My lore

My lore:
the first fluffies are created around 2012.
Peta was literally lynched after the destruction of the lab where they were held. The mass of eco-terrorists was literally massacred, impaled, set on fire, or brutally castrated, when it turned out that these little horses were like locusts. Rest of similar organizations backfired after this incident.

Fortunately, a lot of Hasbio scientists survived and caught about 1/5 of the fluffy ones, the rest either died in the first winter or survived thanks to better genes.

> World:

Europe- Fluffy have animal rights. Smarties are humanely euthanised, unless the owner wants a little fuck like that at home. The only pillowfluffs are those that have lost their limbs in an accident.
USA-Corporations bribed politicians to not give the fluffies any rights. They are items like car or dishwasher. Powerful wars between abusers and hugboxer destabilize coutry.
Canada- Like Europe.
Asia- Fluffies are food and pets, like other flying, crawling and walking living things.
Australia- All biotoys are banned. Goverment loss next Emu war. Emu occupy the entire southeast coast.
South America- Fluffies are rare thing, because climate, predator animals ang gang wars effectively reduces the population of cute vermins.
Africa- Fluffies cannot withstand high temperatures. Rumors speak about a hairless variety of fluffies living in Kenya.
Middle East- Fluffies are haram, because they have pig genes.
Both Poles- Water fluffies are great, as part of the food chain. In fact, as bio-toys, they fared better than land fluffies on other continents.

Types of people:

Hugboxer-Bambinists who love their pets. They seem to be good people, but they often behave brutally towards abusers. Do not approach without a stun gun.

Abusers-People who murder fluffies for some reason.
However, some of them began to murder everything alive, regardless of whether it is allowed or not. Do not approach without a stun gun

Fluffies control service- In the first years a lot of them are abusers, but after they started to be problematic, now only neutralboxers are accepted.

Neutralboxers- They don’t treat fluffies any special, they’re just creatures like creatures. If you give them a smartie, they will euthanize him with an injection rather than torture him.
Nonboxers called sometimes Bleakpeople-A special variety of neutralboxer that tries to avoid fluffies. These people miss the old times and run as far as possible from the civilization that created bio-toys. For them world is bleak horror.
Sometimes referred to as a sub-type of weirdboxers.

Weirdboxers-Madmen, geniuses, esotericists and visionaries. Unlike hugboxers, they prefer to keep fluffies in the safe-stables than safe-rooms.
They sub-types:
Wizards- People who consider fluffies as revelation. They breed fluffies blessed by some dark deities.
Dark Hugboxers-Use Fluffies as weapons against humans. Misanthropes and madmen. Some of them fuck fluffies, but gently. Do not approach without a stun gun
Coldboxers-They prefer the company of fluffies than people. Harmless loners.
After abusers, the biggest fans of breeds called wolframs, shafers and FluffyOD.
Rageboxers- This people prefer smarties than mentally healthy ponies. Very dangerous for foal and lone mares. Do not approach without a stun gun

Horrorboxers- Mad scientists, who create abnormal fluffies and other shit. Do not approach without a stun gun

I hope you like this twisted world. :blush: