position to mimic the appearance of sleep.

They feel pain just like any other fluffy and are as vulnerable and as brittle as a foal their size would be

Their blood is acidic and dangerous to touch due to how their boo-boo juice is mostly battery fluid. As a result, they cannot be disposed of in the bio-waste bin. You have to take them back to the store in a box to allow for safe disposal, unfortunately most people just dump them in regular waste bins

So this was my Christmas idea in full, I couldn’t exactly get it to work as a story. The story would’ve focused on a Dad who bought these despite his wife not being keen on fluffies.

Again I was too drained to even make it work but I’m hoping anyone else can have fun with my idea or discuss or whatever. Just wanted to put it out there


Sounds interesting and unique.
I can envision a storyline where an xmas fluffy is trying to fit in with regular fluffies.

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I hafta ask. This is a fluffy. With acid. In it’s veins.

How does it even live?

I mean, filling a fluffy’s veins with acid sounds like a great abuse idea. But making it intentionally? Selling it?

I just don’t see it working out.

With that said: Prove me wrong. Write it up. Bring’em to life and show me the how it’ll work. I can’t wait.


I think they’d love the Huggies.
The regular fluffy would enjoy feeling the vibration against themselves but it would end in disaster if they offered the Xmas fluffy some nummies or even if it was harmed.

Think of it closer to a toy than an actual fluffy is. It looks and thinks just like a fluffy, but it’s insides are so completely different.
Thinking about it, the Xmas fluffy would be lab grown and built rather than pumped out of a Mummeh.
I do think it is flawed myself, though fluffies are kind of flawed too. The fuel would let it live but the moment it even ate a scrap of normal food it would suffer and die.
A thing like that around fluffies is just a time bomb waiting to happen.
I do what to get a story with a fluffy like this out, though it definitely wouldn’t be an Xmas story.

What a merciful existence.

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They’d only be around for the holidays and die off before you get bored of them.
What more could a fluffy want?

I can imagine some of the owners of these dead fluffies having a conversation about how to properly dispose of the battery variants since they probably do not remember to dispose of them back at the store or are too lazy to.

Then there are battery fluffies found at the bottom of trash bags, mixed with regular fluffies in the bio waste bins, and in those rechargeable battery recycle stations that some electronic stores have since many people have to return electronics after the holidays.

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Just so long as they don’t end up in the sea. These things would be an environmental disaster but I could actually see owners just dumping them like they would any other fluffy.